[Abraham] You are irrelevant to my Joy

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[Abraham] You are irrelevant to my Joy

Vid #1 Notes:
So while it feels like things are happening to you, it’s all been invited by you.
“Why would I invite rude people? Why would I invite things I do not want?”
We say: You invite them by your attention to them.

So if we were standing in your physical shoes and we understood we were the invitors of everything that happens to us, we would get on a rampage of selective sifting:

“I’m going to find my 10 fave things about everything that I find myself focused upon”.

So if you’re pondering your mother, find 10 fave things.
..your sister,  find 10 fave things.
..your work,  find 10 fave things.
..if you need a new person, find 10 fave things
If you’re thinking about your relationship, find 10 fave things.

Start orienting yourself to start looking for those things that are already positive, and what begins to happen is, you begin to set a tone that only things like your fave things can come into your vibrational range.

But when you get on a rampage of “fixing things”… when you say “well there’s a flaw here I need to fix”… “there’s something wrong over here”… what happens is, without even meaning to, you get on this rampage where you find your 10 least liked things, and before you know it, you have activated a vibration in you that is so different than what you want, that everywhere you go “people are misbehaving”, “people who are smart are acting dumb”, “people who usually don’t make mistakes, are making mistakes”, “people who are usually nice, aren’t nice”, “traffic that usually flows, doesn’t flow”, “food that usually tastes good, doesn’t taste good”.

Everything in your experience begins to reflect the centre from which you are attracting.

Vid #2 Notes:

What we are wanting you to understand is that the prime of your life is always in the moment of alignment. That’s what prime is. That’s what sexual ecstasy is – it’s that moment of alignment.

How you keep it alive is by making lists of positive aspects, by looking for reasons to feel good. A lot of people, what happens to them, is that they get into relationships where they find fault, find fault, find fault, and then they think the best thing is to just leave the relationship, and then they go someplace, and then they have that flurry of new interest and excitement, but before they know it, they fall right back into those patterns of finding fault.

We’re not trying to make you stay or move on, that’s not the point we’re making, we’re just saying that wherever you are standing, you have the option of coming into alignment with who you are or not, and when you consistently take the option of lining up first, then you discover that whatever the relationship, wherever you are standing, it continues to blossom, and give you everything you are wanting.

If you consistently see your partner through the eyes of source, then you consistently use your partner as an excuse to lineup with source energy.

When you consistently use that person as an excuse NOT to line up with source energy, you are going to come to resent them, you’re going to wish that you weren’t together.

The person – and we mean this in the nicest possible way – is irrelevant. You’re just using them as your excuse to lineup or not lineup.

“You are irrelevant to my joy”. 

At first it sounds off, because you “want” to be relevant to their joy.
But if you are relevant to their joy, then you are relevant to their pain, and relevant to their success, and before you know it, it’s going to turn on you!

Vid #3 Notes:

“It feels easy and comfortable.”

Vid #4 Notes:

“Wouldn’t you like to hookup with me because I’ve got powerful desire?”
(lol, wtf? ~ Penny)

Vid #5 Notes:

  • Willing to be who we are, but expand together.
  • Who can enjoy the togetherness that co-creation can bring, but who isn’t dependant on me.
  • Who is self-sufficient in the joy-factor, while I am self-sufficient in the joy-factor.
  • I want someone who is interested in thriving, who already has money flowing in a very positive-way and I want to add the money that I’m flowing.
  • I want us to have things that both of us are interested in and I want us to be good at what we’re doing and I want us to be eager & expansive about what we’re doing.

And when I meet that person, I’m going to know that that’s the person. We’re not going to have to play that stupid dating game where we pretend that we don’t like each other when we really do like each other for fear that we’re going to run the other off, I think we’re going to meetup there with equal desire to be together, and I think rockets are going to go off, and we’re going to look at each other and say “How have you been? And I’m so glad to see you, and you were certainly worth waiting for!”

Vid #6 Notes:

  • It feels like we’re really right for each other, it feels really good to be together, it feels free and easy to be together, conversation just flows easily, it feels wonderful, it feels like homecoming.
  • It feels free “there isn’t anything that I need to do”. We’re just comfortable with one another.
  • It feels progressive in that we are helping one another expand.
  • It feels like love, it feels wonderful to hold someone as my object of attention, and feel the fullness of who I am.
  • It’s so nice to have someone to love and to know that they don’t even have to be lovable, in order for me to love them.
  • It feels right because I know that law of attraction has brought us together. It feels simple because I didn’t have to bang it into place. I let the laws of the universe deliver it to me.
  • I look forward to the unfolding of this. There isn’t anything I have to do, or need to do. All I have to know is that it’s going to be easy and smooth. My work is done.

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