No Twitter for Hitler (Funny Video)

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Hitler gets mad because Twitter is down again

hehe, I wasn’t going to publish this, but after watching it and finding myself laughing and clapping like an idiot, I thought it was too well-done not to share :)


Penny (
Penny (

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  1. when i browse videos on youtube, i always look for those videos with funny stuffs in it:,’

  2. Avatar Dan_N says:

    That so freaking funny, I was LMAO

    Dan_N’s last blog post..Problems Recording Videos From TV to Computer

  3. Avatar ralphreijs says:

    it’s hilarious :P

  4. Avatar linzstar84 says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows what that movie is? Now that I’ve seen this, I want to watch the original dialogue and find out what I missed.

  5. Avatar sadiavt says:

    yes, it’s from a German movie about Hitler’s last days called “Downfall” in English. Actually, it’s an excellent movie, I’ve seen it a few times. Well.. and since I know a little German.. the subtitles aren’t quite that funny. If they’d dubbed it over in German it would be much better

  6. Avatar robertoarancibia says:

    Briliant!! Good Work!

  7. Avatar asantos says:


  8. Avatar emabelle18 says:

    If this video doesn’t explain my life, I don’t know what can or will. Admitting is the first step- I AM a twitter addict.

  9. Avatar TheOutback says:

    That was awesome!

  10. Avatar ray3c says:

    LOL, thanks for sharing!
    Reblogged it at my fun collection at 9gag. :)

  11. Avatar soulhuntre says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

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