The Twitter Song (video from @ihatemornings)

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Thanks @ihatemornings for posting his Twitter Song on YouTube, awesome stuff! Very catchy damnit :)


His blurb here:

*UPDATE* Get your Twitter song t-shirt now at "You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter" – my tribute to Twitter, the status update site that anyone who’s anyone is using… Get on Twitter and follow me at ! Find out more about the adventures of the Twitter song at Download the MP3 for free at (you could even listen to some of my other songs while you’re there! ;o)


Penny (
Penny (

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  1. Avatar smbizguru says:

    Crazy but it’s true! This addicting social networking tool called Twitter is an amazing conversation starter and relationship builder for ones marketplace. The conversation can begin on twitter and be enriched using other tools where more than 140 characters are allowed!

    Melody Campbell
    The Small Business Guru

  2. Avatar Twitter says:

    ^ Woot! :D


    really amazing song wow

  4. Avatar phaeriestud says:

    Thank you for expressing how I feel at the moment. Might as well not have existed. Love the song!

  5. Avatar TurboMandala says:


  6. Avatar stewartjsly says:

    love it haha

  7. Avatar igotapochahontas says:

    i dont know what twitter is but that song was unearthly wonderfullicious

  8. Avatar hgscaj says:

    I like that. f*ckmonkeys and “Tubetards” are now two of my favorite words.

  9. Avatar irmawm42 says:

    You need to leave twitter where he is. Big Chief

  10. Avatar musiklife1926 says:

    So good~and the melody is so beatiful~I like it?)

  11. Avatar chanuttha says:

    awesome :)

  12. Avatar DottyWang says:

    kubrickhal, I’m over 49, as you’ll seen from my channel. I see it much as you do – it might be just their age and being free from their parents’ disapproval, but it’s so ugly. I spend a lot of time in the Philippines and most young people are so pleasant, polite, tolerant and forgiving. They don’t have those words (as abuse) in their language – all they ever say is YAWA, meaning “devil”.

  13. Avatar PineappleOxide says:

    Whoa, what happened to the lighting halfway through?
    Mint song though :D

  14. Avatar AshMack14 says:

    Ah, good times. Love Twitter ;) ?

  15. Avatar kaishasmilesalot says:

    This is awesome, I love it.

  16. Avatar peadinkle says:

    really good stuff. 10 times better than Bo Burnam. This guy has a great voice, musicality, and humor taboot. good use of what he’s got.

  17. Avatar AmeriBrit68 says:

    Well, good thing I’m on Twitter then, I guess!

  18. Avatar tangquaa says:

    I watch this Video over and over make me feel better and be happy everytime with this song ,really like this song , the singer is the best

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