Twitter in CSI (Video)

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Thanks to for posting this video about Twitter in CSI (S08EP07)

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  1. Avatar jjprojects says:

    First Second Life on CSI, now Twitter. What’s going on? Is Twitter about to go mainstream or something? If hollywood is referring to it in scripts, maybe.

  2. Avatar AndrewMelb says:

    Drummerboy19 and torchx are the same dude in Perth, Australia.

  3. Avatar cnwb says:

    kiraEDGE is a real twitterer. Did she sign up before or after this CSI episode?

  4. Avatar bigburd88 says:

    Well, it could be the fact that CSI is on CBS and Fox owns MySpace…

  5. Avatar gottabeandrew says:

    Is that really part of an episode? It’s almost as if they’re taking the mick out of it. And i want to know how i can type random letters and it’ll click a link for me and magically take me to a myspace page.

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