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 A quick and plain English intro the micro-blogging service Twitter from

Found this video today and thought it explained one-side of using Twitter pretty well.. well, better than other videos I’ve seen.

I dunno… I love how versatile Twitter is.. you can use it this way with your friends and acquaintances, or other ways as listed on the "what is twitter" page.

A third of my traffic for all my blogs come from twitter, another third from facebook, and the rest from search engines/other.

Although when a post gets stumbled/dugg, that tends to increase the hits to my sites dramatically.

I don’t use Twitter everyday, but I have found, that it’s a must-have in the internet-marketing world.. not so sure on it’s popularity with the general public, but maybe I only see what I see because the followers I have and the people I’m following are also generally into internet marketing :)

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  1. earthworm2000 says:

    I like the video too, very well explained.
    But I won’t use twitter either. I’m not interested in knowing if some of my friends are currently on the phone/online. Looks like just another portal where you spend too much time updating your actions and I really don’t see the big benefit.

  2. jterranova1 says:

    Too bad they’re encouraging this use of twitter. I use twitter to follow people in my industry who provide insights into the latest trends. Also a good way to find interesting content for my blog.

  3. WomenCan says:

    Fabulous – Twitter explained in common English
    Well done. Love the medium you’ve chosen. Very creative.

  4. InsLame says:

    I think there are two sides of Twitter. One being the useful bit (where you might update to share exciting, but rather short events) and the other which says a lot about the way in which human relationships are progressing in this technology-age.

    This tutorial is very insightful and put together, but I think most people rather write a quick blog post than get started on a whole new application.

    Using Twitter is likely to get users even more addicted to the web.

    Still, thank you for posting.

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