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February 21, 2022

Meanwhile…”Psychosis” in Australia [Police]

Compliance & Slavery, Not Health – VIC Police on Saturday Fully-Masked, but on Sunday Unmasked & Mingling, and ACT police using sonic weapons on Australian families for asking for some common sense and logic to enter the medial mafia debate – these mandates make NO sense and our government has sold us out to globalism and you’re complying to the wrong side of history! Wow. Sigh. What a disgrace.


“Replace Healthcare with AI by 2025” [HealthPass]

This post highlights & summarizes the various changes in the National Health Service in the UK (something we mirror here in Australia) and how the new HealthPass will lead to a Surveillance-Society and how some of it fits into the New World Order Agenda. It also shows how past NWO insiders were right in forewarning us about the systematic destruction of healthcare as part of the Totalitarian Global Takeover, as well as how HealthCare has been transformed into corporate sell-out and more.