How to Tag a Facebook Fan Page with @Mentions

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Following up from a comment from Heather on my previous post: Tag your Facebook Fan Page, Group, or Events by using @Mentions, I decided to create a new quick post specific to Fan Pages.

Comment from Heather

Like Heather, you may of been trying to Fan other pages from your fan page, but finding that the “Link” doesn’t work or even the @Mention doesn’t work.

The problem is, that the Fan Page that you wish to Tag, has to reciprocate and Fave “your page” as well in order for your update to appear as a link on their wall.

If you fave them, your post will still link to them (as long as you are also their “Fan”), and appear as a link on your wall, but to get the return link back from their page, they need to fave you too.

So to be clear, you need to:

1.) Become a Fan of their Page

Penny Butler Fan Page

2.) Add their Page to your Pages Fave’s

Add their Facebook Page to your Pages Faves

3.) And THEY need to add YOUR page as a Fave

They Add your page to their Facebook Fan Pages faves

For it to work.

(Easier if you are an Admin of both pages, but very hard if you are not unless they Fave your page, it’s pretty useless, excepting for the ease of link from your fan page to theirs.)

To use @Mentions when the above is true, you go to the wall of your Fan page, and start typing in the name of the FanPage prefixing with the @ symbol.

Facebook Penny Butler

Facebook Ballarat Marketing

Another thing that might be causing it not to work, is that the “Name” of the Fan Page, may not be what you think it is.

In the above example, when I’m linking to @PennyButler fan page (which is actually – @WebWooky doesn’t work – because the actual name of the page is Penny Butler which is what it was called originally before I changed it. So to mention the “WebWooky” fan page, I have to type @Penny Butler for the mention link to work.

Facebook WebWooky Penny Butler

Another reason it may not work is that your privacy settings are set to hide from the public your status updates.
For @Mentions to work on both the Page and your Profile, change that particular Status update to “Everyone” before you share it:

Padlock Privacy

If anyone knows of any other ways for it to work, please feel free to comment, or if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, make another comment lol :)

Penny (
Penny (

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  1. Rosa Mullins says:

    You are so cool! Really.. thank you for posting this. Got me out of a jam.

  2. Patrick D. says:

    Hi Penny,

    I can’t seem to find a way to add faves with the new timeline. I liked the page already but I still can’t find my posts in their fan page. Please help.


    Patrick D.

  3. Peter says:

    Hello Penny,
    I was trying to look for an answer for my FB Page problem online and that’s how I have come across your site. Awesome work you do here!
    I would have a question for you regarding tagging a Facebook Page.
    I have a FB page (it’s a product/brand> clothing) and when someone wants to tag my Facebook page/brand on a photo on their own profile, it just does not happen. First on the little suggestion popup window when tagging a photo, my page’s name does not even show up. So basically they can type my facebook page’s name into the small popup and then they can “tag” it but then it appears as a simple non-link-able text, like when you tag someone who has no FB profile.
    Do you have any suggestions what might be the problem?
    I appreciate your reply.

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Sometimes that happens to me too but then it still works when I post the message.. but if you want me to look into it further, contact me from the contact page and send me your facebook url.
      In the meantime, check your page settings by going to:
      Edit Page > Manage Permissions
      And make sure that the “Tagging Ability” is turned on and that you don’t have any “country” or “age restrictions”.
      Kind Regards, Penny

  4. judy Weintraub says:

    hi penny, i found your page while googling for a solution to my problem but i don’t think this is the same problem you talked about here. I am just wondering if you can help me with this.

    I have one friend (that i know of) that i cannot successfully mention in posts. No problem with other frequently mentioned friends. This guy is my former boyfriend the 60s and still friends, and i mention him a lot in various posts and threads, and am so frustrated that he is probably not being notified of the mentions. that’s not fun.

    When i mention most of my friends in posts, their names just become hyperlink text. If there’s more than one similar, i get a drop down menu and choose the right person. But in this case, when i type the first name, it only gives me two choices of other similar first named friends. When i type the whole name there’s no hyperlink text, just regular text.

    His name is David Lynch. His FB page has him as David A Lynch, no period after the A. I have copied and pasted this into posts exactly as it appears, i’ve typed it directly, i’ve also tried David Lynch and David Anthony Lynch. If i type Lynch, i get a pull down menu offering me one choice, Jane Bassett Lynch. I have no idea who that is. It seems like wires are crossed between David and this Jane. But i really don’t know.

    i’ve also had my friends who are also David’s FB friends try it and they get the same problem i’m getting.

    When it comes to linking my other friends, there’s no problem, i type their names and it becomes hyperlink text or i get a drop down menu. i have also tried typing @ first but that does not make any difference. Do you know of any explanations for why this would happen, or how to fix it? thanks

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Hiya Judy,

      Most likely it’s because of David’s privacy settings, which you can’t change.. but that would be my 99.9% guess of what is causing the problem.. he doesn’t want to be tagged and he’s set his privacy settings that way.. if he actually does want to be tagged.. get him to check his privacy settings.. sorry for the delay in replying.

      Kind Regards,

  5. just type this in status or comment
    e.g -> @+[323526704342658:0] and it becomes Businefieds

  6. Jenesa says:

    Umm how can I do it on my phone p

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Can’t answer that without knowing what app you are using and having experience with every app (which I don’t).. sorry..

  7. James D says:

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! This DOES NOT work. I have tried everything to the last detail and it still does NOT work! There has to be some sort of bug in Facebook (what else is new) to keep people from tagging one page from another.

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Yeah this post was written in July 2010, so it’s very much out-dated now that it’s 20 months later, Facebook change things daily/hourly and without notice..
      I can tag the pages that I want without problems, but I only tag pages that I’m already an admin of, haven’t had a need to tag pages that I’m not an admin of for months, but willing to do some testing with you if you contact me via the contact page..
      Although we might best wait until after March 31st 2012 since Facebook will be implementing a drastic, huge change at that time, and things might be screwy and buggy for a while .. shows how much faith I have in them hey lol

  8. Jen says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been searching everywhere trying to figure out why I couldn’t like another of our company’s pages. And it was because the other page hadn’t liked the main page.

    1. Jen says:

      Ah, shoot. It still doesn’t work even with reciprocal likes. I’m wondering if it’s because the one page has too few fans, just like Jill says below.

  9. jill says:

    why won’t a new fan page @ link, on ex: fan pages that are 4 networking 2 build your page. is it a certain number of fans? or after so many posts? under 20 fans it seems to not work, then it works for a day then quit again… like on liking ladders etc

    1. Penny Butler says:

      What are liking ladders?
      I dont know what Facebook is up to lately, some of mine work and some of them don’t, and there doesn’t seem to be any good explanation as to why. Previous to 2 months ago, all of mine were working (regardless of fan size). They changed something and they haven’t provided any reasoning or solutions to the thousands of people who are having the same issue..

  10. Maria says:

    Hi I been trying to tag my friends on my status but I can’t I change my satatus from Friends only to Everyone and still not working what can I do about it, can u help me please.

  11. Liana says:

    Has there been any update to this problem? Now I can’t even tag personal friends on my facebook page and still can’t tag fans.

    1. pennybutler says:

      not that i can find :( im having the same problem :
      its weird, like, some of my profiles, i can do it no problem, and others i cant at all, its very random..

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  13. jodi says:

    So I can’t @mentions my photography page on my own personal page or my friend’s page and she likes my page but she cant even see the option either. When my sister and other friend tries it it works for them but my friend and I cant @mention it on comments or posts, which is confusing. Is there something wrong with our personal page settings that doesn’t allow us to view my photography page on the drop down options?

    1. pennybutler says:

      It worked for me, I liked the page, then went back to my profile and it came up.
      Try typing in @JoDi and then a space and then ph letting it give you all the selections and let you “click on it” when it comes up in the list.
      If it still doesn’t show up when you try the above, try this instead:
      1.) Check your Page settings, go to Edit Page and make sure under “Manage Permissions” that “Users can write or post content on the wall” is checked.
      2.) Check your Personal Profile “Privacy Settings”.. do you have your status updates to friends only? Need to open it up a bit.. try it for “everyone” to see if that fixes it.. or alternatively, to make just that one “status update” to everyone.. do this:
      3.) Go to your wall, and click in the Status field. Before you start typing @JoDi , next to the “Share” button is a little padlock, click on that and change it to “Everyone”, then do your @mention and see if that works.
      If all of the above is confusing, or if the above doesn’t work, send me an email via the contact form and I’ll send you screenshots and/or troubleshoot with you.

  14. Craig says:

    Hi Penny – your site is extremely helpful. Thanks.

    I’m having an issue with @mentions on our Fan Page that I don’t believe has been addressed in above.

    I’m trying to @mention fans of my page. I am the admin. Our fans are not friends of my personal profile. When I Use Facebook as Page and use @mention, only other Pages our Page ‘Likes’ appear in my @mention drop down list.

    It doesn’t look like I can @mention fans if I am using at page. And if I am using as myself I can only @mention my personal profile’s friends. Is this true or is there some way to @mention people (not pages) from my Page who Like my Page but are not Friends of my personal profile?

    Many thanks.

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Craig,
      Sorry for the delay – absolutely frantic week – the post definitely needs to be updated, you’ll probably see others in the comments having the same issue that you are.. Facebook has “changed” something and as of a couple of weeks? ago, many pages cannot @mention their fans for some reason. There are literally thousands of people complaining on the Facebook dev pages.
      Last week a website mentioned a work-around that they found that got around the bug in the meantime: but that only helps people who want to post on other fan pages, not to their fans.
      Might have to wait til the big guns at Facebook release an announcement about this one, they must be playing with something – maybe they decided there were too many marketers abusing the system :)
      In any case, you’re not going crazy and you’re not doing anything wrong, facebook has definitely changed something…
      Kind Regards,

  15. I can’t seem to get this to work any way I try.

    1. My Fan Page is called The Girl Hunter – Georgia Pellegrini

    2. If I try to @familyfreshcooking, which also likes my page, The Girl Hunter – Georgia Pellegrini, nothing appears in a drop down.

    3. I have “liked” and made my page a favorite from my personal admin page.

    4. Do I need to change the privacy settings of my personal page?

    5. People are able to link to my page and appear there but I can’t do it even with a page that has liked mine…

    Any tips? Thanks!

  16. We cannot @mention on our page either, it only shows app names….has been doing this for a few weeks. Starting a new page is not an option….we have too many fans. Any ideas?

  17. Brett says:

    @Amy, @Brian-

    Just found this:

    So, this is looking like a fairly widespread problem. Hopefully there’s a workaround or a fix soon.

  18. Brett says:

    I am having the same problem as @Amy and @Brian. Namely, the @mentions are not working on my fan page.

    Just like @Brian, the only thing I’m getting in the dropdown are apps and tabs. Again, just like @Brian, I get only “Discussion Boards” when I press “@d”.

    Any luck troubleshooting this problem?

  19. rezy says:

    oh peny here is d format im sorry


  20. rezy says:

    hey penny,

    I have a problem and i think u can help me this, im an admin of so much pages
    i can @mention facebook friends but i can’t @mention my facebook page im using only mobile

    in @mentioning my facebook friends it works but in @mentioning my page it badly never work

    here is the format im using to @mention my fb friends

    i do the same format to @mention at facebook page but it doesn’t work

    does a format to @mention fb friends and to @mention fb pages different

    please help tnx

    1. pennybutler says:

      @rezy, @brett, @rejana – looks like facebook has made some changes (I couldn’t do it either with my testing with @ brian), but he stuck at it with his determination lol and found a solution on this website, nice little trick to get around it:

  21. Brian says:

    I’m having the same problem as @Amy. For several weeks I’ve been able to use the mention function for my page without issue. Now it doesn’t appear.

    I do get a drop down for my various apps/tabs on the left hand side of the page. For exammple, I get “Discussion Boards” when I press “@d”.

    Very strange! Any idea what’s going on? Thanks so much.

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Brian, are you logged in as the Page or as Brian when you are doing this?
      I’m just curious..
      Might be an idea to shoot me an email via the contact form so I can troubleshoot with you

  22. Amy says:

    Hi Penny!I have been able to use the @mention when using facebook as a page. But over the past 2 days it is not working. I have not made any changes to any ettings. Can’t figure out why it’ not working HELP!!

    1. pennybutler says:

      Same thing happened to someone else I was troubleshooting with, no matter what we tried, when we were logged in to her page, it didn’t work, even when my settings (which work) were identical to hers. She had to create a new page (which was fine, as she’d only just started the page) but it’s not ideal if it happens to the rest of us. Before giving up though, contact me via the contact form so we can do some troubleshooting first to make sure that’s not the case. It will be impossible to find an answer or help from Facebook if they have made any strange changes, so we need to work together to see if we can find the solution.

  23. Amy says:

    HI Penny!HELP! HAve been successfully using the @mention when using face book as a page. It has stopped working the past few days. I have not changed anything on the privacy settings.

  24. Hi Penny,
    I have a question, when I try to use the @ mention using my FB page (
    I can select a person but the mention does not show up on their wall only mine, their link will work on my wall but I want my actual post to show up on my wall. Any suggestions?

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Toni, it sounds like their privacy settings if its a person, but if you send me an email to my contact page, I can check it out properly for ya..

  25. Michelle Guzman says:

    Thanks for your help! I so appreciate it. :)

  26. vincent says:

    is there any option how to promote your page, not using @ when you are on someone page.. ???

  27. vincent says:

    how to tag a fan page to a fan fage.. and seen via view post.. something like that.. not the @ bcoz when you use @ in a fan page no picture show and the name of the page become color blue.. i hope you get it? :P

    1. pennybutler says:

      The picture only shows up (as far as I know) when you “Share” a page, rather than @mentions.. is that what you are talking about?

  28. Michelle Guzman says:

    Wow. So happy I found this site. When others tag/mention my fan page, people can see it on THEIR page, but it does not show up on my fan page. I’ve tried working with the privacy setting on my page (not sure what needs to chane) and just can’t seem to find the answer anywhere online. Any help would be so appreciated. :)

    1. pennybutler says:

      @Michelle – it’s nothing to do with privacy settings on your page, when they are tagging your page, they need to have privacy set to “Everyone” as they are doing the status update for it to come up on the page, and most likely they have it set to “Friends only”. So their friends see that they are talking about it, but it doesn’t show up on your page.
      I just did a test then. One from a fan with “Friends Only” which came up on my profile only and another from the same fan with “Everyone” privacy and it showed up on both their profile and the page. If you are not sure what I mean, shoot me an email via the contact form and I’ll send you a screenshot of what I mean :)

  29. Jane says:

    Hi Penny
    I am trying to @mention some of my fans but it isn’t working. Do my personal pages’s settings have to be set to ‘everyone’? I can’t seem to see any privacy settings on my Fan page. Thanks

    1. pennybutler says:

      @Jane when you write a status post on your page, are you doing it as switched to the “page” (Use Facebook as Page) or as your “profile”. As you are typing in the status in your page, it’s normally set to anyone but you can choose to customize it by country or language so I doubt it’s anything on the page that’s not working. I did a test as the ‘page’ to a ‘fan’ and it worked for me. I had it set to “everyone”. I think it’s easier if you can send me an email using the contact form with the details so that I can see it?

  30. caroline says:

    thanks so much for your brilliance penny… was looking everywhere for an answer re my inablity to tag from my fan page – the answer was not to ‘switch’.. thanks again

  31. AdMom says:

    Awesome Penny! Thank you so much for your help!

  32. AdMom says:

    Hi- I notice a Page that has tagged both profiles (people) and pages (businesses) successfully on their wall, but don’t have them listed as favorite pages, or likes?
    From everything im reading you need to add that particular page to your page’s favorites before you can tag them? See:
    Can you provide explanation on how they might have done this?

    1. pennybutler says:

      With the new facebook page upgrades, they might be able to do this, you can’t tag someone unless you are connected with them in some way so maybe their personal profile is connected to them, I’m yet to try out that on the new facebook, let me try it now.
      Cool, yep, it seems you can do it now. If you are logged into your profile, then you switch to be logged in as a page (via the “Account – Use facebook as a page”) but INSTEAD of clicking on “Switch” next to the page, you just click on the page. Then when you are updating your status on the page, you can do the @mention thing on anyone you are personally connected to.
      If, however, you click on “Use Facebook as page” and then click on Switch, it won’t work, and the @mention only brings up people connected to the page.
      That is so cool, I like the new facebook pages :)

  33. Shelley says:

    Also Penny, I don’t see where you tested to my page. ??

    1. pennybutler says:

      I’ll send you the screenshots to your email :)

  34. Shelley says:

    Thanks Penny, I really appreciate it. This is very disturbing news though, because I’m trying to run a promotion that is based on people sharing my blog post on facebook. So if I don’t even KNOW that they shared it, then I can’t include them in the promotion. ???

    1. pennybutler says:

      yeah that’s what we were surprised to find in our testing last night, that even the “admin” of the page doesn’t know, so weird, hopefully facebook gets their acts together :)

  35. Shelley says:

    Hi, I have a lot of the same problem that others have mentioned, but haven’t figured out a solution or workaround yet.

    I have a FB fan page:

    I also have a blog. I’m trying to ask people to post articles from my blog, and tag with my fan page @how to travel for free.

    People are doing it, because they are telling me they are and when I go to their personal FB page I can see that they posted my link and tagged my fan page.

    But it’s not showing up on my fan page wall. ???? I would like it too, because otherwise unless people tell me they have shared and posted, I have no way to know it.

    This is the blog post that I’m asking people to share and tag my fan page with:

    How can I set it up so that, when people tag my fan page in a post, it will show up on my page’s wall, or I will at least be notified?

    This has really been driving me crazy. Thank you!

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Shelley, As tested last night with Stephen below, the people who are doing the tagging, need to change their Privacy settings to “Everyone” instead of just their Friends. Unless you ask them to change their privacy settings, it’s not going to show up on your page.
      As you can see by my test to your page, mine works on your page because my privacy settings are set to Everyone by default, but you can’t really ask your users to change their privacy settings, :) but at least all their friends will see it, so it’s still good viral marketing for you.
      If you want me to send you the screenshots of what I mean, shoot me an email from my contact form and I’ll show you.

  36. Stephen says:

    Hi Penny,
    I do see it, why did it post halfway down the page? Also, I still dont see the other fan’s that @Mentions it earlier even today.

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Stephen, would need to see their wall to see if they are doing it right, I think maybe their privacy settings.. about the half-way down the page thing.. it showed up as the newest post when I tested, it’s only moved down one post since that photo was uploaded, so I’m a bit confused.. :) I’ll send you an email so you can send me a screenshot of what you see? And urls of the people who posted @mentions?

  37. Stephen says:

    Hi Penny,
    I am having some trouble similar to some of the posts but still unable to figure it out. We have fans that have “Liked” our fan page and then proceed to post @Mentions and yet none, except my @Mentions (I am the admin) ever show on the Fan Page. All the privacy settings to know my knowledge are public and the Everyone is selected on the Fan Page. Help?


    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Stephen, Tested it from one of my profiles and it worked fine to me .. do you see my comment?

  38. chrissy says:

    Actually it is an easy fix!!! When you are making a post or @mentions in your post before you hit the submit button (or whatever it says) to actually post the link…look to the left of that submit button and you have to make sure it says everyone…if it doesn’t the post will not show up on that @mentions wall regardless if you like them etc. Let me know if i works!! Good luck!!!

  39. Julia Kyle says:

    thanks – I tried again (after I did some updates and restarted the computer), and it seems to be working now!

  40. Julia Kyle says:

    Hi Penny,
    is there any reason that I am not getting a drop down menu at all when I type @ and then start typing?

    1. pennybutler says:

      If you haven’t “liked” the page or “friended” the person you are trying to @mention, then no dropdown will appear.
      Another possibility is if you have too many people with that combination of letters.. ie: if you are trying to @mention someone with “Black” in the name, but you have heaps of people with “black” in the name.. if you are still having trouble after this explanation, feel free to contact me with exactly who/which page you are trying to @mention and from what account and I’ll try and find the reason for ya..

  41. Ayan says:

    unless I’m misunderstanding what it is you are trying to do..

    “1. “Like” the page that you wish to mention
    2. Go to the page you administrate
    3. Type the ‘@’ symbol and start typing in the name of the page that you wish to mention
    4. Once the page comes up in the “drop down” list, select it
    5. Type the rest of your message/comment
    6. Click share”

    this i know madam but what i want to say
    plz chk the mail i send u details

  42. Ayan says:

    madam plz chk i also sent a mail again.

    plz help me

    1. pennybutler says:

      1. “Like” the page that you wish to mention
      2. Go to the page you administrate
      3. Type the ‘@’ symbol and start typing in the name of the page that you wish to mention
      4. Once the page comes up in the “drop down” list, select it
      5. Type the rest of your message/comment
      6. Click share
      Am I misunderstanding what you wish to do?
      If the above doesn’t work, please temporarily make me an admin of one of the pages that you are having problems with so that I can test it between my pages. I just tested to your page and it worked fine for me, unless I’m misunderstanding what it is you are trying to do..

  43. Ayan says:

    mam plz chk i also sent a mail

  44. Ayan says:


    i hv sent u a mail plz check and help me.

    1. pennybutler says:

      no worries.. have sent you a reply :)

  45. Ayan says:


    i m admin of a fan page i want post my fan page link to others fan page @mentioned but when i post my profile picture is shown i want there only my fan
    page pic only to be show.

    plz help me how can i do that.

  46. ChryssieK says:

    It’s me again and I am a real newbie. I tried to @mention through smart and not Black & Smart, and guess what: it did worked. It seems I got a lot of pages and friends using Black in their names and the dropdown menu does only display 4 names.
    Thanks so much, Penny!

    1. pennybutler says:

      awesome :) glad you found out what the cause is.. I never thought of that :)

  47. ChryssieK says:

    Hi Penny,
    You’re right. I changed admin settings of my page but I still cannot find it in the dropdown. Btw, my hubby is admin as well but can @mention it. So I will check with my personal profile privacy level and keep you posted.

  48. ChryssieK says:

    Hi Penny and thanks for your reply!
    Since I write @Black on my status I have a dropdown menu but I cannot see Black & Smart and neither another fan page I admin.
    Maybe there is a conflict as for Black & Smart, there are 3 admins. Don’t you think?

    1. pennybutler says:

      I doubt it about a conflict because otherwise it shouldn’t work for me as well..and im not an admin at all.. I just posted a test to it from another fan page and it worked..
      other things to check
      – have you ‘liked’ the page? i know you are admin, but have you actually clicked on the ‘like’ button?
      – is your privacy set too high on your personal profile?
      – does it work if you post to other pages? like ones that you aren’t admin of?

  49. ChryssieK says:

    Hi Penny,
    Thank you for all your tips. Your website is kind a Bible for me.
    I read all your tips regarding @mention use on FB, but I didn’t succeed to do it with my fan page.
    Is there a possibility that special character like “&” could be an issue in using @mention? My fan page’ name is “Black & Smart” and I’m not able to @mentionit even on my personal FB profile.
    Thanks in advance

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya Chryssie, Thanks for the compliments :) I liked your fan page and it let me do a mention to @Black & Smart – I typed in @Black and then it automatically came up with a drop-down list of all my friends and pages that have ‘black’ in the name, then I selected Black & Smart .. I didn’t actually post anything to it.. but are you getting as far as I am? Like, does it at least let you select Black & Smart when you do a status update from your profile, or is it not even doing that for you? – Penny

  50. pennybutler says:

    Hiya JoeyO, Yeah Facebook changed it so that you don’t need to fave the page anymore, but I don’t see a way to block it directly from the comment, however you can stop that same person being able to post to your page again:

    Option 1:
    Find the follower in your “Likes” Section (in the People section, not the Friends who like this section)
    Click on the little “X” next to them
    Remove them with the option to Ban Permanently
    They will not be able to post to your page

    See: (bit outdated because they have made some changes, at least when I tested today, ie: I can’t “flag” @mentions comments directly from the mention comment but I can report pages and people directly from the Likes or their Page, unless it was a status message directly from a person, in which case I have the option to Flag)

    Option 2:
    Another Option is to click on the link to go to their page, click on “Report Page” and mark it as spam, they will no longer be able to post to your page. I’d probably only do this in cases of where they seem to be spamming everyone.

    Also see:

    And the never-ending complaints about this on Facebook:

  51. JoeyO says:

    Penny, please help me out.

    I am an admin. on my work facebook page. There is someone that is constantly @mention our fan page on their fan page. It shows up on OUR news feed. We don’t want other businesses advertising on our page. I can’t figure out how to block that from happening. Their page is NOT listeds as one of our favorites.

    So basically, we don’t want other fan pages to @mention our page and have it show up on OUR wall.


  52. ericdnelson says:

    Penny, thanks for doing the heavy lifting for this poor sap :-) Your site is definitely a destination for me starting, like, yesterday!

  53. pennybutler says:

    In regards to your second query about personal profiles.
    Yep – you personally need to be friends with them for it to work, only people you are connected to will show up when you hit the @ symbol – and – they need to have ‘liked’ your fan page:

    Test #1
    I tested Fan page to Profile for someone that ‘liked’ my page that I’m not personally connected to and…
    .. it doesn’t work.

    Test #2
    I tested Fan page to Profile for someone that doesn’t ‘like’ my page, but whom I’m friends with and…
    .. it doesn’t work

    Test #3
    I tested Fan page to Profile for someone that ‘likes’ my page, and who I ‘am’ friends with and..
    .. it works.

  54. pennybutler says:

    oooh.. hey, new thing tonight.. the page doesn’t have to have you as a fave for it to work anymore…

    Just did a test with a brand spanking new fan page.

    You do have to be ‘friends’ or ‘like’ the page you want to mention, but neither have to be faves.

  55. pennybutler says:

    Hiya Eric.. bad news :)

    1.) Become a Fan of their Page (ie: your profile needs to “like” their page)

    2.) Add their Facebook Page to your Pages Faves

    3.) They also need to Add your page to their Facebook Fan Pages faves for it to work.

    It may change, Facebook is forever changing things just to confuse the heck out of us lol, but check to see if their fan page has you has their fave’s first before you do #1 or #2 since it might be ‘all for nothing’.

    I would think Facebook wouldn’t require the other page to have yours as a fave, just with my testing, it needed to, but hopefully they change it to just be if both ‘like’ the page.

  56. ericdnelson says:

    Oh yeah, same thing with wanting to @mention regular people’s profile pages: Am I as an admin able to do that from my fan page without that person being my personal friend? Whew! :-)

  57. ericdnelson says:

    I have two questions, and I hope this all makes sense as I explain it :-) I’m an admin for a fan page. Another fan page @mentioned us in their status update. I’d like to @mention them in return from our fan page, but when I try, my personal list of friends shows up. Does my fan page have to like their fan page? If so, how on earth do you do that? (I personally don’t really want to like that other fan page, but I will if I have to!) Thanks!

  58. pennybutler says:

    @aubrey, @shera, or @sara
    Can one of you please use my contact form and send me the examples of what you are doing (including the page url and user url), it works for me so I need to see what is different about your circumstances :)

    1. pennybutler says:

      Thanks @Sara for contacting.
      I think we worked it out in the end.
      I have all my privacy settings open, so that’s why mine works. But if you have your privacy settings (for My Status, Photos, and Posts) closed to the public, then your message doesn’t show up on the wall.
      A work-around however is that next to each status update, is a little padlock that you can click on before sharing. When you want to share it to the page, make sure you choose “Everyone” from that list before clicking on the share button.

  59. sara says:

    i also have the same question- an individual @mentioning a page and having it show up on the individual’s profile but not on the page’s! help!!! i am the admin for a page and wanting fans to be able to tag (@mention) us in their posts and have it show up on our wall!!

  60. Shera says:

    Hello – I too am the Admin for a fan page and our fans are unable to @mention posts to our wall. I checked our security settings and our fans are not restricted to post on our page. The @mentions do display on the fan’s wall though. Our page name has not changed either. Any other ideas for us? Thanks!

  61. Penny says:

    Make sure you have ‘liked’ your fan page, and make sure you are using the ‘real name’ of the fan page, not the ‘shorturl’ that you gave it.

    For example if you go to:
    You’ll see that my page name is actually called “Penny Butler” which was the original name I signed up for, not my “short url” (webwooky).

    So when I do an @mentions, I have to do @penny butler, instead of @WebWooky when I want to use it, which sucks actually :)

    If you still have no luck, send me your facebook url via the contact form above and I’ll check it out for ya.

  62. aubrey says:

    I was reading your example and have a question on how to use @mentions when the person doing the
    @mention is just a fan and not another fan page to “like”. The tagging doesn’t seem to be working. I am an admin of a page and all my settings allow people to write on the wall, etc. so I don’t think its a setting issue. I noticed when I @mention my fan page in a status update the post does not show up on the fan page wall. It is hyperlinked and only shows up on my status and news feed. I tried @mentioning the fan page on a non admins fb page and it does not show up on the fan page wall either. I have been seeing that others are having trouble with this to. It works when I @mention my friends and it shows on thier walls just not on fan page walls.

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