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CBS News San Franciso/Bay Area: segment on Twitter

Oh how I love my WordPress Plugin, it automatically finds these neat videos for me so that I don’t have to prowse around YouTube looking for Twitter videos hehe..

Looks like Twitter is making the news though which is great for us Twitter Bugs :)


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  1. Twitter was the first one to break the news of earthquake in china..! its fast and versatile usable.

  2. Avatar mdandersonorg says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have used it at least three times in training my departments on what twitter is and the pros and cons.

  3. Avatar deltron05 says:

    I think it’s GREAT .. if it’s used PROPERLY ..again i insist …….PROPERLY .. Sooner or later things like this will just continue to appear. So get used to it !

  4. Avatar ScottGBradley says:

    Cyber Drug…LOL

  5. Avatar cybersphere says:

    no no. the next new new thing is hooking up your brain to a wireless transmitter which outputs to a seperate lifestreaming blog.

  6. Avatar pablofraken says:

    People who don’t use it, will never understand. Just try it for God sakes!!

  7. Avatar wordygreatminds says:

    I agree with you 100%.

  8. Avatar mischef says:

    “Do we really need to know…(everyone’s every move)?”

    Umm hey, if the answer is ‘no’, then DON’T SIGN UP!

    Don’t hate the player…OR the game! Just leave us be! We will be happy to let future happen without you.

  9. Avatar AnthonyUSN says:

    my twitter is AnthonyUSN

  10. Avatar kerric123456 says:

    twitter roxs!

  11. Avatar Stacilyn15 says:

    i think twitter is cool i just got one last night. if anyone wants to follow its stacilyn15. but i think if no one cares about ones twitter dont follow or look at it duh ha. or if no one wants too much info out there dont put it out there.

  12. Avatar jordanmarsden says:

    Anyone that has Twitter, follow me. My username is jordanmarsden

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