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There may come a time (probably every other month) that you might wish to do some Twitter Housekeeping.

The easy part is when you spot tweets from someone you follow and it’s junk or spam or in a foreign language (if you used Summize to add them in the first place and it automatically translated it into English for you, only to find that the guru you are now following only speaks a language you can’t understand).. those one’s are easy.. you just remove them from your twitter homepage.

The housekeeping that you might need a tool for, is when you want to “See if your Twitter friends follow you back” and do some mass-editing in your Twitter. These Twitter apps will do that job for you, they will allow you to see the status of who is or isnt following you on Twitter. They show all of your friends and tell you if they follow you back or not.

This is also handy if you intend to follow everyone who follows you and you want a “quick way” to follow them (Twitter makes me click on 100 pages, cos they aren’t in any order, so I have to scroll through all my followers one page at a time, looking for any that I might not be following). So if you want to go on a Twitter clean-up, you won’t accidently remove any of those who follow you (how rude! hehe).

Here they be.. Feel free to reply to this blog with any that I’ve missed!


Twitter Karma:


None will work if the Twitter API is down or if you have too many followers/following too many :)

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