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Humans, are we just a mass of meat and bones that has consciousness because of chemical reactions in the body? Are we just a product of natural evolution? Does our existence end when we die? Do we have a Soul? What are we really? For thousands of years we have asked these questions and have pondered our existence and creation. This article is my opinion of who and what we truly are. It takes into account the greater expanded version of reality and nonphysical aspects of reality itself. I have done much research into who we truly are and I have found that there is so much more to us than our society acknowledges today. There is a lot of background information that needs to be understood about reality to fully comprehend all aspects of this article but I will make my best effort to make this article understandable to all.

There has been much speculation as to the origin of the Human race and the deeper aspects of our conscious thought. Humans are a very unique species of mammal on this planet that is truly different from the rest of life on Earth. The human brain is truly unique and is such a powerful processor and creator of information. The most important part of the human though is not the brain, it’s the soul. A great analogy that I like to use when speaking about the human brain and consciousness is that of the computer with internet. The computer itself is a great processor of information and can do calculations quickly and precisely. When the computer is hooked up to the internet it can bring through tremendous amounts of information on almost any topic you can think of and more. The internet represents an unseen field of information that is stored in the ethers or cloud and gives the computer its true value. Well we are much like the computer, our brain is the actual computer that calculates, analyzes and processes information.

The greater part of who we truly are, our soul or consciousness is the internet itself. An unlimited field of information and experience that is the core of who we truly are. Our consciousness resides within a field of energy that is so vast and unlimited that no one brain or body could ever hold its magnificence and beauty. The human soul is such a miracle of creation that science is just now starting to acknowledge. We truly are as unlimited as the field itself, witch really has no ending or beginning. We are the all that is. We are a piece of the Source. We are the unlimited soul fractals of Source Creator here on Earth having a Human experience to expand the experiences of the Creator. We are the leading edge of creation. Please continue to read and I will explain how I came to this conclusion.

The Human body is also truly a miracle of creation. Our DNA is very unique in that we are the only species on the planet that has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Every other of the billions of species on the planet has 24 pairs of chromosomes and is based off a logarithmic base 12 system of creation. So why do humans only have 23 pairs of chromosomes or 46 chromosomes instead of the natural 48 that all the rest of life has on this planet? New science has now shown that in the human chromosome pair number two has been taken and genetically altered and it looks to have occurred in a non-random way. This pair of chromosomes was cut about two thirds of the way down and then fused together in an unnatural way that would not occur from random evolution. This alone shows that humans might be more than what we think. But could our DNA hold more secrets? Ground breaking work that is merging the science of today with the spiritual wisdom of the ancients is now showing that there may be a message stored within our DNA that has been hidden until we were ready for its implications. This message has been decoded by using the most sacred ancient name of God from the old Hebrew texts and the lost knowledge of Gematria. Gematria is a special kind of ancient numerology that gives energetic meaning to letters and numbers. This ancient name of God is spoken with no vowels and is YHVH. This name is also referred to as the Tetragrammaton and has great implications in the lost sciences of hidden energies, sacred geometry and many more ancient studies. In Gematria numbers and letters are interchangeable. The precise details of how this message has decoded within our DNA is shown in detail in Gregg Bradens book The God Code but the short version is that our DNA has base pairs that form, they are A, C, G, T and stand for Adenine, cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. These base pairs match up with the Letters for the ancient name of God and then translates in Hebrew to the message. This profound and ground breaking message is “God eternal within the body”. The implications of this message are staggering to say the least and it shows that yes in fact we are a piece of the Creator and we do have source energy flowing within and through us at all times. This gets into the energetic systems of the body and I will discuss this further later in this article.

Humans are also multi-dimensional creatures and we have more to our DNA going on than the chemistry and the eye can see. At this time, we have two physical strands of DNA but there is much more to our DNA than just the physical. Our DNA is actually a 12-stranded helix structure that is multidimensional and has many layers to it. Unlike some out there my opinion on the DNA is that up to nine of these DNA helix layers are energetic and/ or multidimensional structures that are not physical in the third dimension. These multidimensional DNA layers contain the Akash of all of the life’s and experiences we had and will have as souls, the pure perfect blueprint that can bring spontaneous healing, the higher self and angelic energies, the galactic energies that are entangled within and so much more we have yet to comprehend. Kryon book 12 is a great reference on the many layers and aspects of our multidimensional DNA. That brings me to my next subject on who we really are.

Throughout history there has been many accounts of humans interacting with beings from different star systems in many different cultures and times on Earth. I believe that the 12 layers of DNA each had contributions from different star races that were interacting with humanity and our souls prior to that. The human DNA has been altered 7 different times by multidimensional and or extraterrestrial races. These races include the Annunaki, Greys, Pleadian, Sirian, Orion, Reptilian and Arcturian races. Our DNA has twelve different races in it but was only altered seven times. Five of the times our DNA was altered it was altered by 50 percent hybrid races such as the Annunaki which are 50 percent reptilian and 50 percent pleadian feminine. The five races that were 50 percent hybrids and the two that were pure make up the twelve different races and their energetic signatures that have altered our DNA. Sometimes our DNA was altered to keep humanity asleep and enslaved as is the case with the Annunaki but other times it was done to bring our grandness closer to who we truly are as with the pleadians seeding us with the layer of DNA that brought out our spirituality. The human DNA is very unique because of this and is prized for its capacity to be multidimensional in many ways that other races DNA cannot be. Since our DNA was altered by races of so many different dimensions it has the unique capabilities to have resonance with all vibrations of those dimensionality that are positive, negative, high and low. This capability allows humanity to transverse the dimensions of reality in our minds unlike any other being in the universe at this present time. So many races are interested in our DNA and ascension process because of this unique DNA that allows for greater multidimensional capabilities. We truly are blessed to be human and human DNA is at the forefront of galactic evolution. WE have the seeds and Akash of ascended races within our DNA and we can access this wisdom and profound energies that can help us solve all of our problems.

The human body also has a profound energy system that many call the chakras. These energy centers in the body correspond to certain areas and represent certain types of energies. The seven main chakras in our body are the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. This chakra system forms a highway of energy that goes through the middle of your body and connects your body to Mother Earth and the heavenly realms. The energies of this system circulate around the body in a torus pattern and form the human aura. Each human has a unique auric field surrounding their body just like each human has a unique fingerprint. These energy centers in the body do many things. They can bring healing to your body, they can connect you with your spirit guides and they transport life force energy to all the energetic bodies of the human. The human is not just the physical body. We have 5 main bodies that make up the human soul complex. These bodies are the physical body, the etheric body, the astral or emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. Each body is on a different level of energetic reality and we only see a small fraction of who we truly are in the physical. The Merkabah or light body is our body that we will ascend in.

The human Merkabah is a tetrahedral shape and is 26 feet in diameter. It is two counter rotating fields of light energy spinning in the same space that forms a vehicle or bridge to transverse dimensions and travel through different dimensional reality’s and to different worlds in the physical. As humans now we do not quite have the consciousness as a collective to harness and use this interdimensional vehicle but overtime as we raise our energy and consciousness we will use this interdimensional vehicle to travel the cosmos and different dimensional realities.

To be human is to be a truly grand and magnificent being that is firmly entangled with all of creation. The human being is a marvel of creation that has contributions from many different multidimensional star races and from the Source creator of all that is. We are a part of the all that is and we could be considered one of the grandest creations the Source has brought forth into existence. Humans have the largest emotional spectrum of any species in this universe and we are pure love at our core. Humans carry an unmatched compassion yet we have a duality among us that also allows us to carry the darkest of energies. We are so powerful, we are creators and we do create our reality whether we consciously know it or not. The energies within the human being are truly unlimited and we are swimming within the entangled sea of creation of the all that is ready to access and harness this power and consciousness that is profound beyond words.

It’s truly is a blessing to be a human being especially in these exciting times of transformation and change. I personally am honored to be here on Earth now and be part of such a magnificent race that has such a magnificent destiny at hand. I feel deep within my soul the grandness and power we have to create such a profound love for all of creation. I feel a deep honor that I have been chosen to come forth into physical density to further expand the wisdom and love of our Source Creator and our human collective consciousness. I feel the grand magnificence of life here on this beautiful planet we call Earth and I for one am happy to be human.

Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this article. I am greatly honored to bring and share the information I have learned and my feeling I have with all of you. I will continue to share what I love and know. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like me to write about, please contact me. Much love to you all. Ryan.

This article was just a brief overview of only a few of the galactic cultures out there in the universe at this time. There is so much more out there than we acknowledge as a society and there is so much more depth to the races that I covered here today. I would encourage all to do there own research on the subject and look at it in a non bias way as you possibly can. I will continue to write and bring you the information I have learned  and come to know. This subject is so far reaching and has such profound implications for humanity and I think it is imperative that we start      to look into this in a serious and genuine manner. The information in this article is my views on the subject and there are many different views and perspectives to all of this. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Much love to all of you. Ryan


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