Tag your Facebook Fan Page, Group, or Events by using @Mentions

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Tag your Facebook Fan Page, Group, or Events by using @Mentions

You can now tag your fave Pages, Friends, Events, and Groups in your Status Update using the "@" symbol.

It’s called @mentions and takes advantage of the fact that most of us are using Twitter and are used to typing @something now.

Useful to marketers especially who want to promote their Pages, Events, and Groups. I thought it only worked for people, so finding out today that it also works for the others is happy news to me! :) Making your pages, events and groups much more viral.. when people post their own updates and use the @mentions to reference the group/page/event, then all of their friends now have a link to it.

Facebook Mentions

I also didn’t realize how many Facebook pages that Facebook teams actually update with news, so I’ve promptly now become a fan of each of them..

If you’d also like to follow Facebook news, become a fan of these pages:

Have I missed any?


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  1. Dayanand says:

    How can i tag a facebook page in a group post or posting my status in a group???

  2. Penny says:

    @Heather – new blog post here http://pennybutler.com/facebook4biz/tag-facebook-fan-page-mentions/ Let me know if it solves your problem or not. Kind Regards – Penny

  3. Heather says:

    I can tag people with @mentions, but I am unable to do it with other fan pages, though it looks like other fan pages are doing it to my fan pages. I have favorited the other fan pages, but it still does not work. I also tried in ie and firefox. Any suggestions?

    1. Penny says:

      @Heather – creating a new blog post to show you how to do it now

    2. Renee says:

      I need this info too. Did Penny create the blog post? Anyone have a link?

      1. Penny Butler says:

        I did create the post http://pennybutler.com/facebook4biz/tag-facebook-fan-page-mentions/
        But I don’t know if it’s accurate now, Facebook has changed a lot since 2010, and some things are “funky”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you tag a photo on your page as the page?

  5. Penny says:

    1.) Go to your fan page
    2.) Type something, then @yourfriendsname
    3.) Click share
    Now on their profile is a link to your fan page, and on your fan page, is a link to your friend.

  6. Austin says:

    How do you tag a fanpage onto a friends profile?!?!

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  8. Penny says:

    I dunno.. but when I do it, it turns up in both places.. so maybe it’s a privacy setting that you have on your page?

  9. Dionn says:

    This is awesome…but how do the pages know when they’ve been tagged? It doesn’t appear on the page feed anywhere. Or is that some setting that needs to be changed…

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