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February 17, 2022

Human Rights Lawyer on Fear & Division

Peter Fam, Human Rights Lawyer, Sydney speaks about the Fear & Division that the media and governments are creating and has some advice for how to handle friends and family who believe you are a threat to them in some way and how we get through this.


[Police Standing Up] John Thomson – Former QLD Police

QLD Senior Sergeant John Thomson explains the bizarre experiences on the QLD Border during the pandemic and changed his view from very concerned to – what’s going on here? “How does the virus know that you’ve got that permit? How does a permit protect you from a deadly virus?” Many examples like that just didn’t make sense. Vaccinated people not being allowed to cross the border to see a dying family member but the whole National Rugby League could cross including their families and kids. He said that being a police officer, you investigate crime, and he has an objective opinion about the criminal history of J&J, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca and compares them to conmen.