Are you up for the 21 day challenge?

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Train your brain to become more positive and optimistic:

For just 2 Mins/day for 21 days in a row:

3 Gratitude’s – Write down 3 new things that you are grateful for – end of 21 days, your brain is trained to scan the world to look for the positive instead of the negative.

Journaling about 1 positive experience you’ve had over the past 24 hours – allows your brain to re-live it.

Exercise – teaches your brain that your behaviour matters.

Meditation – allows your brain to get over the culture that we are creating to try and do multiple tasks at once, allowing our brains to focus to the task at hand.

Random Acts of Kindness – (or conscious acts of kindness) – Train yourself when you open up your inbox, to write one positive email – praising or thanking someone in your social supporting network.


The happy secret to better work

Inspired by: Shawn Achor’s TED Talk (above) – This funny, entertaining, and energetic Ted Talk by Shawn Achor  – psychologist – is only 12 minutes but packed with tips to have a happier, more positive, and optimistic life.

Re-wire your brain to create lasting positive change.

(Brain will work more optimistically, and more successfully)

Train your brain to become more positive:

You can join us in this 21 day challenge over by becoming a member of the community. Click here to join.



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