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Pain = Not Soulmate

Going through hell after meeting someone that brings up deep-surface emotions – that is not love. That’s society’s misinterpretation of love.

Loving “Too Much” – The Struggle is Real lol

I’m “Too Much” for people & it sucks cos I don’t want to close my heart up or play the high-school game… but hopefully I “find my tribe” and meet others who want to live a little more from their hearts & allow us all to be ourselves without all the games :)

Everyday you are given the opportunity to evolve. Everything is significant in our growth and expansion. What would love do?

My purpose is just to love, to be an example of unconditional love and compassion. That will either be the beacon of light or the seed that is planted that people don’t “need” to suffer. To show them that they have a choice. Red pill. Blue pill. And accept whatever journey they have come here to experience, in whatever way fits best for their own evolution. Because they are me, and I am them. Their perspective/perception and experience is just as valid and part of this whole thing as any. I am here to help those who “want” to experience it without suffering because that’s my super-power to share, that’s what I came here to learn, and that’s what I share as I learn. xo

Who you are the world has never known.

Who you are the world has never known. I love those words from Matt Kahn. Everyone needs to hear those words and have them embedded because it celebrates our uniqueness and our unique experiences, perspectives, and why we are here. It helps you become less judgemental about yourself and others, and opens your heart to unconditional love; accepting everyone and loving everyone for their unique part that they bring into your experience.