[I Ching] Is there such a thing as a Twin Flame?

Is there such a thing as a Twin Flame?

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#8 Seeking Union > #60 Limitations

In order to love another, it is important to love yourself. Seeking Union can be Difficult in the Beginning, because we are often attracted to aspects in others we find deficient in ourselves, which can lead to fascination and disagreements. You don’t need to go out searching for love. You need only open to love to find it was always there. Attraction is built upon opposite energy so there is no need to change anything in others. Celebrate their differences. The danger of union is that one can lose themselves when associating with another. There is no need to impress or behave in a way to gain acceptance. Merely be yourself and others will be attracted to your steadfast and sincere nature. Retain your individuality and dignity when interacting with others to avoid the loss of authenticity. Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown.





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