Heal Your Face

Heal Your Face If you are unhappy with your face, learn to read that it's trying to tell you. Every part of your face is connected to other parts of your body. If you want REAL health and beauty - heal yourself from the Inside Out.

Four Thousand Years of study lead to this book. Everything is connected. Everything happens for a reason including those lines on your face. Nothing is random. Every mole, every blemish happens where there is weak energy. Why is the energy weak in THAT area? Once you know, you can start taking action.

People who have bags under their eyes are affected by kidney issues. And lots more. The outer you is a reflection of the inner you, and this book shows you how to read the meridian lines, what body parts they are associated with, and most importantly what to do about it.


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Free Living 101 6 disk DVD set

Free Living 101 6 disk DVD set Everything you need to survive is within 1 mile of where you live. Even if you live in a suburban home or the city. Learn how the wild plants "weeds" in your area are actually the most powerful food & medicine that can feed and heal you of almost anything. Learn how to make house payments without having a job, simply by recycling. Living naturally heals you, your finances, and the world. This 6 disk set will change the way you look at things. This is the future. This amazing highly inspiring 6 disc set is a two day workshop that will show you how to never worry about the economy or your health ever again. This is true freedom.


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Free Food & Medicine Edible Plant Guide eBook

Free Food & Medicine Edible Plant Guide eBook What wild & house plants are edible? What health conditions have they been historically used for? Which ones make a great shampoo & soap? Which ones are used for hair loss, eyesight, wrinkles, sexual desire? What common weed tastes better than spinach and makes a great food source? You'll be amazed at the endless uses for those wild plants outside.


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Heal Yourself 101

Heal Yourself 101 No book explains better how to heal yourself. Lose extra weight, never get sick again, increase your energy and mental sharpness. Everything you need to know on how to dramatically change your life and never get sick again. Many people who have done this have had dramatic results with everything from impotence to brain cancer. This isn't a trendy fad diet, it's an understanding on how to live the way we were designed. Explained in simple-to-understand language, this book gets straight to the point. You can change your life with simple things that cost almost nothing, right in your own home, starting immediately.


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Instructions for a New Life

Instructions for a New Life This is the definitive step-by-step book on starting over from a life of confusion, desperation, pain and emptiness. So many people are unhappy in today's world because they are caught in a cycle of just trying to survive, and end up doing things they really don't want to do to pay for things they really don't want. They seek comfort in the wrong foods, wrong relationships, wrong jobs and destructive habits, just so they can make it another few hours. People everywhere are feeling a great emptiness, alone in a vast world with little direction or meaning.


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The Prosperity Secret

The Prosperity Secret This book can literally change your life forever. Prosperity is your birthright. You are not supposed to be unhappy and struggling. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they go after money and end up being slaves to it, doing things they don't enjoy. Money is not a goal, but just a side effect of doing what you enjoy and are good at. Yet most people don't have the courage to follow their inner voice. This book is designed to give you that strength. Your time has come.

Almost all rich people have the same things in common. This book outlines those traits in an easy to understand everyday language that can change your life right now, today. Don't wait one more minute to be where you should be. Stop waiting for others to help you. The only one who will set you free is YOU.

"Rich" does not just mean money, it means the freedom to be yourself and truly live your dreams. This book will blow away all your misconceptions on wealth. It has nothing to do with talent, skill, luck, who you know, or even the economy. The richest people in the world become rich during hard times and they are no smarter or better than you. They simply think differently, and once you learn how to see the world through their eyes, you will be one of them. Simply saying positive affirmations isn't going to do much- you have to take action and here are the exact steps given to you by actual millionaires.

If you are not where you want to be in life, then you MUST read this book! What you hold in your hands has the power to change your life forever.

This book will literally walk you through a complete reprogramming of how your think. You were given your dreams for a reason- to help others... and to do that, you need money. The world needs you. It is your duty to be wealthy and prosperous so the great healing can take place. Get it out of your head once and for all that money is bad. You are not supposed to go after money- it is supposed to come to you!

Your life is about to change. Forever.


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