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Viral Videos & Video Uploader & Bubbleply

  1. Get the videos from the main Affiliate site:
  2. Brand it with ( allows you to put a little click-able bubble in your video).
  3. Upload to your website and blog.
  4. Make your own Viral Video’s like the above, using your webcam or camstudio. (See Video Tools section)
  5. Once you’ve created your own mind-movie or how-to video, upload it to YouTube.
  6. After you’ve uploaded to YouTube, go to Brian’s forum and post your links and make sure you do the same to them (you’ll see what I mean when you login to his forum).

Here are other video sites you can sign up to:

You can use a program to automatically send your video to all of these sites and more, but it’s a pay-option..

  • Video Post Robot (This is the one I use)

  • TubeMogul
    Free site that allow you to distribute your videos to multi-video sites:
    AOL Video,, Crackle, Daily Motion, Google Video, Howcast, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, Sclipo, StupidVideos, Veoh, Yahoo Video, YouTube, Viddler, 5min
  • HeySpread
    Cheap site that allows you to distribute to multi-sites:
    Sclipo,, sevenload, youtube, google, dailymotion, blip, metacafe, yahoo, facebook, myspace, vimeo, revver, veoh, vsocial, photobucket, putfile

More Tips

Be sure to create a new profile at each with a link to your site, a photo of you.
Just create a text document with the following:

  • About me: A little about yourself, what you are interested in, make sure you include Law of Attraction and The Secret in there somewhere.
  • Want to make a difference. Love people who inspire. Law of Attraction & The Secret. etc
  • Interest Boxes:
  • Favourite Movies & TV: (The Secret)
  • Favourite Books: (The Secret)

You can view a sample of what I’ve done at:

Add a box to your profile (if it fits) with links to how people can find you: ie:
Find me on:
My Space:

Use Roboform to automatically fill out your profile at all your sites (I only downloaded it today.. all my sites were done manually and I’m sick at the time wasted doing that, when a free program like Roboform could’ve saved me!)

Also, download JingProject while it’s still free (it’s in Beta) , it’s kind of like camstudio which you can download if you are logged into this site, but this new JingProject will save you stacks of time.. you can instantly create your video online and it will automatically upload wherever you want it to go, so you can instantly start promoting it.

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