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PLEASE READ UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS POST, they have since removed the ability to choose your username – “temporarily”

How to setup your own email address and your vanity url (

I recently tried to login to my MySpace profile, only to find it was gone, never to be seen again. I admit, I hardly ever even go to MySpace anymore, but it’s one of the places that I automatically send my videos, and when I first started to get into Social Networking, it was the first place I ‘setup’, so although I’m not too terribly upset about it being deleted, I am annoyed that I’ve lost my original contacts because some of them don’t have Facebook (yet). I am really surprised that it was deleted, I’m not sure why, no emails were sent about it and it certainly wasn’t spammy, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot I can do about it, the profile is definitely gone and it has no record of my email address. My other concern is, that because it was one of the first places I setup, on every subsequent site that I setup, I also always used to make sure I promoted my ‘myspace url’, so there is a bunch of links out there pointing to my profile, which is now no longer there – doesn’t look so great when social media is the way you earn your income.

So reluctantly and *stamping my feet* I needed to recreate it again, preferably before someone claims my username. Well unfortunately the name is not available and I can’t reclaim it (emailed them to see what, if anything I can do about that) but I did find out that they have a new way (at least new to me) of how to choose your vanity username as well as now having the option of a email address.

To Claim your email address and vanity url in the same step:

Click on “Mail”


First, click on Mail.

Then “Setup your own email address”


On the top-right of the screen, you’ll have the option of setting up your own email address.

Then pick your email address, which will also be your vanity url


Whatever you choose as your email address, also becomes your vanity url

That’s it.. except if the bugger is already taken *sigh*..

Anyway, I think MySpace is a dying world except if you are a band.

Want to let out your MySpace frustrations? Feel free to share a whinge with me here :)

Update 18th November, 2010

Apparantly 8 days ago they removed the ability to pick an vanity email/url except when you are creating your account for the first time.. see the following screenshot:

MySpace Vanity URLThanks to Paul who commented to let me know it had changed, I never login to MySpace anymore..

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  1. Karolyn Loper says:

    I hate MySpace. :)

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Me too.. do they even exist anymore? :)

  2. Paul says:

    Yes! I believe that myspace is dying…Im just gettin into it and my netbook aint that fast so its kinda rough. Will be doingg facebook next and hope for a better time.

    Like here it is just a couple months after your post and my screen dont even look like yours, and I cant see any way to set the url. I been reading around and looks like they must have just changed to this new layout or somethin. Man its awful, so slow and its like they didnt even make sure everything works before pushing it out to everyone. Oh well, sent a message to their help center and hope they can help. But thank u for posting this anyway!

    1. pennybutler says:

      Wow, you are right, they have completely changed it since writing this post and they have removed the ability to pick your vanity URL/username now.. bizarre!

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