TweetMeMe Plugin, Buttons, and Widgets for Twitter

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TweetMeMe Plugin, Buttons, and Widgets for Twitter

Tweetmeme is a service which tracks all the popular links on Twitter and categorizes them into four categories: blogs, images, videos, and audio.


TweetMeMe Buttons

They offer a digg-like button that you can put on your website to encourage people to "Tweet" your blog, such as in the example below:

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The button will automatically grab the URL of the page it is placed on, or you can use a different code to override the URL for feeds, etc.

They also offer a smaller button if that matches your site better:

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Latest/Popular News Widget

They now also have a widget-generator that can put a widget showing the most popular or recent news in all or any category on your site:

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WordPress Plugin

The TweetMeMe WordPress Plugin allows you to easily add the code to your WordPress blog posts. 

  • Integrates the ability to retweet your post with one click
  • Shows the current number of times your post has been retweeted on twitter
  • Easily installed
  • Allows you to specify when the button should go (e.g. top or bottom)

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Useful TweetMeMe Posts on other sites:


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