Bringing Twitter into Second Life

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Is your website visible in the virtual world?

Second Life is an extremely popular "virtual world" and companies are already getting involved – promoting, marketing, researching, etc.

This video shows what Daden Limited has done to create a twitter feed inside of Second Life.

In the video, they mention that they can bring any data feed inside of Second Life, not just Twitter and that the "twitter fountain" currently only works with the public Twitter Feed (wondering if they know that each user already has a feed – maybe it already works? or maybe it’s something specific to the fountain).

Anyway, I haven’t been on Second Life yet, so I’m not the one to ask, but I’ll be certainly keeping my interest to see where this is going and how it could benefit my businesses.

(I lost "3 years" to Quake I/TeamFortress when I was younger, so I tend to stay away from addictive games/worlds, etc and instead am completely and hopelessly addicted to social networking & my blogs/sites).

If you’re a Second Life member, you can see the fountain on the Daden Prime sim at 202/101/24.

You can see more videos they have created for Second Life on their YouTube channel.

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