How to add your Squidoo Lens to Technorati

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Squidoo blocks Technorati and other robots from crawling Squidoo RSS feeds through their robots.txt settings.
When you try to “Claim” your Squidoo lens on Technorati, you will get this error message: Our access is explicitly blocked by your robots.txt file. Please grant access to TechnoratiBot. For more information about Robots.txt, please see
However, Google Feedburner allows you to get past that. And here I show you step-by-step how to do it.

Step 1.) Publish Your Lens


Your lens must be published first for this to work. So go create a lens on Squidoo, and then once it’s published, come back here.

Step 2.) Find and Copy Public Lens URL


Next, go to your published page, and copy the URL. For example, I would copy and paste it into Notepad.

Step 3.) Find RSS URL


Click on the little orange & white RSS icon at the top of your lens. A new page will popup – copy the url, as per below image.

Copy Squidoo RSS URL


You’ll need this as well for Technorati. So I will copy to my notepad.

Step 6.) Google Feedburner


Next, we need to head over to Feedburner and “Burn our Feed”. So sign into with your gmail account and you will se the box “Burn a feed right this instant“. Paste in your Squidoo RSS feed into there. So I will type in and then click on Next.

Adjust Title and Unique Feedburner URL


You can change the Title and Address if you like, and once you are happy, click on Next.

Copy Feedburner URL


Copy your new Feedburner RSS URL into Notepad, (so in my example, I would copy into notepad) then keep clicking Next, Next, Next.. etc.. to setup your Feed. Once you reach the page that says “Your feed is ready for the world“, you are done with this section.

Notepad Check


So in my notepad, I should now have.. 1.) Squidoo Public Lens URL, 2.) Squidoo RSS URL (which we no longer need) and 3.) Google Feedburner URL.

Step 5.) Technorati


Head over to the Technorati website and sign in.

Click on Username


Click on your username.

Scroll down to “My Claimed Blogs”


Once you see your profile, scroll down the bottom of the page, until you see MyClaimedBlogs.

Start a blog claim


Now paste in the public URL of your Squidoo Lens and then click on “Claim“. For example, I will type in



Here it is asking you for the details of your blog – in this case, the details of your Squidoo lens.

1.) Type in your title of your lens

2.) Type in your public url of your lens

3.) Type in the FEEDBURNER url of your lens

4.) And any blog that links to your lens

Add your Lens description & category


Type in your lens description (in a human-friendly way), and pick up to 3 categories for your blog “lens” to be submitted to.

Site tags


Add your site tags (keywords that match the content of your Squidoo lens), then click on Proceeed to the next step.

Blog claim status


Next, you are put in a queue. Today, Technorati are running very fast, but sometimes they can take hours/days, however today, I can just click on “Return to Profile” to go to the next step.

My claimed blogs


Scroll back down to My claimed blogs, and then click on the Check Claim button.

Technorati Claim Code


Copy the code they have written on the claim status to your Notepad file. So in my example, I will copy the code “3T5VZEFBRP29” to notepad.

Step 6.) Back to Squidoo – Edit lens


Head back to Squidoo and go back into “Edit” mode of your lens.

Edit the ‘1st’ Module of your lens


Click on Edit to edit the first module of your lens (it must be the first, as the first paragraph is the only thing that shows up in Google’s Feedburner).

Paste Technorati code


Paste the Technorati code (my example 3T5VZEFBRP29) into the start of the lens. Then click Save.

Publish Lens


Publish your lens again.

Step 7.) Ping Feedburner


Unfortunately, re-publishing your lens is not enough to update the feed, as Feedburner checks it’s feeds every 30mins. What you need to do next, is “Ping” Feedburner manually to update your lens. Head over to and type in your “Public” Squidoo Lens URL. For example, I would type in and if you get an error for whatever reason, the feedburner url works too (ie: )

Step 8.) Technorati Verify


Now head back to Technorati and click on “Verify Claim Token”.

Claim Status


It will report that it’s evaluating your claim. In the next 10 minutes or so, you should receive an email from them saying that it’s successfully crawled. You can also check this on your profile.

Successfully Crawled


Now that the lens has been successfully crawled, we can go back to our lens and remove the code.

Delete Claim Code from Lens


Go back to your Squidoo Lens, delete the Claim Code from your first module, save, and then click Publish again to restore your lens.

Wait for Review


Wait for Technorati to do their review. If you are successful, they will let you know via both the Profile page, and an email.

Email Subject: Technorati Claim Complete

This is an automatically-generated email.

Congratulations, your claim is now complete! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for Authority and recent posts to begin showing for your site now that it has been successfully claimed. Once they are there, we will update your site’s Authority once per day.

At first you may not see your site listed in the Technorati Blog Directory for all of the categories you’ve selected. As you write blog posts around those topics, you should see your Topical Authority in those categories begin to rise.



And now your Squidoo lens has some “Technorati Love”. What’s so good about that?

1.) Technorati allows you to find out who is linking to your blog

2.) Technorati is a blog Search Engine / Directory and is the # 1 Blog Indexing service.

3.) Technorati drives traffic to your blog (the higher your rank and authority is, the more chances of having your blog exposed in their searches)

To find out how to get higher rank and authority in Technorati, check out the following articles by people in the ‘know’ :)

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Penny (

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  1. Avatar Harry Bergeron says:

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly loved browsing your posts. I think this method no longer works though, but then again the post is quite a few years old so what did I expect, but loving the rest of your site too, really cool blog.

    1. Avatar Penny Butler says:

      Yep, no longer works, post was written in 2010 :)

  2. Avatar jazz says:

    Wow, this is awesome, thank you!

  3. Avatar Clotilde M. says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I have a Technorati page and also Squidoo lenses but never thought of integrating them all!

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  5. Avatar Brian Abbott says:

    Hi Penny,

    Great instructions. I’m going to give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    In the meantime, I’ll follow you on Twitter :)

  6. Avatar pennybutler says:

    @Gani – glad to know that the technique worked for you, I’m sure others who visit this page will be happy to hear that too :)

  7. Avatar Gani T. says:

    I looked at Amit’s comment/post. From the URL, I think the keywords/words contained in URL may raised a flag. It may not be negative at all.


  8. Avatar Gani T. says:

    Oh, odd post. I don’t know if my link will show that, but just to show you what I claim here for the first time in Tecnorati.


  9. Avatar Gani T. says:

    Hi, Penny.

    I don’t know what was wrong with others. I followed your steps here. Everything is good. I got Technorati Auth of 93 which is shown on my link.


  10. Avatar Gani T. says:

    Hi, Penny. I am glad that I found your post here.

    I am trying to follow your steps here. It seems like Technorati has lots of submissions. I have to wait.

    I could use an input: Do you submit more than one lens per day or just one?


    1. Avatar pennybutler says:

      Hiya Gani,
      I hardly ever do Squidoo lenses anymore, which is why I haven’t been able to re-test whether this trick still works or not. I will be interested in knowing whether it works for you, as you may of noticed that a few people have already stated that it no longer works for them. Please come back and let me know :))
      Kind Regards,

  11. Avatar Amit says:

    Hi ,
    I did all your steps and got that url

    but when i type
    in address bar I get no any feed .

    but after that when I fill all the details in technocrati as in step 7

    I am getting that feed in my feed ..I think this method no longer works…
    Thanks Amit

    1. Avatar Penny says:

      Bugger.. I haven’t had a new squidoo page to test with, but going by the couple of responses lately, it seems like it doesn’t work anymore. I really want to try it again, but I’m really busy right now. What is coming to mind is that there might be other feed creators like feedburner that we can use as an alternative.

  12. Avatar Gerry says:

    Hi Penny, thank you for the wonderful detail step by step instructions on how to add Squidoo to Technorati. Your instructions are clear and concise.

    Penny, as Cynergy Diva has indicated, Technorati doesn’t see my code. I have followed your directions to the T.

    Any Advice? Thank You

  13. Avatar Gord Welling says:

    Thank you for the detailed explanation on how to make this work. I am looking forward to trying this in the near future for a Squidoo Lens that I am working on. Keep up the fantastic advice.

  14. Avatar Penny says:

    Really? I did this the same day that I posted, for 2 separate squidoo lenses (4 days ago).. what error are you getting? I hope they haven’t cottoned onto it from my post lol..
    Else, is it just saying something about your code? or is it just not accepting feedburner feeds?

  15. Avatar Cynergy Diva says:

    I tried this but Technorati doesn’t accept the feedburner url as a valid feed

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