Moving up & down the dimensions

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Emptying the garbage in my mind. For my own records.. just wanted to see where my random thoughts were at and getting them “out of me”. Blah Blah Blah. Overlays.

Original (Longer) Version: For Me.. Blah, Ramble, Parallel Realities, Overlays, Change the World (and van noise)…

A.M. – Before Work Ramble.
00:00-03:30 Pondering whether to go on road or do a digital media course here or elsewhere, to be able to meet similar people who want to start broadcasting

03:30-21:00 A.M. Did Yoga & Meditation this morning.
Pondering overlays.
Reminiscing about my previous beliefs of us moving into different dimensions & parallel realities. Religions, Quantum Field, Source.
Then a whole bunch of Whinge, Whinge, Whinge, Moan, Moan, Moan.. Blah, Blah, Blah. Victim-Victim-Victim.
In a “Trust Noone” mindset. Temporarily.

P.M. After work Ramble. Impossible to hear over road noise.

21:00 – End. Bentinho Massaro – Parallel Realities.
Wherever you are thinking in the moment can change your life’s direction. (Analogy or Reality)

A moment of anger can absolutely change your future.
You could hurt somebody, drive your car into a wall, shoot somebody, quit your job – a moment of anger can change your reality.

Just as other moments – whatever thoughts, emotions and feelings you have, can change lives / realities.

Multiple people coming together can share their thoughts and ideas to come up with solutions, change the world.

How can one person who believes they can, change the world?

If I was distracted by this camera, instead of watching the road… I could veer off into another lane and change many different families and generations lives.

We can easily change this world for the worse.
At least some people’s lives.

It has been my belief that one person can make a difference. And the other people who are positive and kind, that one smile can change multiple people’s realities.

That your unconditional love, kindness and faith in humanity can make everybody’s lives better in some way, just by being yourself.

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