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As requested, step-by-step instructions for making your wp fan pro theme by Rapid Crush Fan Pages work with the Free SSL Solution at Hostgator.

1.) Find your SSL Address

SSL Address

Click here to check previous post on how to find your SSL Address on Hostgator.
Unlike other solutions, this one actually gives you a 404 error when you find the “right” address.. I know, right? :)
In my case, my domain install is: http://custombizfanpages.com/webwooky/ (this won’t work anymore if you try and reach it because of the below changes I’m about to make).
My Free SSL Version is: https://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/ (We’ll use this for Facebook)
and my non-SSL version of the page is: http://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/ (We’ll use this for WordPress)

2.) Login to WordPress – General Settings

<i>wp fan pro theme</i> Jason Fladlien

Login to your WordPress backend and click on General Settings
In my case, the url was: http://custombizfanpages.com/webwooky/wp-admin/options-general.php

3.) Change both WordPress and Site Address

<u>wp fan pro theme</u> Rapid Crush

Update both the WordPress address (URL) and the Site address (URL) to the new non-secure url.
In my case, the url is: http://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/

4.) Log Back Into WordPress

Login to WordPress

Once you have changed the address, it will automatically log you out of WordPress.
Log Back into WordPress at your new address (should of popped up automatically), in my case: http://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/wp-login.php

5.) Theme Options > Theme Activation

<i>wp fan pro theme</i> Jason Fladlien

After logging back in, go straight to your Theme Options and click on Theme Activation.
Re-Activate your theme by clicking on “Activate Theme” and then “Save Changes”

6.) Theme Options > Facebook Settings

<u>wp fan pro theme</u> Jason Fladlien

Once Saved, click on Facebook Settings in your Theme Options.
Update your Facebook Custom Homepage URL and Custom Reveal Page URL to the new SSL secure url and then click on Save Changes.
In my case, the new secure ssl url is: https://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/ for both, because I don’t have a “reveal page” for this one. If you have a reveal page, you need to adjust your url to include the right before and after path. (i.e. https://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/pre-like and https://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/after-like)

7.) Login to Facebook Apps

<i>wp fan pro theme</i> Jason Fladlien

Now go to Facebook Developers and click on “Apps”. Find your Fan page Application and click on Edit Settings.
You need to update the Canvas URL to the non-secure URL i.e. http://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/
You need to update the Secure Canvas URL to the new SECURE URL. i.e. https://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/
You need to update the Page Tab URL to the non-secure URL. i.e.http://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/index.php
You need to update the Secure Page Tab URL to the new SECURE URL. ie. https://roadrunner.websitewelcome.com/~bfbs/webwooky/index.php

8.) All Done, Test!

WP Fan Page Pro Webwooky

If you did everything as I did above, you should be able to view your Facebook Fan page in secure mode now.
My example now working at: https://www.facebook.com/WebWooky?sk=app_148230711913341

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life? Penny is a truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper down the rabbit hole. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, whilst providing a searchable archive to easily lookup and reference.


  1. Hi Penny,

    I came across this post as I am having problems with the WP Fan Pro theme. I managed to reflect the wordpress theme to my facebook page by doing what you said above to put the page tab url (this is not shown in the actual how to videos of WP Fan pro). Problem is that it is showing a 404 error. I also did the changes in the wordpress general settings and now I cannot access my wordpress cpanle. Can you please help me fix this?


    1. Penny Butler says:

      Hiya Paolo, sounds like you must’ve used the wrong SSL address in the general settings.. what I would do if this had happened to me, is I would go into it via PhpMyAdmin (from your actual host cpanel) and do a search for the url that you typed in and correct it with the right address. If you get stuck, send me an email

  2. Colin says:

    Hi Penny

    A detailed review,!

    I bought WPfan pro, but have not been impressed with support. They have no live demo pages and their own FB page gives a 404 (I reported this to support twice).

    Your page does not seem to use it now.

    I would be keen to read your comments.


    1. Penny Butler says:

      Hiya Colin,

      I don’t think WPFan Pro is worth it.. I purchased their 25 pack I think? But now that Facebook has made it’s SSL changes – for me, it’s less of a pain-in-the-butt to create normal fan pages instead of wordpress fan pages :)

      This post was never intended as a post to recommend it – just on how people who have it could fix it to work with SSL (since I had to get one of my own pages and several of my clients pages working with it anyway).

      I change my fan pages all the time – I’m kinda addicted to new stuff, and my own fan pages are my “test dummies”.. currently my welcome page for webwooky is promoting the new free webwooky skype community http://www.facebook.com/WebWooky?sk=app_185953431490262


  3. Steve K says:

    Hi Penny,

    I notice a problem on both your fanpage shown in the example above as well as one of my sites also. When you go to the https page… Internet Explorer pops up the all items not secure warning, and if you say to not show unsecure items… you lose the style of the wpfbpro site.

    Have you noticed this as well? It looks like how the stylesheet is called I’d suspect. Wonder if it’s wordpress based, or just this theme.

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Oh I haven’t tested anything in IE.. I hate IE but now that you’ve brought it up.. lemme check :)

    2. Penny Butler says:

      Hiya Steve,

      I really want to get the error so I can troubleshoot but it’s working perfectly for me?

      Can you let me know…

      – Are you visiting the direct “Fan page” url?

      – Or the direct website url?

      And which one you are getting the IE popup with unsecure items?

      I’m testing with IE8 (version 8.0.7600.16385 64-bit)and Firefox 3 (version 3.6.22)

      Ohh, but I can see how there can potentially be a problem with my fan page.. I just noticed that I used direct “custombizfanpages.com” links to my images, etc, (i.e. http://custombizfanpages.com/webwooky/images/DIY-penny.png), so even though I’m not getting errors currently, I suspect there is going to be a problem with this in 24 hours when FB clicks the on switch..

      And if you are getting no stylesheet, the theme may have the same problem, might be still referring to a direct link.. might have to look into this…

      You can also add me to skype if you want to troubleshoot with me :)

      Skype id: penny.j.butler

    3. Steve K says:

      Hi Penny…

      Yes… IE 8 on Windows XP. IE is still showing the issue… and if you check in Google Chrome, and click the dropdown on the left (You’ll see a yellow triangle symbol on the lock) Click it.. and it will show a message all resources used are not secure.

      This doesn’t appear to be a problem with your article on using shared SSL… but with the theme itself. I now have a dedicated IP and SSL on my domain and get the same type errors.

      I have contacted WPFanpro support… however they only seem to test with Firefox.

      I come from an eCommerce background, so I’m familiar with SSL and potential software bugs/problems. I see the issue… just was hoping not to have to recode anything!

      1. Penny Butler says:

        Hiya Steve,
        I tried viewing my fan page https://www.facebook.com/WebWooky?sk=app_148230711913341 with Chrome.. I do get the little triangle in the top address bar with the message that I think you are referring to.. and strangely, I’m also getting that, no matter what page I click on in Facebook when browsing securely.. could it just be that something on facebook is not yet fully ssl yet? Or is it definitely the theme do you think?
        Kind Regards,

  4. Help!
    I use the FB fan page pro as indicated in this posting. I configured my ssl address as suggested in your post but all I get is the 404 error. I can’t even fix this in my FB fan pages dashboard as I am unable to log back in due to this error.

    How do I go back to fix this situation?

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Hiya Thomas, you might want to join our skype community to get us to help you fix it in a Skype PM.. as there’s not enough info to troubleshoot in your comment. It sounds like you haven’t got the right SSL address in there, which you can change manually in cPanel (pHpMyAdmin), but it could be something else so it might be best to catch us “live” instead of via comments which can be a frustrating delay. My skype id is: penny.j.butler

    2. Penny Butler says:

      Hiya again Thomas,
      I just had cause to do this again for another of my client’s fan pages using this theme. I did everything step-by-step as per above and it worked perfect.
      To log back into your website, make sure you are logging back into the new “secure” address..
      ie. https://gator1185.hostgator.com/~cpanelusername/wp-login.php
      Or contact on skype if you are still stuck.. (penny.j.butler)

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