What Challenges do you want to accomplish?

My personal goal is to create “Fast-Track, Rapid-Action” Tasks for my niches. From creating kindle books and podcast shows, to webinars, websites, autoresponder series, paperback books, social media campaigns – everything.

I’m converting everything I do into a follow-by-numbers system and every project into ‘step-by-step’ actionable tasks. When finished, I’ll have a complete system for you to follow from start-to-finish to achieve your online goals and allow you to design a business around your Bucket List (more on that here).

How much easier would your life be if you had an Action Checklist for every goal and a complete Marketing System?

Many entrepreneurs struggle on a daily basis to work out exactly what tasks they need to do to achieve their goals. I am a task-list “junkie” and am always making checklists for myself to follow, refining and improving as I go. I have scrapped all my past businesses & projects and decided to focus my mission 100% on designing a business around my Bucket List, and that means designing my business to serve my life, instead of living to serve my business. And it is my deep wish that I can share this system with you so that you can achieve the same.

My past clients have enjoyed my deep-detailed reports, guides and checklists, now I’m optimizing them all for rapid action, and to make them as simple and as step-by-step as possible so that you can print out one page per day, follow the steps, and have that project “Done” by waking up each day knowing exactly what you need to do, and in what order. A simple step-by-step strategy that leaves no guess-work. And if you have the support of the community if you ever get stuck.

RAPID-ACTION challenges

The community allows you to create any challenge for your life that you want to share with others – whether it be for business, lifestyle or health or any of these action checklists – whatever it is you want to achieve; Create a challenge and allow other members to join you.

The following is a list of the action checklists that will be available for community members:

< 2 Hour Challenges:
  • How to create a Unique sales funnel for you (Sales Funnel / Revenue Model / Roadmap)
  • Time Management & Rapid-Action planning
  • Create your own eBook cover
  • How to Create Professional Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Publish your book on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble
  • Create a Squeeze page for your Opt-in list
  • How and Where to promote your Automatic Webinar
  • Setup your Facebook Business page
  • Create a Unique Facebook Timeline cover with matching tab icons
  • Setup a Twitter account
  • Create a unique Twitter Background cover
  • Setup your Youtube Channel
  • Create a unique Youtube channel background
  • How to create a Blog post that people love to share
2 Day Challenges:
  • Designing a business around your desired lifestyle
  • How to setup & run a business blog
  • How to setup, create and publish your own Automatic Webinar
  • How to create a great Sales Page
  • Content planning for your Podcast Show
  • Content planning for your Blog
  • Content planning for your Social Media accounts
  • Syndication system for your blog posts
  • How to define what your prospects Really Want
  • Creating a Free Report from Scratch
  • How to setup and promote your OWN affiliate program
  • Creating & Testing Pay-Per-Click Ads on Google Adwords & Facebook
  • Publicity for your Podcast
  • How to Re-purpose your Content for maximum leverage
  • How to Self-Publish your Paperback book on Amazon
  • Find JV Partners for your Product/Affiliate program
5 Day Challenges:
  • How to create an Autoresponder
  • How to setup, create and publish your own Podcast Show
  • Writing 12 weeks pre-made content for your email list
  • How to create and setup your own Membership Site
  • How to Setup all your Social Media channels (Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • How to Automate your online marketing
  • Churning out 10 Blog posts to schedule for the next 2 months
  • How to create your first Paid Information Product
  • How to create a Video Course
  • Planning a Product Launch
  • Promoting your offer as a WSO on the Warrior Forum
  • Write a Mini-Book
  • Finding Outsourcers to do the things you don’t want to do
30 Day Challenges:
  • How to write a 10-chapter book or ebook &/or months of blog content in 15-30 days (fast-track method @ 1 chapter per 75 minutes) – Try it!
  • How to Market your website – 1 hour a day for 30 days to test what works best for your long-term marketing strategy
Health & Lifestyle Challenges:

The state of your health directly affects everything from procrastination, motivation, happiness, self-esteem, lack of energy and self-sabotage. If you are not taking care of yourself, it will have a direct impact in how productive you are, what you can accomplish, and how quickly you can achieve your goals. Start ‘adding in’ healthy habits to your entrepreneurial life & join others in their journey by ensuring you also participate in the health & lifestyle challenges in the members area:

health challenges

  • How to find your Inner Passion & Life Purpose
  • Drink 8 Glasses of Water a day
  • Health Questionnaire – just how is your health & vitality levels anyway?
  • Customize a step-by-step health & lifestyle plan to get your vitality back
  • Daily Movement – 15 mins a day
  • Daily Stretches that you can do while still in bed
  • 1 Positive Thing a Day – Journal (to get back your optimism, gratitude & happiness)
  • Affirmations & Visualization – “Intend” your day, “Intend” your success
  • Quit an Addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs, medication, caffeine, junk food, sugar)
  • Juice Fasting
  • Adding Raw Living foods to your daily meals
  • Eat to Live – meal planning for disease prevention & energy
  • Detox Cleanses: Parasites, Liver, Kidney, Bowel, Lung, Gallbladder, etc.
  • Homemade chemical-free products (Body & Household)
  • Grow your own Organic Vegetables
  • Dream Board, Gratitude Board, Vision Board
  • Getting your family to support your business venture

There are lots of challenges you can complete in a short-amount of time that boost your success on auto-pilot.

Example one: Autoresponder
Once you have setup your autoresponder and filled it with content, the hard work is “done”. Visitors who signup to your newsletter have the messages auto-delivered to them.

Example two: Webinar
Once you have created a webinar and set it up to be automatically delivered, the hard work “done”, but will continually send reminders to the signups, present the webinar to them, deliver the recorded session to them, all on auto-pilot.

Example three: Podcast
Once you have created a Podcast series, the audio’s are up on iTunes for all to see, no matter if it’s this year or six years down the road, people will be consistantly finding and subscribing to your podcast and hearing your series in future years to come, all on auto-pilot.

Start with the things that are going to provide the fastest, long-term results: “Set & Forget” Publicity challenges which give you maximum leverage of your time, no matter what type of business you are creating. Take action – do the work “one time” and put your marketing and promotion on auto-pilot.

Stop the “one day I’ll…. ” and actually achieve all those things that you’ve really wanted to do for your life and your business.

Documented Case Studies

These are my own Accountability Goals for 2013! As I complete my own goals, I will create a case-study and challenge for each so that you can learn exactly how I did it and achieve the same for your business:

  • Getting Passion & Motivation
  • Time Management & Being More Productive
  • Setting up your Website & Domain
  • Creating an Autoresponder, Email List & Opt-in Forms
  • Creating your unique Sales Funnel / Revenue Model / Roadmap
  • Creating Squeeze Pages & Sales Pages
  • Content Planning (for Blog/Books/Podcast/Webinars/Guest Posts, and more)
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial Making
  • Creating a Skype Mastermind Group
  • Free Report / Free Gift / Free Video / Free Checklists/Templates
  • Automatic or Live Webinar
  • Social Media Setup
  • Setting up your own Affiliate Program
  • Promoting your Webinar
  • Paid Product (Video Course/Membership)
  • Video Course
  • Membership Site/Community
  • Product Launch
  • PPC Google Adwords/Facebook
  • Promoting your Website
  • Podcast Show
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Content Marketing/Repurposing
  • Promoting your offer: WSO/Clickbank/JVZoo
  • JV / Email Swaps / Media Buys
  • Write a Book / Publish a Book
  • Automatic Marketing
  • Promoting our Book


My own Case Studies documented for you step-by-step in a Rapid-Action “Challenge”:

The challenges created by members will vary depending on what business you are focusing on, but mostly we are digital marketers – and the challenges that I create will benefit digital marketers the most. Some challenges I’ll be creating are things I’ve already done a hundred times for my clients (I’m an internet marketer & seo consultant – learn more about me) and have 15 years experience in building websites, blogging, affiliate & internet marketing, and other challenges (like setting up my own podcast show) are “firsts” for me, so I’ll research, learn from other experts and other members, take action, and then create the step-by-step case-study on how I did it so that you can avoid the time-wasted by any mistakes I make along the way. You can take the Podcast Show challenge right now to see exactly what to expect.

Every single challenge will be documented and presented to you in a way where you can achieve the same thing in rapid time.

Member Benefits

Reverse Health Problems
Learn steps to regenerate your body at a cellular level to reverse disease and live longer & healthier.
Plan B Wealth
Learn how to take your knowledge and turn it into digital products that you can sell on the internet.
A Happier Life
Learn how to get rid of self-sabotage and start creating a life you love.

Do it Together

You don't have to do it alone. Join others who are on the same path you are.
If you've read my About Me page, you know what I'm about. I'm on a journey to a better life and I want to invite you along for the ride.While I create step-by-step challenges for myself, I will share that knowledge with the community. You can follow along and do everything I do, or adjust the knowledge to create your own challenges.

Types of Challenges you can Create (unlimited Health~Wealth~Mindset challenges) – Whatever you want to accomplish on your “Journey to a Better Life”


21 Day “Green Smoothie & Salad” Challenge


21 Day “No Shampoo” Challenge


21 Day “Bounce back from Setback” Challenge


3 Day “Super Juice” Challenge


“Self-Publishing a Kindle on” Course


21 Day “No Smoking” Challenge


“Setting up a Membership Site” Workshop


21 Day “Lymphatic System” Challenge


11 Day “Liver Cleanse” Challenge


21 Day “Meditation” Challenge


Unlimited Challenges

Whatever you want to do to improve your life, there is an area for you to “create a challenge” and invite others to join you.

This is a member-operated community site that allows you to participate as much or as little as you like with others in their challenges, get help and motivation when you need it and find like-minded people on the same path you are.

Community Support

An affordable alternative to one-on-one or expensive group coaching.

By networking with like-minded people who are all pursuing similar goals, we will come across the same types of challenges and hurdles throughout our journey. 

When you get stuck, someone else on a similar journey may be able to offer some guidance.

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