Twitter in CSI (Video)

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Thanks to for posting this video about Twitter in CSI (S08EP07)

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Penny (

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  1. jjprojects says:

    First Second Life on CSI, now Twitter. What’s going on? Is Twitter about to go mainstream or something? If hollywood is referring to it in scripts, maybe.

  2. AndrewMelb says:

    Drummerboy19 and torchx are the same dude in Perth, Australia.

  3. cnwb says:

    kiraEDGE is a real twitterer. Did she sign up before or after this CSI episode?

  4. bigburd88 says:

    Well, it could be the fact that CSI is on CBS and Fox owns MySpace…

  5. gottabeandrew says:

    Is that really part of an episode? It’s almost as if they’re taking the mick out of it. And i want to know how i can type random letters and it’ll click a link for me and magically take me to a myspace page.

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