Build Business Relationships Using Twitter (Video)

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Here’s a nice instruction video from @matthewSBOC from

It’s a great short video I found at YouTube on how to use ‘twitter search’ to build relationships and gain a following on twitter, as well as a couple of little “tricks” to use when you want to get to know someone that has a lot of followers.

Penny (
Penny (

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  1. Avatar Matthew Hunt says:

    @HappyChes thanks for the shout out! Made this video a long time ago now, need to do a update, I have learned so much more since I made this one.

    I’m following you now and subscribed – looking forward to know you more through your website and social :)


    Matthew Hunt’s last blog post..Using Images for SEO

  2. Avatar prophet25 says:

    Have been using twitter to do business, the reciprocity model is the first time I heard of it, would be using it to grow my business- thanks for video!

  3. Avatar emailmrho says:

    Wow. Didn’t know that using Twitter to conduct business is so easy. Thanks!

  4. Avatar stevideome says:

    As a consultant I am talking to others by phone every day, and this sort of reciprocity is natural. So, one can do it on Twitter as well for marketing on twitter. Hey! Very useful.

  5. Avatar manolokupka says:

    Great job, I’ve always wondered what Twitter is all about and why someone would be interested in what I do … now I know.

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