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site changes

As you may or may not know, I’ve merged my 3 main sites into one, this one.

As a result, lots of things are “gone” or “moved”.

Code Snippets (for wordpress posts) are not yet imported, unfortunately I have to enter them all again manually one-by-one and they are not that heavily popular, so that’s down in the priority list of things to do. So if you are after any of the code snippet posts, please visit the site that I’m merging them from and look for the post there. (if you are not a wordpress developer, you can ignore this as it doesn’t affect you)

Past Comments are gone. Because I used the import feature, instead of the migrate feature (because I didn’t want to wipe out the posts, I wanted to “add” to them), unfortunately all the comments from past posts were unable to be ported across. This sucks because now my site looks like it has no love :) But it’s the price I had to pay for migrating 3 sites together.

Categories have been re-organised, and renamed and are in new hierarchies, so that means a post that might of once been in /wordpress/seo is not probably in business/wordpress etc. So the post is probably still here, just in a new location. If you can’t find something or if you followed a bookmark/link from another site, please use the Search feature on the top-right of every page to find the new location of the post. I will be monitoring my broken links and updating them periodically but I expect there to be thousands so it’s not going to be an overnight fix unfortunately.


I will continually update this post with anything that I notice needs fixing so that I can add it to the todo list.

If you notice anything broken (broken images, broken links, strange formatting, etc) anything you think looks ‘wrong’, please comment below so that I can fix it.


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