30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Challenge
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First stop, head over to Matt Cutt’s blog, specifically his 30 day challenge posts: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/type/30-days/ Every month he gives himself a new 30 day challenge, whether it be learning the ukelele, or doing something nice for his wife everyday, doing something kind to others, avoiding watching the news, or not sending email after 9pm.

There’s even an entire site now dedicated to inspire you to take on a 30 day challenge: http://www.my30dc.com/site – you pick a challenge (it’s free) and then they will help you by sending you reminders.

Every motivational speaker that I’ve ever heard or read says that you can change a habit if you consciously and repeatedly do it daily for 30 days. Is there something you want to make a habit? or a Bad habit you want to break? Take a 30 day challenge and post it in the member’s forum and report your progress over the month. What habit do you want to start or break?

  1. A blog post each day?
  2. Live longer and feel healthier (quit smoking)
  3. Weight Loss/Eat Healthier/Take a walk everyday
  4. Be more productive
  5. Finish a Book
  6. Finish your membership site
  7. Start a Podcast Show
  8. Create a webinar
  9. Write in your Journal
  10. Show your gratitude
  11. Help your partner
  12. Help your kids
  13. Walk 10,000 steps/day
  14. Create a video course
  15. Learn a musical instrument
  16. Make an extra $,$$$

etc. etc. Keep it simple and don’t stress: Focus on just one habit over the 30 days, make yourself publicly accountable, report daily, and plan & look forward to your end-of-month reward for achieving your goals.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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