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Part Four of the series I’ve dedicating to breaking down former X-Factor winner Altiyan Child’s “Freemasons = Satanism” Video. Words below are transcribed from Altyian’s video:

Freemasons and Mass Murder - Stalin, Lenin, Hitler

Now, do you think Freemasons aren’t capable of mass murder?

Well, Joseph Stalin, who displayed the sign of the Master of the Second Veil of Freemasonry, murdered approximately 20 million people.

Vladimir Lenin, a proud Freemason who led the Bolshevik Party, paved the way for the mass murder of 60 million people, mostly Christians.

And this is Adolf Hitler, a Freemason, clearly giving the grip of a Master Mason. He even sits next to his military leader, Hermann Goring, who displays his allegiance to Freemasonry with a hidden hand and even the Masonic triangle, just like fellow Masonic brother Jay-Z.

They will friend up with their most hated enemies, and have no morals, they sell their souls to gain the world

Please don’t try to get inside the mind of Freemasonry. It’s like trying to understand Satan himself – you can’t and you don’t want to.

Freemasons will make friends with their most hated enemies. They will cross-dress their morals to move closer to their goal. They’ll make the English language void of any meaning by turning everything inside out and upside down to camouflage their objectives.

They will simultaneously create charities along with the greatest machines to ever destroy the hearts of men, like pornography. They will sell their souls to gain the world. They are a dichotomy, a paradox: a lie that loves to speak the truth and a truth that loves to lie.

They are a snake eating their own tail, consuming what they produce. Freemasonry is hell dressed as heaven, death dressed as life. Its God is an angel of darkness dressed as an angel of light, and ninety percent of its membership is a shield lost in its symbolism.

Owns the Ally and the Opposition - Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, Alex Jones, David Icke, Gorbachev

Freemasonry has become the ally and the opposition. Who were the biggest voices on so-called climate change in recent years? Which brings more order out of chaos: Al Gore, a freemason, and Greta Thunberg from a Jesus-hating sacred society family.

Freemason and former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev said this in 1996: ‘Yes, the whole world is under the control of the evil one, like the gospels say.’

Freemasonry controls the opposition with the most popular conspiracy theorists Alex Jones and David Icke. Both banned yet both secretly freemasons who will lead you in every direction except into the arms of the ultimate power of the gospels.

Dalai Lama

Every notable religion is comfortably caught in the Masonic net because they all stem from a lie. Here’s the Dalai Lama with a group of Freemasons. He enjoys hanging out with famous people, and here he is throwing up the devil’s horns with Freemason Gene Simmons. But there’s no way the Dalai Lama can be a Freemason, right? Well, here he is displaying the hidden hand of the Freemasons next to George W. Bush, a fellow brother. That’s right, the Dalai Lama is a Freemason under an oath of silence and sworn to secrecy.

Are you going to wake up now?

Here he is with his students in his temple, and what’s behind him? This symbol, can you see the pyramid with the emanating eye on top, symbolized by a sun which you know now is the phallus of the God of this world, shooting forth his generative light, his mystical sperm that gives life, and whose one eye transcends good and evil, both of which are just illusions of the mind.

Understanding this comes through initiations, and yes, tantric initiations are used in Tibetan Buddhism.

Gerald York was the Dalai Lama’s emissary, his personal representative to the West, and he was personal friends with 33rd degree Freemason and Satanist Aleister Crowley, who wrote 20 essays named “Aleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn, and Buddhism,” and he also served as a consultant to the movie “Lucifer Rising.” The Dalai Lama’s representative.

See how the eye can also be represented by the sun caught behind the moon in this smoothie poster, that’s just like the Dalai Lama’s logo? And here’s a scene from the movie with the Masonic squaring compass hidden in plain sight. Look at the symbol of Buddhism, and look at the floor inside every Masonic lodge, symbolizing opposites and equilibrium which creates life, and where evil is not what it seems.

It’s necessary, do you think? The New Age author Christopher Hyatt writes that the grand vicar of Lord Lucifer is soon to be crowned prime minister of the world. He also notes his appreciation of Nietzsche, the man who states that the Christian is the sick animal man, the Zohar, which is witchcraft, and Buddha. These are the people he appreciates. Why does he lump Buddha into the same basket?

I’ll tell you why right now, because in his highest manifestation, the Buddha, seeing the illusionary world through the all-seeing eye, his third eye, would not interrupt a rape if he happened to walk by, so as to stay detached from the karmic cycle, whereas Jesus, knowing everything and more than the Buddha, would sacrifice himself because he was born to destroy evil, not transcend it.

So tell me, who would you rather have walked by if you were being raped, a transcendental meditator, or Jesus Christ?

All leaders of the world belong to the same secret society as Hitler

Whatever you think of me, you’ll have to reconcile the fact that all the leaders of the world, from Scott Morrison to the Dalai Lama, belong to the very same secret society as Adolf Hitler.

Did Freemasonry, the sacred religion no one speaks about, for good reason, and by good, I mean very, very evil. What do you think is going on here? I’ve told you almost exactly what’s going on.

We’re in a lot of trouble because, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin combined will be child’s play compared to what’s just ahead.

Now, here’s a point-blank picture of the future and the reality of their most brutal truth, from the 33rd degree Freemason Alistair Crowley’s “The Book of the Law”: “We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in the misery. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak. This is the law of the strong.” Do you see? Can you see the future yet?

Now, please pay attention to his other book, “Magic in Theory and Practice”. This is what all the degrees of initiation are for and this is what it takes for them to create the new daughter he speaks of: the initiation in the true order of the Rosy Cross. Rosy Cross being another name for the Order of the Rosicrucians – remember the guys that built this?

Now, this is a 33rd degree Freemason speaking: “It is extremely desirable that he should have attained an absolute degree of moral emancipation, that is purity of spirit and perfect understanding.”

The world is full of evil and they mimic the morals of nature

I’ve shown you this over and over because the world is full of evil. They mimic the morals of nature because they are the true morals of the true God of this world. That’s purity to them, that’s true honesty and perfect understanding. Evil is good; that’s the moral emancipation he’s speaking of now.

Whole planet must be bathed in blood in a bloody sacrifice - world ceremony

Watch this and brace yourself because this is the future.

There is a magical operation of maximum importance, the initiation of a new eon. When it becomes necessary to utter a word, the whole planet must be bathed in blood.

This bloody sacrifice is the critical point of the world ceremony of the proclamation of Horus the crowned and conquering child as lord of the eon.

I’ve shown you the secret societies participate in the science of blood rituals. Well, this is what it climaxes into, a massive blood ritual in the name of the new aeon, the new age which revolves around a divine plan not of this world, as confessed by all of them.

You are not who you think you are. You are not where you think you are. Do you see it? Can you fathom what blood means in this world—so much more than what you may have known before?

Now, blood sacrifice is of the utmost importance. It’s what the beings in the other realm require and desire. We can’t fully understand it, but do you see how the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ takes on a whole new meaning? A very real meaning. And guess what, because of it, the good guy really does win in the end.

You either fall under the blood of the world or under the blood of Him; there is no middle ground. Blood is like the monetary currency of the spirits, and that’s how God brought us back from the legal ownership of the ruler of this world with blood – His own blood.

Now you can begin to understand why they hate Him so much. That’s why He was born into the world of flesh, to produce blood of His very own, not by means of perishable things. You were set free once and for all by the payment of ransom money, but by costly blood, by the One who was visibly manifested at the closing years of the times, for your sake. That is the truth.

Last age before the long planned for New Order of the Ages - that's ages plural - Forever - a Satanic Age, not a New Age

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that this is the last age before the long-planned-for new order of the ages? That’s ages plural. That means forever. That’s the plan. That’s why the Gospels say that he was visibly manifested at the closing years of the times at the end of this last age.

In the book 1984, George Orwell told us, ‘If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.’

I’ve shown you that this so-called new age is, in actuality, a new Satanic age, and it’s not really new at all. It’s very old indeed. It’s ancient, but like I said, its progress was derailed by the appearance of Jesus on the human scene.

Now I’ll prove to you that the new age is an old religion. ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ is part of a quotation taken from the Roman pagan philosopher Virgil’s fourth eclogue, which was borrowed by him from the Sibylline records, which were ancient prophecies delivered by an oracle through witchcraft or divination. That’s where the phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum” comes from. Now look at what the full phrase actually says:

‘A mighty order of ages is born anew; both the prophetic virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return; now a new progeny is led down from the lofty heavens; favor chaste Lucina; the boys soon to be born, in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise in the whole earth.’

We’ve just been told that the new age is a Saturnian kingdom which returns, so it’s been here before. Next, we see that a new progeny, meaning a new seed, a new race – there’s that race again – is coming to earth, and that a boy will be born who will bring the iron age, which is the age we’re currently in, to an end, and that the golden age, the new age about to begin, will again arise over the whole world. Now, what is the Saturnian kingdom?

Well, for starters, this is a band called Saturnian Mist, and on the front cover, we have a reference to magic. Then we see, by the singer’s shirt, the Satanists. Then, with this other shirt, we see the connection, once again, between the inverted pentagram of Satanism and the one eye of Freemasonry, the secret religion of the who’s who of planet Earth. Freemason and Satanist Marilyn Manson have a song called “Saturnalia,” and on a Satanic website, on ritual offerings for demonic bindings, we find that Satan is Saturnian in nature. Here on the front page, we see the inverted pentagram under the head of the Baphomet, and right next to it, a version of the squaring compass of the Freemasons, of which your lodge is located near a suburb near you, no matter where on Earth you live – the Satanic church hidden in plain sight.

Now let’s go straight to the source so you can see for yourself the nature of the new age Saturnian kingdom found in the full quote of the Freemason’s New World Order seal. From this book, which is a factual study of the single most influential occult organization in modern Germany, the Fraternitas or the Brotherhood of Saturn, we learn of the path of the Saturnian initiate, which is outlined in detail with the meaning of all 33 grades (33 degrees) of Freemasonry. This is the very same thing, the same objectives.

All secret societies work towards the same goal because they have the same spirit. The only difference between freemasonry and the Saturnian fraternity is that local masonic lodges are veiled and camouflaged filtering systems for future Satanists, from which all influential figures of society are chosen.

The real religion begins at the 33rd degree, whereas with orders like the Saturnian Brotherhood, there is no filtering system. With the Saturnian teachings include sexual mysticism, sex magic, and Nietzschean philosophy.

This book is by a 33rd degree Freemason who says that to initiate the new age, the whole world must be bathed in blood in a bloody sacrifice before man can accept the law of thelemic and Nietzschean philosophy.

The Saturnian Brotherhood is filled with references to Lucifer, Satan, magic, sex magic, blood sacrifice, the number 666, and, of course, freemasonry. This factual study on the Saturnian brotherhood is what the new-age Saturnian kingdom looks like, and it contains the masonic screaming compass, which is the demonic sigil for Saturn.

Antichrist the ruler of the Saturnian kingdom

Are you going to snap out of it now when you see a beautiful sunrise and smell the fresh air or hear a great song or see a great movie? Are you going to forget where you really are when you hear people using Jesus Christ’s holy name as a cuss word? Are you going to forget where this phenomenon really came from and why it’s taking place now that you’ve seen how actual and bona fide the reality of 666 is from their own mouths and symbols?

Let me show you where else it’s revealed.

Do you see these Roman numeral numbers down here? They add up to 1776, the year that America officially became the country we know today, and also the year of the birth of another secret society, which was absorbed into Freemasonry after it was banned in 1785. But look, the base numbers: M is a thousand, C is a hundred, and X is ten. All you have to do is subtract the base numbers: 1776 minus a thousand minus a hundred minus ten, or simply remove the Roman numerals which represent the base numbers.

No, I’m not playing tricks on you, neither are your eyes, but someone else’s. Now that you’ve seen the prevalence and seriousness of this horrid number, now that you’ve seen what you’ve seen, I can show you where else it appears.

This figure is represented by the numbers. To make this work, they had to remove the number one altogether and separate the two. Of course, we’d be too dumb to pick up on it, but seven eight nine minus four five six is this multiplied by this lonesome two. That’s right, this dark and mysterious figure is none other than the long-anticipated Antichrist, the ruler of the Saturnian kingdom, which is on its way. Australia has been steeped up to its neck in secret society since the early 1900s.

666 - World Economic Forum, IBM, Google, UN, MI5

  • 666 – World Economic Forum, IBM, Google
  • 33 degrees – United Nations 33 Segments
  • MI5 – Eye of Lucifer
  • Inverted Pentagram – Freemasonry, European Union
  • Untied Nations temple

Moved to 666 Symbolism in Logos

David Crowley - murdered after releasing a preview of a documentary

Does this movie poster make any more sense to you now?

Well are you ready for the second biggest shock of all whatever you think of what you’re about to see please come see me on the other side of this so I can show you something.

This clip only goes for a few minutes. Keep in mind the only reason I’m showing you this is because the writer and director of the preview of this movie-style documentary were murdered, along with his wife and his little daughter Annie’s dog, all before production could begin. The murder was made to look like a murder suicide. The story was never broadcast nationally (only on local television).

“There’s nothing to see here.” You have to wonder why, after so many films with a dystopian, world war, totalitarian theme, this one was so dangerous and strictly unacceptable for public viewing that an entire family was murdered?

This film was supposed to tell us about America’s hidden destiny and something else, which you can see on the other side of this clip, an amazing thing titled by Manly P. Hall over 100 years ago.

What’s the secret destiny of America? Well, it’s this.

Oh honey, so last night I dreamt about how things were…

What was David’s hidden message inside the Gray State, and could it be the reason for his death? Perhaps the scariest part of the Gray State’s conceptual trailer is this character here, who appears to be operating a guillotine.

David Crowley was very intentional in this frame of the movie. He added something that I believe you wanted the people to know about the identity of this executioner.

If you look closely, you will see that this terrifying character is wearing something around his waist that appears to look like an apron.

The executioner wears a freemason’s apron, complete with the all-seeing eye, the compass, and the two pillars.

The organization behind the trail of tears and deaths of wars and revolutions

I do believe David Crowley is trying to tell us something. He is telling us that the organization behind the French and American revolutions was also the organization behind the Italian revolution of 1830, the organization that outlined a plan to overtake the Vatican in a document called the Alta Vendita.

The organization behind the trail of tears and the deaths of thousands of native Americans under freemason grand master Andrew Jackson the organization behind the Ku Klux Klan in the United States post-civil war and its rebirth in 1915.

The organization behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki during 33rd degree freemason Harry Truman’s presidency.

These are men with a radical revolutionary agenda throughout the entire world because they worship and follow a radical revolutionary deity. The first to have led a revolt against the most high Lord.

The New Testament and guillotine executions for following the word of God

When I was in high school, coming from a completely non-Christian and non-religious family background, I distinctly remember the first time that I decided that the Bible, or the New Testament to be more precise, was definitely not true – a made-up fairy tale, whatever it was.

One verse, one scripture, that to me at the time, proved unequivocally that it wasn’t written for our time – a prophecy that was impossible to be fulfilled.

Here’s the verse: ‘And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and authority to administer justice was given them, and I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of the testimony they bore of Jesus and because of the word of God.

No way could guillotines be introduced as a form of execution in the 21st century, right?

Proof that the Bible was a pre-story book written for pre-study people. And this is long before He woke me up on a midnight highway to spare my life from a high-speed collision into a concrete wall.

Chanel Guillotine

Note: this is an art sculpture, see my “Q&A” post about this video. (Found no evidence this was true).

Ladies and gentlemen, in 2021, like the smartphone or the smartwatch, this is called the “Smart Guillotine” built by Chanel, you know, the perfume, clothing, and accessories brand for the rich. What on earth does a perfume company have to do with chopping people’s heads off?

Well, I thought I told you that all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder who really owns Chanel? Well, here’s their logo, and there is an eye in the design. And have you seen their drip design? How odd. Welcome to the real world.

Death Penalty for Idol Worship of Jesus Christ snuck into legislation in USA

You ready?

This is from a legislation archive from the Georgia house of representatives in the 1995-96 sessions this is Bill HB 1274 on the death penalty guillotine provisions.

How far along are we in enacting these bills worldwide? I don’t know if they’ve been enacted already, but I just wanted to show you that in 1995, the ball was already rolling.

Another ball that’s rolling are the Seven Universal Noahide Laws. They sound great from the outside, designed so to conceal some terrifying details on the inside. Firstly, they were signed into US law in 1991 by George H.W. Bush on March 26.

Here’s the bill and it was named “Education Day”, as you can see in the details of Resolution HJ-104. They are the Seven Noahide Laws resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in 1996.

Every single president since H.W. Bush has annually resigned this resolution. Many world leaders have called for the acknowledgement and observance of the Seven Noahide Laws, including the President of the European Union in July 2014 and the Australian Governor General Michael Jeffrey in 2008. And this will be international law.

So, what’s the problem? Well, just for starters, the law against idol worship will include quite specifically the worship of Jesus Christ as the son of God, which the Noahide Laws will classify as blasphemy, and the punishment for transgressing the Seven Noahide Laws and for blaspheming the ineffable name of God by calling Jesus God is decapitation.

I’ll let you take that in for a second. This will be governed by a world court with no possibility of appeals. Something like this, an international Sanhedrin.

Who do you think is truly behind these laws?

Well, I can show you that right now.

Here is the bill being signed into law by H.W. Bush, and here is their signature hidden in plain sight. The hidden hand of Freemasonry is displayed by this sinister and gloating-looking individual, and you know what Freemasonry is a cover for now.

Who do you think designed the guillotine in the first place? This guy Joseph Guillotine – a Freemason.

Still don’t believe in the prophecies of Jesus Christ?

You’re still in denial.

Mark of the Beast, JK Rowling

The last thing I dreamt about was how things were.

Well, that’s why the director was murdered, and his wife, daughter, and dog. I think of them often, and sometimes, when I need spiritual sobering up, I think of that fateful and evil night when that beautiful Christian family was brutally eliminated.

If you think he wasn’t onto something, well, he paid the greatest price to share this with you. Prophecy will be fulfilled.

Listen to the words that come right after the execution by guillotine – scripture in the Gospels.

And I saw those who were such that they did not worship the beast nor his image and did not receive his mark of identification upon their forehead and hand.

Remember this mark in the video. I’m not saying that the director knew what the mark would be, but based on the symbology, he knew who would be behind it.

Look at the triangular symbol of the Freemasons, the masonic triangle around the eye, and the Brotherhood of Saturn. Now look at the front cover of the book written by New Age author Maurice Nichol, “The Mark” – same symbol.

Identical to the symbol used by J.K. Rowling, who said its design was inspired by the Freemasons.

Who has this tattoo, which represents the Baphomet.

Well, Solve et Coagula is the process in which they will bring this newborn system to life. It’s identical to the Masonic motto of “Order out of Chaos.”

Solve means to dissolve or destroy, and Coagula means to bring the elements back together into a new and higher form, a new and higher system.

Jesus described it as the Beast system, and one way or another, we will be marked as a form of identification in order to participate. But first, chaos must ensue.

A deep Masonic truth, which is mostly true anyway, is that destruction precedes construction. It’s like having to destroy a tree to create a table.

The same principle applies to creating the New Age. That’s why I know that the process, which involves the creation of a new system, must involve the destruction of this one.

the head of the new system of one world government

Now, this is the last referenced work I’m going to use to show you who will be the head of that system, that one-world government. It’s a book by David Spangler, considered one of the founding fathers of the modern New Age. He also has an intimate relationship with the United Nations, as shown in a 1975 document that was uploaded to the UN archives in 2006. You can find his name listed under the board of directors for the Planetary Citizens Group.

In his book, “Reflections on the Christ,” David Spangler, one of the founding fathers of the New Age and a member of the board of directors in a United Nations-sanctioned program, repeatedly upholds and honors the entity known as Lucifer. He tells us all about what is required to step into the New Age.

Well, mainly what’s required is a new understanding of the angel Lucifer. He writes that when this great project of evolution began, man went forth as consciousness to learn his divinity, and Lucifer went with him. It is important to see that Lucifer, described as an angel, a being, a great and mighty planetary consciousness, he says that, just like in Halloween and trick or treat, if the person offers a treat to Lucifer who knocks on his door and the person says to Lucifer, “Come in, and I will give to you the treat of my love and understanding, and I will uplift you in the light and presence of the Christ (Christ meaning my outflow),” then Lucifer becomes that being who carries the ultimate tree, the light of wisdom.

Lucifer represents experience. Lucifer is literally the angel of experience.

Lucifer is the savior of humankind...

The Luciferic element becomes the true revealer of light, the angel of light. The light that reveals to us the path to the Christ comes from Lucifer. The Christ that he refers to, obviously, is the Antichrist spirit who will eventually manifest on earth as one man. But for some odd reason, on page 60, he feels compelled to clarify that he was only joking when he said maybe to enter the new age we all need to take a Luciferic initiation. Well, that’s definitely no joke.

That’s right, Lucifer is the savior of the secret societies. The solar system was the manifestation of the consciousness of a very great being known as the Solar Logos. And if we go back to the secret society of the Brotherhood of Saturn, we read that mankind will be able to take a measure of egocentric power from the Solar Logos. In this way, Lucifer is the savior of humankind.

The nut job Christian was right all along

Do you see who you’re dealing with? These are the people above you, the rich, powerful, influential, overflowing in all areas, those who are steering society, and they’re about to reach their destination. Who showed you, who told you, who warned you? Jesus Christ did.

Ah, there’s pesky Christians in the animation “Flushed Away”. The villain Toad conspires to genocide all the rats in the sewer world and replace them with a superior species, a new species no one is aware except for this one rat who’s briefly seen in the beginning. He’s a Christian rat, a nut job carrying around a plaque as some real-life Christians used to, warning everyone of the impending doom that is upon them.

What’s the twist that’s hidden in plain sight for no one to see? Well, the villain Toad planning the new age wears the ring of a Freemason. This ring, and he wears it exactly on the finger that a Master Mason should. It is worn on the third finger of the right hand.

There is one who predicted it all, and they know that. That’s why he’s been so thoroughly discredited, or so it seems. Yes, the nut job Christian was right all along.

The world has always been a spiritual war from the beginning

Remember one last thing before I close from Masonic New Age author Christopher Hyatt, who spoke of the well-planned for and long-awaited invocation of the Prime Minister of the World when he wrote in his book: “A massive truth that I wish, with all my being, that you would grasp: Both Satanic cults and Christian fundamentalists are closer to seeing the truth than most normal people.”

The world has always been at war—a spiritual war from the beginning—and if you don’t know it, then you’re losing the battle. The Gospels tell us so accurately that the enemy we wrestle against is not made of flesh and blood, but it is made of spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. That’s where the real war is being waged—in the spirit—and now that we know what secret societies are and what they’ve tapped into, we can rest assured that that statement from the Gospels is true.

the anti-Christian movement

That’s why the common denominator between all of the secret societies is the anti-Christian sentiment. You need to ask yourself why. Why the negative obsession with Christianity? It’s not as if Christians run the game.

Freemasons have banned Bibles from schools; they teach evolution as a fact. Pornography is thriving. There are no Christian protesters left. Homosexuality is rampant and protected, and Christianity is buckled.

Which church preaches against Freemasonry? Which church is telling you about Satan and his hidden church, which has permeated every vein of society?

So why do they hate Jesus if they’re at the top of their game? Because Jesus Christ is real, that’s why, and he left us prophecy that they can’t escape. See, the more they win, the more they fall into the hands of the prophecies of Jesus and his gospels.

One world government and the mark is clearly on its way

What a blessing for those who would grasp this as truth. What good news for you, and what a terrifying conundrum for them. If you’ve come this far and you still don’t care or are still unwilling to trust, then you deserve what’s coming as a law of nature, because you’ve been warned of all of it.

The one world government is clearly on its way.

A cashless society is inevitable.

The mark that each person will receive, without which you won’t be able to buy or sell or participate in this world.

And the manifestation of the name, the number of the name of the one who will implement this system: 666.

All of it, all of it is coming to pass.


We are from him; everything and everyone will fall back into his hands, where he will finally separate the goats from the sheep.

God wins - woe to those who call evil good and good evil

Now watch the Bible destroy Freemasonry like no other book in two minutes. Regarding their lodges and obelisks, their heart is faithless. Now they must bear their guilt. The Lord will break down their altars and destroy their sacred obelisks. And speaking of the bloodline that gave birth to Jesus, God says, ‘You shall not set up for yourselves a sacred pillar which the Lord God hates.’ See what you’re up against, Freemasonry? While Freemasonry meets and speaks in darkness and secret, Jesus said, ‘I have spoken openly for all the world to hear, and in secret I’ve said nothing.’ Freemasons are known as builders. Well, the stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. Everyone who falls on that stone will be dashed to pieces, anyone on whom it falls will be crushed. Every Masonic lodge is built so that all the members face the east. Who are these men with their backs toward the temple, facing the east and worshiping the sun? It is detestable. Freemasonry does evil in secret with a hidden hand, but they blow a trumpet over the hand that does good. But Jesus says, ‘When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing. Your good deed must be in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.’ You can’t become a Mason if you’re broke, blind, maimed, or have a criminal record. Jesus said, ‘But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind.’ Freemasonry takes pride in its secret rituals and is hungry to rule the world. The Gospels say that their destiny is destruction. They make appetite their God, they take pride in what should bring shame, their minds are set on earthly things. Freemasonry believes that the light is but darkness visible. The Bible says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light.’ And Jesus further said, ‘If therefore the light which is in you be darkness, how great a darkness that would be.’ Freemasons spend their whole lives taking gruesome oaths of secrecy. Jesus said, ‘But above all things, above all things, my brethren, stop this practice of putting yourselves under oath.’ Freemasonry is built upon a hierarchical system, a pyramidal system. Jesus said, ‘For everyone who exalts themselves will be humbled, and whoever humbles themselves will be exalted.’ We could go on and on, but we’re going to end on this one exclusively written for the practices in the lodge room of political Freemasonry. ‘A troublemaker and a villain who goes about with a corrupt mouth, who winks with his eye, signals with his feet, and teaches with his fingers, who plots evil with deceit in his heart, he always stirs up conflict. Therefore, the disaster will overtake him, he will suddenly be destroyed.’ That is Freemasonry through and through, and apart from the man in the mirror prior to your baptism of the Holy Spirit, Freemasonry is the villain. They do go about with a corrupt mouth, as they are sworn to secrecy. They do proverbially wink with the eye, making the one eye. They most certainly signal with their feet and teach with their hands and fingers. In the lodge, I can vouch, and they do plot evil, stir up conflict in order to further their goal of the new age and the new world order.

The greatest conflict being up ahead, but thank God Almighty above, the verse also tells us that disaster will overtake them and they will be destroyed one frightful and glorious day, you can count on that, because the only thing you can count on in this world more than death, more than taxes, is the son of God.

Intellectual proof that Jesus Chris is real and living right now

This is it. This is the last shock and by far the biggest; if you ever needed intellectual proof that Jesus Christ is real and living right now, this is it.

If Jesus and the gospels weren’t true, then Luciferians wouldn’t be running the world. Atheists would or some other version of modern man–anyone, but not Satanists; not the passionate enemies of Jesus.

If Jesus wasn’t real then so-called Satanists would be scattered here and there over the world in little local covens by silly teenagers rebelling against society and living in their own la la land with their own little make-believe Devils, being make-believe rebels, but no, people who believe that Lucifer is God run the world from top to bottom. They are dedicated to the core. They’re highly sophisticated. They make the movies. They star in the movies. They write the songs. They sing and dance. They are worshipped as idols. They set trends. They live large. And they practice witchcraft complete with sex magic and blood sacrifices.

Why, why do they do that?

Why would they bother?

Because witchcraft is real, and has been since before civilization began. Hidden from the vile multitude who have been stupefied by propaganda to the point that they don’t believe in anything anymore. And who waged a war on witchcraft on your behalf? God did. The God of the bible.

If Jesus wasn’t real, Luciferians wouldn’t be building their paradise on earth. Atheists would.

If Jesus wasn’t real Luciferians wouldn’t be passionately hating him to the point of keeping their existence hidden under penalties of torture and death.

Lo and behold in the 21st century.

Yes, if Jesus was a myth, Luciferians wouldn’t be working overtime to inadvertently fulfil every prophecy that Jesus gave us.

Can anybody read me? What part of Jesus’ foretold a worldwide cashless system, a worldwide government, and a worldwide religion do you not get if Jesus wasn’t real?

Why do former Satanists freely admit that only true Christians are immune to witchcraft? They have no power over the disciples of Jesus; how is that possible?

If the Catholic Church wrote the Gospels to control people, why didn’t they include a pope in the Scriptures? There is no pope in here, so why didn’t they include instructions to obey the priests? There are no priests in the New Testament except for God himself, and all his disciples are all priests.

If the gospels were an invention of the Catholic Church, why does Jesus say to call no man father except your father in heaven? Yet every priest holds the title “father.”

If the gospels were an invention of the Catholic Church to control people, why were only priests allowed to own a bible and not the common people?

Why did they burn William Tyndale at the stake, a Christian scholar who translated the bible into English?

Please help me understand how you don’t believe in Jesus when even your enemies, the high-ranking Freemasons, think that you’re stupid for not believing in Satan.

The first four shocks

There was the first shock, which was the fact that an international secret society exists at all, and that all people in power, including prominent celebrities are members of it. That was the first shock.

The second shock was the oaths they take and the rituals they perform: decapitated heads with brains exposed to the sun, drinking wine from human beings skulls—all done by the people you respect.

The third shock was the reason they took the oaths and performed the rituals, and that reason is that the secret society they all belong to is in fact Satanism.

The fourth shock was the details of witchcraft and the details of the new Satanic age the Saturnian kingdom where billions are planned for death to pave the way for a spiritual and technological utopia.

The biggest shock of all is Jesus

But do you know what the biggest shock of all is?

The shock that surpasses all of them combined?

It’s Jesus.

Jesus is the shock.

He’s the shockwave, the reality, and truth of Him because that changes everything, He changes everything.

The greatest news you could never think up: that God left His abode to come here, a form of hell manifest on earth, to be ridiculed and executed to save our sorry asses by taking a bullet for us.

Don’t worry, His second coming won’t be so sacrificial.

Better start fearing like you fear a cop and like if you’re a judge. Oh, I know you tremble in front of them, but you don’t fear God. Oh, how we love the darkness and sin.

You possibly loved gossip, you loved sex and porn, you loved sodomy, you couldn’t stop lying, you couldn’t stop cussing, you loved your idols, singers, actors, sportspeople, sports teams, putting people who fart, smell, and eventually die on a pedestal.

You just couldn’t cut yourself off from the ways of the world.

Purity? Who wants to be pure?

“I have to be pure, I have to live holy, stop sinning.” That’s so boring. What kind of God is this? To hell with that God.

Well, do you like filth in your home? Do you like filth on your carpet, on your clothes, on your face? Do you invite filthy guests over and give them a share in all your belongings and all your power? Do you give them the keys to your house and car?

No, you don’t. But the Creator, who has the greatest house of all, He should.

We can barely earn a thousand bucks a week, and we don’t give that away to anyone, but now God should share His wealth with you, the unclean, the unrepentant?

Is it too much to ask your filthy guests to clean up before they enter, to watch their mouths, to control their willy? Is that too much to ask?

Oh, but if God was real, what about all the children that die? What about Him? What are you doing about Him? Are you still stuck on which phone you’re going to upgrade to or what’s for dinner? Why don’t you leave your abode, your luxuries, and your loved ones and risk it all to go save some children yourself?

But what about all those who’ve never heard of Jesus? Let me ask you, what’s your excuse? I know they have one, but what’s yours?

You’ve heard of Him every morning. You wake up, and look at the calendar is a testament to His name because it’s 2021 in Australia. It’s 2021 in Brazil. It’s 2021 in China. It’s 2021 in every single country in the world. So let me ask you, 2021 years since what?

If God was real, why wouldn’t he just show himself?

Like I said, just waking up in the morning and knowing what day it is, is a testament to Him. But if God was real, why wouldn’t He just show Himself? Show Himself to her? To you? You can’t even get on your knees and repent. You can’t even hate sin and scream out to Him. So why would He?

How do I get the girl if I don’t ask her out? And if I do, maybe she rejects me the first time and the second. How bad do I want her? How hard will I try? Most haven’t even knocked on His door. Well, I did. I just kept knocking and knocking, and then I started banging and banging. I refused to leave His porch. I lay there like a hungry puppy. But even when He answered the door, I did the runner because He was too big for me, and I loved seeing a little too much. Yet, He still left the light on for me.

But here’s the craziest part about people who ask me why He doesn’t just show Himself the way they’d like Him to: their hearts have been so hardened that even if He did appear to them in two weeks, they would go back to being their old self. And He knows that. That’s why they might even forget it ever happened. “Oh, that was just a crazy day. That was probably all in my head.” Oh, how we love to make excuses.

If God was real, what about all the other gods? What other gods? Did Buddha perform a miracle for you? Did he affect a plethora of witnesses? Were his followers stoned to death, sawn in half? Eaten alive? Did historians of his era leave any trace of him? Did he prophesy all the kingdoms that would appear on earth and in what order? Did he foretell of worldwide floods of enemies that would despise his followers, use his name as a castle, and eventually attempt to set up a well kingdom? Did his appearance change the calendar from one end of the world to the other and predict that his appearance would, in fact, change the calendar?

What did the prophet Muhammad do for you apart from stealing Jesus from billions of people and corrupting the Gospels? Did he dedicate his entire life to sinlessness? Did he remain celibate so that his blood could make a difference in the hidden realm by the science of sacrifice, which is practiced in secret every day in order to shield your very soul? No, he didn’t.

Instead, he had 11 wives, and one of them was 9 years old.

And he lived like a king while the real king lived like a slave and died like one too, and washed the feet of his disciples while demons trembled at his name and presence, and still do. And let’s not even bother with the other pagan gods: Osiris, Odin, and Vishnu, all inventions of fertility cults that worship the sun, sex, genitals, death, destruction, and agricultural religions.

Did anyone else apart from Jesus Christ ever say the words “I am the truth”? Have those words even ever come out of someone’s mouth? I’ve heard of “I know the truth,” “I have the truth,” but “I am the truth”?

That doesn’t even make sense unless truth itself was once upon a time born on earth as a man. Well, of course, He’s the truth.

Where are all the heart-wrenching, knee-buckling testimonies about the indescribable power of this holy spirit, which comes in to sweep you off your feet and drown you in its tides, changing you forever? I’ll tell you where they are: in the Christian column. Oh yeah, you’ll get them here and there in every genre, but Christian testimony simply outstrips the rest.

Where are all the life-changing, electrifying Hindu testimonies, Muslim testimonies, a Muslim Buddhist or a Jew on the street corner or from the proverbial rooftops shouting the truth for all to hear no matter what? Because they love us that much because he loves us that much? Have you even heard of one of those Satanic testimonies? You ever heard of a freemason on his knees sobbing from joy because of the overwhelming knowledge that Lucifer loves him? No Mason or Satanist has ever done or heard of such a thing.

The biggest cult is the cult of society - CULTure - (YOUR Priests - the tv, doctors, idols, PhDs, scientists) your daily rituals and your daily worship - believing in strangers

But the biggest cult in size is the cult of society. Where do you think the word ‘culture’ comes from? And the TV, the doctors, the idols, the PhDs, the scientists… they are the priests of the cult of society.

You atheists think you don’t live in a religious world of your own, filled with daily rituals and daily worship? Even your beliefs require faith in what your priests teach you – evolution, no proof; age of the earth, no proof; distance of the sun, all faith based on what you are told by strangers. You can see the rings of Saturn with your telescopes, but you can’t see the buggy on the moon that was left behind in 1969. Yet, you still believe because you have faith.

Don’t you worry, no matter who you are, you live in a religious world. Because life is religion, and if you’re still in the ‘I’m not religious’ category, think again. You all worship something or someone, and your religion is futile. But for you, for the one, whoever you are…

Remember the advantage that evil has over good – a little good doesn’t destroy evil; but a little bit of evil destroys all good.

See this glass of water? One single drop of poison is enough to render the whole lot useless or deadly. That means that 99% of the goodness and purity of that water amounts to nothing all because of one single drop. The whole glass is evil and so it is with the human soul. You better believe it.

Does anyone go out with a stain on their face or on their shirt? You think the soul can’t be stained? Think about it. Just one lie makes you a liar. So you can’t go where life is stained with death now.

In case someone thinks I’m playing the high and mighty role I tell you this I used to be a liar, I used to be a pervert, I used to be a drunkard, I used to smoke all kinds of poison, I used to have angry outbursts, use a filthy mouth indulging filthy humour. I used to. Past tense. But no more.

He finally summoned me. He called my name for the last time. He took my dog, then my music. He took my band, broke it all, and broke me. Flooded me clean. He sent for me. He woke me up from a deep sleep on a high-speed midnight highway with a whisper– an actual whisper in my ear– and only meters between me and a concrete wall with my name on it, because he knew I had it in me.

I had it in me to lay it all down, risk everything, so I can take a stand for him for the gospels, and for you. Well, this is me taking a stand.

Brothers and sisters I did all this for just one person, and I’ll be hated and mocked and worse. Maybe so that one — whoever you may be — will wage war on sin and believe.

Don’t let even one drop in. No matter what the distractions this evil world may place in your path. In order to bury itself and its poison in your heart, where it will take root and overpower the 99% goodness in you.

Just like only if you find success in this world even fewer will find the kingdom it’s far more difficult than winning X Factor or making a billion dollars or reaching a 33rd degree of a secret society it’s as difficult as loving your greatest enemy and that’s just about impossible but if you can figure out how to do that then you found the road to life, and I hope to see you soon.

God loves, Jesus wins.

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