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On Twitter… 

While “Guru’s” and Popular Bloggers get followers without even trying.. the “Rest of us”.. need to get a little more pro-active if we want more followers, and that means getting involved, joining Twitter directories, and following people who have the same interests as us.

11 Firefox Addons you can use to manage Twitter better

On Facebook…

Tricks people use to get their marketing noticed on Facebook.

On WordPress…

While looking for a new theme for my GRN Travel biz.. I stumbled upon a few handy resources for those with real-estate blogs.. and they are all FREE to download!10 Great Real Estate Themes for WordPress.

Today I stumbled into the site of a 13-year old Kidblogger (now he’s 15) and was amazed as to how he managed to grab the top spot at Google for keywords which some people have been trying to rank for such a long time. Well, he’s number 1, sometimes number 2 or number 3 for the keyword phrase "make money online".

Recently I’ve been looking back into SEO for WordPress since converting all my static sites into WordPress blogs, and finding that my pagerank decreased and in some cases disappeared completely. I totally expected the opposite to happen. I had made some huge mistakes and unfortunately I did it to all my sites at once. The default settings in WordPress was not only blocking search engines but even if they weren’t blocked, they were very poorly SEO optimised

On Life…

A must-watch video that will change your life and warm your heart.

On Marketing…

* How to get your Press Release accepted by journalists.
* How to “sneak” your link into your PressRelease
* Free Press Release ebook & templates
* How to Get your Press Release to all the big news networks (Google, Yahoo, MSN), etc.

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