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Michael Perlin – “3 Magic Words” Film (The Moore Show)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jatw-bP8pZ8

Notes from The Moore Show’s Interview with director of “3 Magic Words” film. 3 Magic Words is a 2010 documentary film about spirituality. Watch/listen to interview above.

  • They’re ‘tapping-in’ to that divine source within them – all the answers are there
  • It’s the way that god is coming through us today
  • I can’t explain why I felt this way – why I’ve always wished this for humanity, ever since I was a child – I just didn’t understand why we were still fighting wars, why we couldn’t get along, we all know that we’re all the same – we’re the human race, why are WE still fighting each other – we’re the same race?
  • Let’s love each other as we love ourselves
  • I don’t look at movies and find what’s wrong with them – I look and see what they did give us – what’s the positive thing
  • One of the things that drove me was that my parents. The truth is really in all religions – before they were watered-down from man’s own ego in its own design. Parents – they just didn’t understand it – they thought we were doing drugs, brainwashed, cults and that was part of what really kept me going – I made this movie for them. When you can focus on someone … “if my parents think like them – how many other people in the world think this way?”  So I focused on making the movie for them – so “they” would “get it” and they would understand it. And maybe that’s why it came out the way it did. Anyone can watch it and get the concept.  

“If everybody takes the responsibility for being one or for being the divine then we wouldn’t hurt each other, we wouldn’t go to war, we wouldn’t kick people out of their homes, we wouldn’t abandon people, we would love and forgive – it would make the greatest planet in the milky way”

  • Who Am I and What is the Purpose of Life?
  • Everyone thinks they know the answer – everyone tries to explain what they think it is – I won’t at all say that I am the authority or expert – I’m only giving the explanation of what the masters have given us for the last 3 thousand years, and there have been so many philosophers that have given us information and answers to those questions. I think if we just use common sense, and we can look into science to understand the nature of reality, which we have access to now, then we can see that we are all connected. That we’re all connected with each other, with the energy that surrounds all things; the earth, nature, the entire universe is connected. And so if you ask yourself “Who Am I?” basically – we are all – and I am all is a very big teaching of the masters.
  • Who are we and what is the meaning of life? I think that is different for everyone – you have to answer that for yourself. And for me, through your oneness – your connection – with everyone and everything – to see everyone as a beautiful, divine being of light and love and not to see any separation between you – between the divine – between all that exists in the universe. And to live that truth by being kind, by loving, by being happy and by knowing that everything that is happening in your life – everywhere you are – every single moment – you are exactly where you want to be & what you want to be doing – because you chose to do it. .
  • For challenges, obstacles, things that are happening to people, bad things happen to good people. Use those challenges to learn, to grow. Those challenges are there to make you a better person. To give you the skills and experience where you can actually thrive.
  • Sometimes it’s the biggest shifts we go through, that have caused people to go through an awakening process to ask that question: Who Am I? Do I exist beyond the body, beyond the heart? Am I just awareness? What kind of Pandora’s box do those questions open? For me it makes anything possible.
  • When you ask yourself the question “Who Am I” and you really deeply sit in meditation and ask yourself that – that’s when you find your true salvation – or true realizations. Self-realization.
  • If you want to know the answer to that – write down these questions:
    – Who Am I? minus “my name”, “what I do”, and “where I’m from”
    And sit there with that. See what you come up with.

Spirituality Unites and Religion Divides.

  • Religion has its place, and it’s a good path to go on if that’s what you choose to do… but eventually I think that you have to ask yourself the question – am I learning everything completely 100% accurate in my religion? Are there other truths that I can find that might serve me well from other religions? And when you realize that  – a whole new realization opens up to you – when you realize there is spirituality in all of them. And when you can learn spirituality – a connection to the divine – with who you are as a divine being – and with who you are in connection with the creator – you really feel a oneness, you feel a connection to all things. And that’s something that happens beyond religion, beyond an organized belief system that is created by groups and churches. You can break out of that eventually. I know for a lot of people – it might be hard to hear this for the first time. But I had to break out to really go on a path of true spirituality. Because it’s an individual thing. It doesn’t have to be a group teaching anymore. You can find that connection to God on your own. And a lot of people do that through meditation and through really going on a path and seeking what is true for yourself instead of listening to other people who tell you what they think God is.
  • You speak to the people who have had some sort of spiritual experience or who have been through a massive shift in their life where they’ve had to live their teaching or they’ve actually experienced something that is beyond their comprehension… compared to those who are just reading out of books or are aligned with a religion where they’ve actually never felt the spirituality of that religion.
  • What we are minus the body, minus the mind – that pure self. Minus religion, minus your name, minus your race, minus where you’re from. You take all of that away and what you have left is your ‘self.’ And that’s what we all are – and that consciousness comes from one place and it’s divine. And there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not “bad” – it wasn’t born bad. It’s a pure consciousness. And to me, that’s God.
  • We are creating what we do down here, we chose to be here, we chose to live in the illusion of separation so we can have individual personalities. That’s part of the game to me. And that’s what all metaphysics say. I think it’s time to realize our oneness in each other. Any teachings that you’ve had from your parenting and from society, just find it within yourself. And I think you’ll find that spirituality.
  • If we detach ourselves from the ego (I am my house, I am my car) – this can start the process to really get connected with – fulfilling and loving life towards our ‘self’.




  • Realize – just KNOW that you are not that ego. Know that you are ‘NOT’ that. Know that you are not your religion or your race or your country. And just know that you’re so much more than that. And, that ego is there for a reason. It’s definitely there to separate us, so we know who we are. And that’s important – we want our individual experiences. But to know that you are really ‘not’ that – that you are ‘me’ and I am ‘you’. Once you know that – you start to have a whole different life. You start to see everyone as your self – you start to treat them as yourself – and you start to realize that killing is just self-mutilation. It’s self-mutilation when you kill someone. And when you know that you’ll never-ever hurt another living soul.
  • What you do to another – you do to yourself.
  • And that’s the realization that we hope we can all get to. The problem is, I know why we’re not getting there. Because nobody believes it’s true. They understand it on an intellectual level but they don’t get it on an experiential level.

They’ll go: “Oh I understand we’re all one” but then they say “Let’s go and protect all our borders and kill all these people”.

  • They’ll go: “Oh I understand we’re all one” but then they say “Let’s go and protect all our borders and kill all these people”. Ok you believe we’re all one? So there’s something that’s not quite clicking.
  • Moore: Or, on another level – they learn this and they don’t do anything that’s going to benefit themselves or others. They call themselves awakened souls – and they are to a certain extent – none of us is better than one another – I’m not saying that – but I agree with what you are saying, it’s so easy to go back into the old pattern once you’ve had this awakening. But I suppose everyone is at the place where they need to be – is that not right?
  • I believe that we have the choice. We can create exactly what we experience on this planet. And it has to happen first within ourselves, individually.
  • We can’t just take a corporation down or revolt against the government. The “entity” is not responsible. It’s the individual people that is in that group. Every, each one of them. Has to start waking up. Like popcorn. We just have to have a small percentage of people waking up to that spiritual – of being self-realized – and seeing that divine love in all people. And I’m really hoping we get to that soon.
  • The change has to start with yourself.  – right, as Ghandi said.
  • Start with yourself and effect the people around you to begin with.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world, that’s what Ghandi said.
  • And it’s so true. You’ve gotta live your talk. You’ve gotta walk your talk.
  • People will see it, people will learn from. People will see you and learn from watching you. And you can just be an example of that love – be an example of that light.
  • Sometimes you just have to sit with something for a while – if it gets under your skin – then that should tell you something. Why is this bothering me? Why is this really affecting me? Because you feel like you’ve been lied to. If it’s something that goes completely against what you believe. And you might feel either way – either you completely disagree with it and you want nothing to do with it. Normally someone sees it, gets mad – and they realize “woah I’m getting mad because I realize I’ve been lied to” and then they hear the truth behind it and then they say ok, I’ve gotta watch it again.

“I believe there is one God. Not as one thing – not as a thing in the sky – I believe that what people call God is something in all of us” – John Lennon

  • It’s really important that you do it in a way that is positive and helpful to the world & the earth. Because if you do something for the planet, if you do something to help make this planet a better place, it will work with you and support you.
  • You do it out of selfless – being heart-centered – to create whatever you do. Do it for other people and not worry about the rewards for yourself. Be completely selfless.
  • And when you do that – you get back ten-fold.
  • They see your sincerity, they see that you’re authentic and genuine.
  • If you do want to experience wealth – there’s nothing that says you have to be spiritual and penniless. – But live your life not “trying to be rich” – live others to give others riches. And you will see that it happens for you.
  • If you help other people succeed, you will automatically succeed.
  • It might not happen right away, but you’re being observed. And you will feel so much happier when you do things for other people, when you help other people. And you know – you don’t have to take the credit for it – you don’t have to have a name up on the spotlight. Because you know in your heart – in your ‘self’ – what you’re doing for other people & the planet. And it will happen for you. And it’s happening for me because I came from that angle.
  • Moore: If you’re not happy with something – you can’t leave it. You have to love it before you can leave it. As you progress spiritually, and you have these awakening moments, there’s so many questions that must arise.
  • A lot of people are scared of the word “God” – so don’t use it. Use the word divine. We don’t know what that means, so replace that word and just use “divine”.
  • Many religions have been taken out of context and has taught us separation and fear rather than oneness and love and connection with the divine and knowing that we are one with the divine. This message does not mean your personal ‘ego’ in any way. It means ‘pure consciousness’. That’s what we’re talking about. Which is who you are. Who you really are (minus your ego).
  • When you know that you are one with the creator, with the divine, you’ll see – if you’re really truly connected – you have the responsibility of a mother to a child – and of a father to a son – and you have a responsibility to take care of the planet and to take care of your creation. And if you take it out of context, and you think it’s your personal ego that is God, then whatever you do -it’s gonna come right on back onto you. That’s the universal law there.
  • The internet is bringing us together. It’s an important step right there. I think that when we can use that in a good way – we can spread a lot of great information about how to change things on this planet. There’s a big shift. There is going to be more peace on the planet. And I really believe that. It’s all up to us how we want that to look like. What we want it to look like.  
  • Moore: We’re evolving.
  • Absolutely. Every decade we evolve from racism to equality to women’s rights to non-violence. This is the evolution of our consciousness.
  • Moore: Sometimes big events – maybe that happens to really push – to wake us up in a sense.
  • Yeah and I believe the earth and what we do is a result of our consciousness – it’s a total reflection of how we’re thinking. And that’s why things are happening, why things are the way they are now on this planet. We’re living out our consciousness. And that’s why the earth will actually resonate with wherever our vibration is at. Whatever we’re thinking, whatever we’re feeling, we’re gonna see it manifest on earth in different ways.
  • I grew up watching sci-fi – Star Trek and the Twilight Zone – I always resonated with ‘other worlds’. Places where we’ve already reached a high level of advanced technology and peace. And higher evolved civilisations out there. And I always believed that they existed. So when I came across spiritual & channelled information – that so many were out there claiming to come from other planets, other worlds, other star systems and a lot of that stuff started resonating with me because they were really speaking of higher places of existence. How things were. How they treat each other. How they united whole worlds. Star seed is one of the words that came up in that material. And star seeds are people that – and there’s other definitions of them but to me – a star seed is someone who feels like they come from a better place. A higher, advanced place where things are not the way they are on this planet. A star seed to me is someone who thinks that things shouldn’t be the way they are right now on earth. That we should be doing something else. There should be more love, more light, more peace, that we should unite the human race, and start exploring other stars. And there’s a lot of people like that out there – that feel like – that resonates with that.

It changes you – it does something to you.

  • It changes you – it does something to you – when you realize, we’re just this little glowing ball – and a lot of people don’t think about it.  – they don’t go beyond that. They don’t even realize. There’s 200 billion or more stars in this galaxy. Do you know how many galaxies there are out there? And nobody even thinks about it. And I think about that. That right there – we haven’t even begun – we’ve only covered a fraction of the galaxy.


3 Magic Words:


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