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Phoenix Twitter

I use this simple Free Software to build targeted Friend lists for my Niche Twitter accounts.

eg. for my @studythesecret account (which gives people a inspirational Twitter Quote of the Day from the movie "The Secret"), I want to only add people who "love" the movie "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction", so I add people who love The Secret and The Law of Attraction by typing "The Secret Law of Attraction" into Phoenix Twitter. It then searches for "tweets" from people who have mentioned The Secret and The Law of Attraction in a single tweet, and starts following them. I generally average adding about 20 people every few days, but you can add up to 100 a day or more with this software (it is recommended to keep it between 50-100).  

It’s still being "created" by it’s owner, so future features could be added. But in the meantime, this is the fastest, most convenient way to add friends that are targeted to your particular niche. 

It currently: 

  • Adds friends based on keywords
  • Adds friends of other users
  • Schedules tweets from a txt file on your computer

Unfortunately the Tweet Scheduler in it’s current form isn’t very useful for my purposes as it doesn’t schedule over several days, weeks, months.. (only in minutes), but hopefully a future update will also help me out there! (For example – for scheduling my "Quote of the Day" Twitter Accounts, I currently use, as anything that sends messages over minutes is called spam in my eyes, and isn’t going to benefit anyone, and is only going to get you in trouble)

If it allowed an easier interface for scheduling future ‘valid’ tweets.. (ie: upcoming workshops, countdowns to big events…) anything that is faster, and more convenient than tweetlater’s scheduler, I’d be all praise for this software (I do still think it’s awesome though!).

To download Phoenix Twitter for your PC, click here.

If you have any troubles with installing, make sure you are running Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

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