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February 5, 2022

mRNA Vaccines cause Immune Suppression (Paper – Jan 2022)

Paper gives a plausible reason as to why we are seeing so many people having a sudden reoccurring or worsening of past or existing ailments (including cancer). It goes through scientific literature to summarize that the antibodies fade within 3-10 weeks, that they don’t work very well against variants, they don’t prevent the spread, that the claim of reducing symptom severity is also in doubt due to fully-vaccinated patients dying and ending up in hospital. That they invoke a different immune response than natural infection, and predict their biological impacts are not only causing harm but they predict it will be much worse after boosters are introduced, as referenced by countries whom already have introduced a 3rd or 4th dose.


[ICU Nurse] All who died from COVID should be considered Murdered

Former ICU Nurse Morgan Wallace, who has witnessed first-hand the deaths of covid patients said: “I realized that patients were needlessly dying because of government’s withheld policies for treating Covid”. and that “all who died should be considered Murdered”. She walked out and now has her own practice treating covid patients ‘before’ needing hospitalization and warns of vaccine injury by spike protein.