How to Import RSS feed into Facebook Fan Page

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If you have a new Facebook Fan Page, you are probably wondering where the heck the import blog feature went.. Facebook now has it hidden in a tricky little spot..  (for those with existing Fan Pages, yours is still in the same spot, but new pages, without any ‘notes’, can’t see this feature straight up).

As of April 2010: I’m not sure how long it’s been this way, but it used to be a lot easier to find. And I’m not sure if Facebook will go and change it in the future either! But right now, this is how you can import your blog RSS feed into your Facebook Fan page.

Step 1.) Login to Facebook


Head over to and login.

Step 2.) Ads and Pages


Once logged in, click on Ads and Pages. If you have any ads going, it will start on the “ads” page, and you’ll need to click on pages again from the menu, otherwise, it should now give you a list of pages where you are an admin.

Step 3.) Edit Page


Click on “Edit Page” under the Fan page where you wish to import your RSS feed.

Step 4.) Notes


Now scroll down to the Notes application and click on Edit

Step 5.) Write a Note


If you have not written any notes yet on your Fan page, then you will not see the option to Import a blog. I’m going to assume that you haven’t written any notes, as otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be seeking this information in the first place. Click on the “Write a New Note” button.

Step 6.) Notes icon


Click on the little Notes icon as per image above.

Step 7.) Import a blog


You will now see the Import a blog option. Click on the Import a Blog option.

Step 8.) Type in Feed URL and Start Importing


Now type in your blog Feed URL (ie: , agree to the terms, and click on Start Importing. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can also import a specific category of your blog, as I have done in the image above. Click on Start Importing.

Step 9.) Confirm Import


You should see a preview listing of all your blog posts – and if all looks well, click on Confirm Import.

Step 10.) Finished


You’ve now finished setting it up.

Final Result: Notes tab


Visit your Fan Page and click on the Notes tab. This tab will now automatically contain all the posts that it imported and any future notes you write to your blog (or category if you chose category feed).

Final Result: Wall tab


The home page (Wall tab) of your Fan Page will also get a copy of the new notes. Sweet hey! :)

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  1. Avatar Yogesh says:

    It didn’t work out for me. Maybe the Facebook is updated and I am strucked with second step itself. Can’t located the “Ads & Page”

    1. Avatar Penny Butler says:

      Hiya Yogesh, yeah this post is a year and a half old.. a lifetime in facebook world.. they have recently announced that they are turning off the ability to do that for pages.. they want people to be more engaging.. and post it manually..
      Mine is still working both the RSS Notes and the NetworkedBlogs one that I setup, but I suspect that any day now that Facebook will turn it off..
      I haven’t had a chance to look into whether NetworkedBlogs will be affected by this and I’m just heading out the door now.. but you might want to start there and see if NetworkedBlogs is going to be the new solution once Facebook turns off their RSS function forever:

  2. The feature is broken. Facebook import but never updates the feed. Use a third part application.

    1. Avatar pennybutler says:

      @Paulo, feature is still working for me (see

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  4. Avatar Webactive says:


    I have imported the feed accordingly and successfully. I have 374 notes but on my wall only 3 are displayed and not others. I have set up the setting as ‘Display All Posts’ but still nothing. Can you please help ??

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  6. Avatar Steve says:

    I get as far as Edit Notes but there is no Edit Import Settings??

    1. Avatar Penny says:

      Hiya Steve.. I did the screenshots of what I see on this post – is this what you see?

  7. Avatar Steve says:

    How do I stop one of these feeds??

    1. Avatar Penny says:

      Edit Page, Edit Notes, then “Edit Import Settings” on the right-hand side. Then there should only be one option “Stop Importing”

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  10. Thanks very much for the great step by step tutorial, it has helped Student Brands add an rss feed system into twitter, thanks once again

  11. Avatar Joe Fletcher says:

    Thanks! Was hunting around and couldn’t figure out how to import. Your screenshots with the red circling was perfect – I didn’t even have to read, just followed those.

  12. Avatar Penny says:

    Absolutely! The last few days, mine wasn’t posting (my main one, not sure about the others), so I deleted and re-imported to see if that would bring in the new ones, and nope.. “no new messages found”, very strange indeed!

    Also noticed with my last 2 that I setup for clients, that it didn’t import the posts to the wall, just to the notes tab… Facebook is definitely playing around there somewhere .. I’m going to keep an eye out and see what happens..

  13. Avatar Penny says:

    I just setup a new one today, and still had that option, but you are right, when I went to setup a different one yesterday, I didnt have to do the thing, so weird, I don’t know if it depends on what ‘type’ of page you choose or if they were just playing around or what :) hehe

  14. Avatar KT says:

    Penny, have you found there to be a delay in the Blog post feeding into Facebook?  Not when initially set up, but additional posts.  We are finding there to be a delay of a few days in some cases.  Are we doing something wrong?  KT

  15. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Facebook has taken out steps 5 and 6… After clicking “notes”->”edit”, you will have the “import a blog” option, in the same box, now just below the “Write a New Note” button.  Anyway, this article REALLY helped!  Thanks a lot!  :-D  

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