Twitpay allows you to send cash to your twitter friends

IN Marketing & Wordpress allows you to send cash to your twitter friends. To send them money, you just send a tweet in twitpay-speak eg: @happyches twitpay $1 for great service Or from their website:

  • You can send a payment in any increment between $0.01 and $50.00.
  • It’s a “promise” of cash.
  • Twitpay monitors Twitters’ public timeline for these messages, and tracks who owes who cash.
  • Once you’ve promised the moola, you can fund your Twitpay account via Paypal and they will process it for you.
  • The receiver can check to see if someone has paid them by going to:

TwitPay intends to earn their money from small fees attached to the transactions.

  • Twitpay charges 3% + $0.30 in a cash out fee to recover charges from PayPal™ when you fund your account.
  • And also makes 5 cents for every transaction over 99c.

Read more about it on the website..

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