Tarot Reading for a friend

“What does she most need to know right now?”


From the Tao:

40 (Deliverance / Liberation) changing to 46 (Pushing Upward / Advancement)

46  40

Realized that I would be typing all day if I wrote it all out, so recorded audio for each instead :)

Listen to Audio: 

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Tarot Reading.. (listen to audio)

  • Present – 3 Fire/Action/Growth 
  • Challenge – 7 Fire/Action/Soul-Searching
  • Foundation – 10 Fire/Action/New Beginnings
  • Recent Past leading up to this – 6 Air/Thought/Harmony
  • Present – Queen Earth/Abundance/Supportive/Accomplished
  • Near Future – Knight Fire/Action
  • Your Power in the situation – 6 Fire/Action/Harmony
  • “Other people” – 19. The Sun
  • Hopes/Fears – 2. High Priestess
  • Outcome – 6 Earth/Harmony, 9 Earth/Abundance/Extreme-positive, Big, Happy Changes

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Advice from the Oracle:

  • Cancel, Clear, Delete
  • You are Profoundly Clairvoyant
  • Listen to your Intuitive Feelings

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  • Watch Your Thoughts
  • You’re Being Helped

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  • Archetype: Teacher
  • Indigo Oracle: Make a Wish
  • Life Purpose: Music, Creative Expression, Heart’s Desires

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  • Soul Purpose: Soul Path: Responsibility

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  • Wisdom – Let go of the need to control; Trust in the Wisdom of the Divine Plan
  • Surrender Comparisons with Other People – Focus on your own strengths, attractiveness and power
  • Do what feels right
  • Get to the Heart of the Matter
  • Romance: Soul Mate – Yes he is your soul mate

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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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