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Gigya Socialize is a wordpress plugin that allows your visitors to connect to your blog with their friends from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google, Yahoo, and AOL right from within your blog.

As well it enables you to authenticate to the blog in order to make personalized comments and gain access to the download/member areas.

Through the single Socialize API, your site can make use of the APIs enabled by several social networks. You can publish actions on the Facebook Newsfeed and enable your visitors to share articles through the Facebook notification system. On your own website, you can also display MySpace or Facebook friends along with permit your visitors to share data together. Gigya Socialize is built to protect users’ privacy whilst giving website creators all the details and control they require to make their blogs sociable.

The Gigya Socialize plugin aggregates authentication and social APIs from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and AOL, offering websites to be able to:

  • Securely Authenticating users to your blog via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter along with other OpenID providers
  • Increase visitor activity on social networks by allowing users to invite friends to share articles
  • Comments to Facebook Profile Feed
  • Giving visitors the ability to invite their friends from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more to your blog’s community
  • Improve website traffic by sending visitor status updates and newsfeed events to social networks
  • Allows visitors to send content to their friends
  • Allows visitors to update their status on whichever social network they used to connect to you with

The plug-in is scalable and secure – applying standard authentication techniques to be able to prevent account spoofing and it is fully scalable. The plugin code is also GPL licensed.

Download it from |

Once you’ve uploaded and activated the plugin, you need to go to the Gigya website and register a new account. Then, to use all the features, you need to setup API’s for each of the social networks, or, if you aren’t in a hurry or not technically able to do it, they will do it for you (in about 5 days). I setup 2 of them and then realized my time is more valuable and filled out the damn form:) I am still working on configuring everything, but I see Gigya as the "way of the future" for blogs, helping both the site owner and especially the visitors. Any plugins that help your visitors have a better experience and also allow your content to be spread further and wider, is a definite plus plus plus :)

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  1. This wil be of great help for me.. Thanks for sharing Penny :)

    1. Avatar pennybutler says:

      Personally I don’t use Gigya anymore, and as the commenter below says, they tend to charge exorbitant fees if you go over a certain amount of visitors.

  2. Avatar Concerned says:

    Be aware that this service has a considerable cost. While a developer licence is free, and you can use it on site with up to 1000 visitors a month for free, step over this mark and the fee is $15,000 for your first domain and then $5,000 for each one after that. The plugin maybe GPL but the product is definitely not.

    1. Avatar pennybutler says:

      Wow, really? That’s nasty! I think these days we can pretty much live with having a site that supports just twitter and facebook or Google without “the rest”, so there really is no need to use Gigya anymore.

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  4. Avatar Zoe says:

    See the enabled Gigya functionality on several of our site. A good demo platform is – new in the offering with the socialize plugin “reloaded”. Quite a treat. Thanks for covering this, we’ve been hard at work for over a year integrating this platform and how we believe it paves the way for social interactivity for years to come.

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