How to STOP importing RSS Feed in your Facebook Fan Page

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This quick lesson will show you how to stop importing notes, as per comment request on this post.

For the NEW facebook layout, please click here to see the updated screenshots for this post.

1.) Edit Page


Login to Facebook, go to your page, and click on Edit Page.

2.) Edit Notes


Scroll down the applications and click on Edit under “Notes”

3.) Edit Import Settings


Click on Edit Import Settings on the right-hand side.

4.) Stop Importing


Click on Stop Importing.

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Penny (

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  1. artylovesbmw says:

    Penny, with the new facebook layout, the screen shots you have listed above does not seem to match. I need to stop importing an RSS feed to my page but unable to. Your help will be most appreciated!
    Posting this message on May 13th 2011
    Thank you,

    1. pennybutler says:

      Hiya, have updated the screenshots for the new facebook here:

  2. rijans says:

    Thanks Penny, for the tip. But the problem is I couldn’t import my feed to my page. It shows error. Can you help me?

    1. pennybutler says:

      Looks like it’s working to me? matches
      Are you trying to do a different page?

  3. yan says:

    is it possible to stop RSS feed without deleting previous posts on facebook? i want to keep previous RSS feed posts.. but stop future posts..

    1. pennybutler says:

      Yeppers, if you stop importing an RSS feed on Facebook, all your previous posts will remain, and it will just stop importing new/future posts.

      (Glad you didn’t ask whether you can delete the old posts, because that has to be done manually, one-by-one, lol)

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