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2009 was the last time I blogged about a Twitter toy. Yep, I don’t use Twitter in the same way that most people do. I started using Twitter in 2008 as a way for people to “subscribe” to my blogs. I had a different Twitter account for each of my sites and the only thing that would go on those accounts were the latest blog posts from each of the sites.

I didn’t use it to interact with others – although I’d occasionally retweet great quotes and news stories, and occasionally respond to messages, when the “keeping up with the spam” became a task too big to spend time on, I just kinda.. I dunno, lost my enthusiasm for it. I was getting up to 100 spam DM’s a day from Twitter and I ended up just archiving them so that I didn’t have to deal with it anymore.

For the past few years, I spent my time working on “other people’s” social media sites and because I was trying to get my own business off the ground, I never really found the time to look after my own accounts. There just seemed to always be higher priority things to work on, especially when you are a sole-trader, and don’t have anyone else working for you, working alone on other people’s campaigns – there is always something more important that I should be working on.

I still had a few that I kept posting to on a semi-regular basis (@StudyTheSecret, @PennyButler, @HappyChes) but I don’t have a “smart phone” and so didn’t login daily and see what others are up to much.

Anyway, the last few days, even though I still have the same feelings towards Twitter and the overwhelming time it takes to keep up with everything going on, I started to find some “tweet-worthy” news articles, blogs, and quotes again. But I realized that because I don’t login much, that I would be silent, then bombard my Twitter account in one go with a bunch of messages. I was also unable to follow anyone that I actually wanted to follow because over the years, I had followed too many and didn’t “maintain” it (didn’t Unfollow those that had unfollowed me, didn’t delete spam accounts, etc).

So I decided to try all the latest Twitter tools out, to see which ones could bring me back to the land of the living and allow me to:

1.) Follow people that I actually want to follow, and

2.) Schedule out my Tweets so that I don’t spam the hell out of those who are still following me.

I trialled 6 different sites last night and after a few hours of playing around with them all, I ended up “upgrading” and paying for these 2 because I really find them the most useful:

1.) BufferApp

2.) ManageFlitter


How I use BufferApp

BufferApp allows me to Schedule and space-out all the great things I find and post them to the right place. For example:

I have 3 different core areas of the things that interest me, but that are separated by different accounts:

1.) Entrepreneurship / Passive income / Lifestyle Design / Business Goals,  etc.
Twitter – @PennyButler
Facebook – @WebWooky
LinkedIn – @PennyJButler

2.) Law of Attraction / Metaphysics / NLP / Motivation / Mindset / Personal Goals, etc.
Twitter – @PennyButler ,  @StudyTheSecret
Facebook  – App @StudyTheSecret , Facebook Page @LeverageTheSecret@WebWooky

3.) WordPress  – all things WordPress: Themes, Plugins, Troubleshooting, and things of use to WordPress users
Twitter – @ILoveWordpress, @HappyChes
Facebook – @WordpressPlugins

And then I also have separate accounts for my Businesses .. like @BallaratMarketing @WhiteLabelTraffic, @CustomFBTabs, etc.

A topic of interest for my Ballarat readers, will not be appropriate for my Law of Attraction readers, and vice versa.

With all of these different accounts, with different audiences and interests, that are still ‘active’, I would like to be able to find relevant sites and “feed” them into the right area. Like, when I’m researching wordpress plugins, I generally see about 10-15 different things that I could share, but I’ll usually only share 1 thing so as not to overload my followers – with Buffer, I can add them to a schedule, so that they only go out 1 per day, keeping my FB & Twitter profiles active with relevant content, and not blasting out too many messages at once and then going back to my cave :)

So BufferApp solves this problem.

With BufferApp, I have setup all my different Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles and pages, and LinkedIn profiles and groups, and with each of them, I can set different schedules and timezones.

For example, some of them I will only post “once per day”, whereas others I want to post up to 4 times per day.

It was worth upgrading for me because it allowed me to segregate all of my different accounts.


How I use ManageFlitter

I tried quite a few different sites that were similar to ManageFlitter last night and I’ve already got a dozen programs that do the same thing, but I want something that I can access from anywhere. I have 3 different computers, and 2 of them cannot handle anymore software, and I’m rarely on my main desktop computer these days because I’m sitting outside on my laptop due to the weather.

ManageFlitter lets me Follow everyone that I haven’t followed, but the most useful is it’s “Unfollow” feature.

Within minutes, I was able to unfollow:

1.) Everyone that didn’t tweet in English
2.) All “Spammer” Accounts
3.) All “Fake” Accounts
4.) All accounts that didn’t have a “Profile picture”
5.) People that didn’t follow me back.

Now I can happily follow those that I couldn’t follow before because of Twitter’s follow limit.

If I wanted to go further, I could also unfollow:
* People who haven’t tweeted in 30 days
* People who tweet more than 5 times per day
* People that tweet less than 1 time per day

But those don’t worry me, but I’m sure it will be useful for other people.

The reason I upgraded was so that I could remove more people and add multiple accounts. Within an hour, I had “cleaned up” 5 of my Twitter accounts, and could do it all from the one login.

If you don’t have a large following, the free account would well and truly be more than you need, but when you have gone a few years without keeping your Twitter account maintained, then upgrading is going to allow you to do it all in one session (except the “following” part, because Twitter still has a limit on the amount of people you can follow per day and if you don’t want to risk your account being suspended, you should follow less than 100 per day)


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