Career spread for a friend May 30th 2016

IN Dark Night of the Soul

Reading for a friend job/career spread, May 30th 2016

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The questions were:

  1. What you gain/career
  2. What you learn/mistakes
  3. What calls most to you?
  4. What present situation holds
  5. Where the door is open
  6. What you can expect by taking a risk (outcome)


Extra cards that “popped out” by themselves (Usually important messages for you)

7gabriel-fireSeven of Gabriel (Fire)
Stand up for what you believing in! Have confidence. Claim your personal power.
Asks us to stand our ground and defend what we believe in, but also requests that we ponder our choices. Is this battle worth the fight? would we be better off letting go of our need to chase after this particular issue and instead redirect our focus to something we consider more important? It’s certain that we’ll grow stronger from the challenge that’s before us as long as we make our choices from the heart rather than from the intellect. 
Angel #29 – calls for us to be strong and focused on our life purpose
29 (11) = This is a very powerful number that assures our ability to manifest.
There is an opportunity to learn a great deal from this situation. Ask yourself if this challenge is purely with those around you or if it might be an internal conflict that has manifested for the purpose of helping you grow.
Claiming your personal power. Determination. Being an advocate. 

emperor-uriel4. The Emperor
Stability & efficiency. Taking charge of a situation. Ambitious plans. Disciple/Order/Structure/Effective
The Emperor shows up to tell us that we need a few rules and some organization. By implementing a little structure around our plans, we’ll find it easier to bring our dreams to life in the way we intend. 
This card represents the constructs of society that make our daily lives possible. It’s about leadership & integrity. We’ll need a plan. Go-getter.
Leadership can change everything. This card may mean that it’s time for you to be a leader, or it might indicate that you would greatly benefit from the counsel of a skilled mentor who can give you invaluable advice. 
Creativity is a wonderful thing,but without logic, it can be chaos. What you need right now is a little organization and order. A few guidelines or rules will help bring your dreams to life in them most efficient and elegant way possible. This is not meant to limit you, but to help you feel empower and in control of the direction your plans are taking you. 

6crystals6 of Crystals
Prosperity enters our lives in the form of gifts or increases in salary due to our outstanding work. The power of positive thinking has brought us to a new time of abundance. This card can also reflect paying off debts, repayment of favours, or the elimination of other obligations. It’s a card of gratitude and charity. By giving thanks to the Universe for what we have, more is provided to us. We’re called upon to give our time, energy or financial gifts to others who are less fortunate. 
Angel # 70 – signifies good work that has flourished, and also those who are on the right path.
(7) – intensifies the message of success
There are great blessings in giving and receiving. Material needs get fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways. Keep in mind that gifts do not always have to be financial but can be energetic or take the form of help based on experience. 
Pennies from heaven. Promotions or bonuses. Acts of kindness. Scholarships or grants. 

Guidance_sirianV Guidance
Morality / Community / Accepting
Asks us to consider the broader implications of our actions. Duality card. When this card shows up, we may find ourselves being called upon to take a traditional route and do things via tried & true methodologies. Or we may be asked to buck tradition by thinking outside the box and doing things our own way. The way to know which message is being presented is by interpreting the other cards that surround it or listening to our intuition. Asks us to spend time with like-minded individuals who can help us develop our spiritual gifts. Can also indicate certain rules that have been imposed upon us by society or family no longer serve us. These constraints should be cast off in favour of new guidelines that lead us forward on the path we wish to follow. 
Angel #5 – if you were going to limit the meaning of this number to one word – it would be CHANGE! It’s all about freedom of ideas and endless curiosity, – someone eager to see whats next in life. 
Determination and faith. 
Divine Guidance – there is no need to be alone. There are amazing people around you from whom you would gain great strength and support. Seek out those who are like-minded and who share your beliefs and ideals. Make new friends who would benefit from your insights and affection. Take a class on spirituality, or join an organization that aims to do good in the world. Be open to other people’s ideas and perspectives, but don’t be bound by the. If you’re taking a very traditional approach to your challenges, and things just dont seem to be moving forward, then it might be time to think outside the box. On the other hand, if your attempts to be creative are merely reinventing the wheel, perhaps the old-fashioned way would be better.
“walking your talk”. Universities. Resistance to change. Spiritual seeking. Divine wisdom. 

transitionXIII Transition
Embrace the endings to generate new beginnings. Spiritual transition.
A reading with this indicates that clients are in a situation that’s no longer serving them, and it’s time to move on. It’s best to take our time moving through the changes that are before us. Reaching out to friends or family is a wise way to deal with what may feel like a loss. It’s also an excellent time to face our fears so that we can be in complete control of our future. Spiritual insights and personal transformation. 
Angel #13 – brings with it a time of change and transformation in our lives. 
New beginnings, embracing endings. Deep inner exploration and evaluation. 
Release the past. There is a more enriching future coming. Let go and Let God. 
Great time for transformation for you. Period of leaving behind the situations or experiences that no longer serve you. You’ve outgrown this phase of your life and are ready to move forward. The time has come for new adventures that will enrich your purpose and allow you to evolve, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. 
Often when this card is drawn, the time of change was expected. It may come with a sense of great relief or perhaps feelings of sadness. Take time to experience any emotions you have with grace and self-love. 
Embrace the new dawn. Release the past. Let go. 

1.) What you gain/career

King of Air, 8 of Fire, Sage of Flames, Release/Relax

  • king-of-michaelKing of Michael (Air)
    Wisdom & objectivity are important now! Stay in your integrity. A situation that calls for honest & open communication.
    There are times when we just need a little advice. The King of Air represents the opportunity to get the assistance we need or to help out those around us. We must feel confident to speak our truth, knowing that others will benefit from our insights. This card also reminds us that not every decision is made from the heart or mind. There are times where both sources of wisdom must be balanced in order to find our way to the outcome we desire. 
    Symbolism: The King rides forward with confidence in his mission and in his wisdom. The spear he carries represents the sharpness of his mind, and the jewel is the colour of the throat chakra to show that he has the ability to communicate his knowledge perfectly. 
    Angel Number: 6+4=10, 1+0 = 1. Immense creativity that results from our positive beliefs manifesting into reality.
    Speak your mind with confidence! This situation calls for honest and open communication. If you’re uncertain what do to do, hire an expert. While wisdom and objectivity are important now, don’t forget to weigh the emotional aspects of this situation. Make sure your actions are of the highest integrity. 
  • 8fire8 of Fire
    Events moving at a fast pace. Delays are over. Many things happening at once.
    This card can be summed up in 3 words – Busy, Busy, Busy! Reflects someone who’s filled to the brim with things to do. It can also indicate a person for whom things have been very quiet but who’s about to see an end to the slow times. This is a card of rapid shifts and activity. The astrology of this card shows that this is a welcome change. We may feel a bit hurried about all we have to do, but we’re happy to have so much activity in our lives. We may feel stressed, but its stress that comes from positive things.
    Angel number: 30, 3+0 = 3. Further emphasizing the message of celebration
    Astrology.. indicates our minds are so full of wonderful ideas that we don’t know where to start. Perception of future is very bright. Eager to get going. 
    Sky’s the limit! It may be a little overwhelming, but it also feels good to see your plans moving forward. Stay grounded. It’s important to have an organized plan so that things don’t spin out of control. Good time to promote yourself or your business. Communication is accurately received. Immediate results. 
  • sageflamesSage of Flames (Fire)
    (Queen of Fire) What are we waiting for? There’s nothing we can’t accomplish! This is a card of incredible creativity & passion just waiting to be ignited. We mustn’t be afraid to present ourselves to the world. This also indicates the ability to balance many aspects of life – especially career & family issues.
    Angel number: 35, 3+5 = 8. Manifestation & creation. Abundance & prosperity are available to all those who draw this card!
    Masterful multi-tasker. 
    Queen of Fire is Aries, with a generous helping of Pisces. Aries is the sign of getting amazing things done. It’s the beginning of the zodiac and is therefore focused on creating. Pisces is very caring & intuitive sign that senses the needs of others. These 2 signs combine to create a passionate & nurturing person.
    You can do anything right now. It’s time to believe in yourself. Your kind eagerness to help others in their lives will attract people willing to do the same for you.
  • Release/Relax
    Focus on channelling your emotions so you can move on freely. i.e. channel anger into projects. Express yourself in beneficial ways.

2.) What you learn/mistakes

6 of Air, Moon, 7 Chalices, The only Thing that is Real is Love

  • sixofmichael6 of Michael (Air)
    It’s the light at the end of the tunnel! Breathe a sigh of relief and make new plans. Relocation or travel.
    We can see the end of challenging times, and now we have the chance to move on. The stress in our shoulders falls away, and what we see before us is the light of a brand-new day. Conflicts get resolved and those who suffer from depression find relief.
    Represents the beginning of a metaphorical journey in our lives.
    56 (5+6 = 11). A master number. This is a number of great manifestation ability, making it all the more important that we do not focus on outcomes that aren’t desirable. 
    Ability to think outside the box. 
    You’re on your way to happier times! A new day is dawning, sunny skies on the horizon. Embrace the changes and leave the past behind. Breathe a sign of relief and begin to make new plans. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Becoming more positive. Relocation / travel. 
  • themoon-haniel18. The Moon
    Important Psychic insights. Events behind the scenes. Release fears that hold you back. More than meets the eye. Trust intuition / Heighten your awareness.
    The Moon card asks us to be awake to the intuitive insights that present themselves in order to provide clarity with respect to our situation. Psychic visions as well as night-time dreams should be given great credence. What is our subconscious trying to tell us? Could there bye more going on here than meets the eye? 
    Refers to times in our lives when we feel insecure/uncertain. Irrational fears / unnecessary worries. 
    Under the light of this shining Moon, things that we thought weren’t possible (or even real) suddenly come to life. There are opportunities for enlightenment that are so wondrous we can scarcely believe it. Fears that have previously held us back can now be released. 
    Angel number: 18 – people may feel compelled to express their concerns or fears. With this number, there’s also a connection between the spiritual and material worlds, which may feel at odds with one another. Stay positive about our expectations so that our material needs can be met in ways we feel good about.
    Time to review your plans! Something just isn’t quite right and this is being brought to your attention. Listen to your intuition. 
    Messages from deceased love ones. Hidden information or motivations. Facing your fears. 
  • 7-chalices7 of Chalices (Water)
    A complex decision. The need to do research. Stop Procrastinating!
    Indecision and the need to make choices. When we find ourselves unable to choose between various/contradictory options, we can fall into inaction. Our dreams don’t move forward and our lives feel stalled. Sometimes the answer to finding the right action to take lies in doing more research; other times, we’re merely procrastinating. This card asks us to do whatever is necessary to move forward. 
    Can also be possible indicator of addiction, so if the question we’re asking has to do with dependency or unhealthy behaviours, drawing this card would lead us to believe that there’s cause for concern. 
    Angel #: 43 (7). Removing ourselves from procrastination will place us on the right path. 
    Time to make a decision! You may feel that the situation is too complicated, but further research will reveal the right course of action. Listen to your inner voice! Get clear on what you want, and take action without looking back. 
    Procrastination. Confusion. A need for detoxification. 
  • the-only-thing-real-is-love7. The Only Thing That is Real is Love
    Shift your focus from the problem back to love. We are conditioned to dwell on problems – the true reality is love. Make the choice now, to take a deep breath and focus on what is true. Negativity will disappear once you affirm,, “Everything is okay. I choose Love”

3.) What calls most to you?

8 of Water, Page of Water, Adept (Knight) of Air, Action

  • 8eight-of-raphael8 of Raphael (Water)
    There is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest.
    A desire to move on. The search for something more meaningful. Spiritual & emotional growth.
    Indicates that the choice to go in another direction is fully our own. We feel restless, and that which fascinated us in the past no longer entices us. Instead, we yearn for something more meaningful and wish to have a life that rewards us with emotional & spiritual satisfaction. 
    Angel #44 (8) – telling us that we’ll experience an abundance of emotional fulfilment due to the path we’re choosing. 
    The ways in which you’ve evolved have you convinced that there must be more to life (and there IS!). The inward search for answers is rewarded at this time. It’s time to leave the past behind and embrace a brand new you. This choice is not forced upon you, it is of your making. Your past experiences have been very important in helping you understand who you are. Be grateful for what you’ve learned & build upon it. A relocation or change in job or relationships is possible at this time. 
    A journey. A spiritual quest. Doing what you know is right for you. A change in interests. 
  • page-waterPage of Water
    A new person enters your life. A relationship begins a new phase. Heightened psychic abilities.
    Pages in the tarot are often messages – so this card can also indicate a love letter or any type of communication of emotion. May also indicate psychic experiences or an increase in our natural gifts.
    Angel #: 47 (11) = our positive thoughts regarding ourselves & others will manifest in everyone’s best interests. 
    People: The Page of Water is a very kind, sensitive and dreamy person. If we approach her, we will be welcomed with open arms. Experiences the world with her heart. 
    Your psychic gifts may be rising to a new level. Communication is important. Confidential information. 
  • adept-orbsAdept (Knight) of Orbs (Air)
    The Knight of Air is probably the fastest-moving energy in the tarot. Our lives may seem to be moving very slowly (or not at all), but when this Knight shows up, it’s like stepping into a whirlwind! Knight of Air thinks his way through to successful solutions. This isn’t the time for making emotional choices. Decisions must be made via the intellect. Because the movement is so swift, it can be difficult to think through our choices before acting. And yet, it’s still important to ponder our alternatives and fully consider what our desired outcome is before we get too far down the road. 
    Angel #62 (8) – abundance & financial gain
    Time for swift action! It will be necessary to move with great decisiveness and confidence. Develop a plan and know exactly how to carry it forward. There is a great deal of activity. This card encourages you to follow your mind over your heart for the results you quickly desires. Quickly, not impulsively. Able to accomplish many things at once. Strong. Focused. Committed. Educated. Sudden changes. 
    Take Action – The journey to find your lost self begins with one step.

4.) What present situations holds

7 of Water, Empress, Tower, Divine Connection

  • 7seven-of-raphael7 of Raphael (Water)
    Time to make a decision! Be clear on what you want, and take action. A need for detoxification.
    A complex decision. The need to do research. Stop Procrastinating!
    Indecision and the need to make choices. When we find ourselves unable to choose between various/contradictory options, we can fall into inaction. Our dreams don’t move forward and our lives feel stalled. Sometimes the answer to finding the right action to take lies in doing more research; other times, we’re merely procrastinating. This card asks us to do whatever is necessary to move forward. 
    Can also be possible indicator of addiction, so if the question we’re asking has to do with dependency or unhealthy behaviours, drawing this card would lead us to believe that there’s cause for concern. 
    Angel #: 43 (7). Removing ourselves from procrastination will place us on the right path. 
    Time to make a decision! You may feel that the situation is too complicated, but further research will reveal the right course of action. Listen to your inner voice! Get clear on what you want, and take action without looking back. 
    Procrastination. Confusion. A need for detoxification. 
  • 3-The-Empress3. The Empress
    Lavish abundance. Give birth to your dreams. Nurture yourself & others. Take action – you know what to do.
    When the Empress card is drawn, it’s time to stop pondering our fate and get busy! It’s a time of amazing prosperity, and we can be assured that we’ll be very successful at everything we put our minds to. The Empress is a sure sign of the ability to manifest our dreams. The Empress teaches us to take action and to harness our self-confidence in order to create wonderful things. We learn that we’re able to do many things at once if we’re committed and dedicated to our cause. Optimism is contagious – no more holding back. 
    Angel # (3) – taking the wisdom she’s garnered in her life and creating great things with it – also connected to creativity, innovation, and communication.
    Encouraging you to create! Ability to manifest amazing works. Your plans will flourish and grow so long as you give them your devoted attention and love. Your career endeavours will prove successful. 
    Time to move forward! Prosperity. Determination to get things done. 
  • towerstarseedXVI. The Tower
    True change & evolution, Freedom.
    (Hold on – you’re about to go for a wild ride … this is my fave card lol… this is when life forces you to change and the change turns out for the best)
    When this card shows up, it’s trying to tell us that we need to break out of old, outdated and confining boundaries. This may occur because we’ve become aware of our situation and therefore choose to break free of our own accord. Or it may happen when a particular life even brings us an awareness that we can’t deny. Often this card can represent an amazing revelation that helps us understand where we are in life version where we’d like to be. This epiphany is one of freedom and of seeing things clearly – perhaps for the first time. 
    Angel #16 (7) – karmic in nature and speaks of restlessness, or challenges in our lives that compel us to make changes. This number drives us to seek a deep purpose in our lives. 
    It’s time to change your life! This card represents a need to leave behind old belief systems and ways of doing things that have become stale and out-of-date. When this card presents itself, the Universe is telling you that you can no longer procrastinate on making the changes that you know in your own heart you need to make. Suddenly, everything is crystal clear to you. Change is inevitable if you’re to grow and evolve. Embrace this new direction in your life as liberating and exciting! 
    Awakening. Sudden revelation that offers freedom. Unexpected transformations. Life experiences. 
  • Child: Divine Light:
    Special connection with the divine, Dark: Inability to defend oneself against negative forces. (Ask whether you see life through the eyes of a benevolent, or tend to respond to others with fear or being hurt or with a desire to hurt others first)

5.) Where the door is open

Knight of Earth, 5 of Earth, 3 of Air, Soul Lesson: Resources

  • knightarielKnight of Ariel (Earth)
    There is so much to accomplish! Make a very detailed plan. Being watched over by someone kind.
    Time to move along. The planning state is complete, and now it’s time to take action! The plans we’ve made are excellent and will work out very well. We’re encouraged to maintain our integrity throughout the process and to follow through on any promises we made. 
    Angel # 76 (7+6=13,1+3=4) – The number 4 relates to angels, its perfect for a card that itself represents a guardian angel. 
    There is so much to be accomplished! Make a plan that is methodical and sees to every detail. Slow and steady wins the race. You may decide it’s time to find a better job. Business matters take precedence over emotional ones in this situation. Think BIG! 
    Renewed action. Wise investments. Being watched over by someone kind. 
  • 5earth5 of Earth
    Fears surrounding money. The wisdom to accept help from others. Uncertain self-employment.
    Tells us that something is lacking in our lives. This situation may be real, but it’s more often a perception that the card is asking us to change. While the card is oriented toward financial worries, we believe that it can also represent an absence of friends, romance, or opportunities. As long as our focus is on that which we don’t have, the Law of Attraction will only bring us more of the experience of lack. The 5 of Earth indicates that there’s help at hand, but we may be too distracted or too proud to ask for it.It can also reflect a situation where a change in career – especially a transition to self-employment – would be unwise at this time. This card is a temporary situation that fades away once our thoughts turn to a more positive energy.
    Help is nearby! You don’t have to go through your current challenges alone. There is no need to remain out in the cold emotionally or physically. If you’re unwilling to accept help from others, ask yourself why. What is it that you feel is missing from your life? 
    Negative thoughts can create self-fulfilling prophecies that are totally unnecessary. Refocus your thoughts on what is possible and this situation will turn around. 
    Feeling unlucky. Money troubles. Health issues. Inadvisable plans or timing for self-employment. 
  • 3orbs3 of Orbs (Air)
    The 3 of Air card shows us that there’s something in our lives that needs to be healed. We may have suffered a loss, or perhaps we’re still haunted by pain from the past. The 2 keys to recovering from our sorrow are time and forgiveness. Some experiences just take time to heal from, and it’s best if we allow ourselves this time. Forgiveness of ourselves or others is also an important step to finding our happiness again.
    Angel #53 .. 5 represents significant change in our lives, which can be difficult and sometimes sad. But in time, we grow from what we’ve learned. The 3 energy is to comfort us – talking about what troubles us would be very beneficial. (8) as we go through this time of uncertainty and sadness, we can be assured that we will grow and have a more abundant life in the future. 
    You will grow from this situation! When challenging events occur, it’s important to take time to heal. You do NOT have to do it alone. Forgive everyone involved (including yourself) for actions or choices you may see as having been unkind or in error. Time truly does heal all wounds. Ask your guides to help you see the reason for this situation in your life. A new perspective could allow you to view things in a different light. 
    Time to release the past. Disharmony. Heart conditions. 
  • Soul Lesson: Resources
    Practice discipline & positive change. Let go of the old to bring in the new. Enjoy resources without ownership. Combine assets in partnerships. Receive support from others. Understand other’s desires & motives. Take risks that energize. Self-discipline is your goal. The urge to indulge in life’s sensual pleasures needs to be mitigated. Using self-control, you attain self-empowerment and heighten awareness of other’s needs. Letting go of worn-out attachments enables you to bond & combine your resources with another. When you join your efforts with someone else, who shares your vision and values, you form a powerful force and receive the financial rewards you seek. The key lies in being discriminating. Ensure those you combine efforts with share the same values & beliefs. When you take a supportive role in other’s affairs and focus your energy on enhancing the other person’s position, you are appreciated and handsomely rewarded. In developing your skill of understanding the human psyche, you can uncover peoples motives and anticipate their actions and behaviours. Have faith in your abilities and use them to your advantage. You’ll know who to trust to enhance the success of your partnerships. Working unconsciously you may instinctively desire to stick to the status quo and not take risks, shortcuts or chances. Adhering rigidly to routines leads to stagnation and lack of growth. By opening yourself up to others and listening tot heir valuable perspectives you can adopt new values which energize and lighten your loud. Embracing change revitalises! Mission: Practice self-discipline, take risks that energise and review your values by observing others. Form powerful partnerships by supporting others and be rewarded financially for your efforts.

6.) What you can expect by taking a risk (outcome)

Ten of Water, Ten of Water again, 7 of Air, Purpose

  • 10-of-raphael-archangel-power-tarotTen of Raphael (Water)
    Love & Blessings fill your life! Harmonious relationships with family members. Happily ever after.
    A card of good fortune – it really does represent “having it all”. We’ve found great contentment in our lies: our relationships are positive and affirming, and we have healthy & strong connections. There’s harmoney with our friends and family, our emotional needs are fulfilled, and we have what we need financially to be happy.
    Angle #46 (10 = 1+0 =1). All relationships will benefit from positive thoughts and a sense of faith. The energy here is one of being aware of our spiritual selves. Negativity is likely to bring us challenges that we don’t want. 
    Love and blessings fill your life! this is a beautiful moment where it seems as though you have it all. Your family is loving and happy. You may still work hard, but there is a feeling of satisfaction and peace when you come home. Your relationships with your children or other family members are peaceful and harmonious. Your hopes and dreams are within reach. You’re on the right path. 
    Happy romantic partnerships. Trustworthy relationships. The end of stress. Happily ever after. 
  • 10-ten-waterTen of Water
    A contented and rewarding family life. Your emotional and material needs are met. Trustworthy relationships.
    Same description as above! you pulled the exact same card in 2 different decks :)
    Exactly the same as above. 
  • 7-orbs7 of Orbs (Air)
    A message of kindness from heaven. Our current path is probably not the one we are meant to be on. We may be unaware of our situation or oblivious to the actions of others. This card encompasses something being taken away fro us, but the most common loss is our freedom. What we dont realize is that the individual taking aware our independence is ourselves. Our lack of focus on our own needs and life purpose creates a sense of limbo where we dont get where we want to go. This card signifies that our plans are fine, but the timing of them needs an adjustment. 
    57 (5 = energy of change, 7 = energy of being on the right path). Indicates a change in direction will bring us a more fulfilling and happy life. 
    Reduces to 4 = to further facilitate our ability to walk away from a life that isn’t working out for our divine life purpose, we can ask for help from the ascended masters, many of whom also made such life-changing choices during their time on earth. 
    Astrology: has a humanitarian streak that wants to save the world. With this energy, we NEED to be free, and we NEED to make a difference. This is difficult to do when we’re passive and not in control of our own path. 
    There is a better course of action available to you. Ask yourself, what am I REALLY trying to accomplish? Think about whether working alone on this project is a good idea. Your angels want you to be a success in this endeavour and are giving you a “heads up” with this card. There is probably more going on here than meets the eye. Someone may have ulterior motives. 
    The need for caution. Poor timing. Running away. 
    I know what I am here to do. You have chosen to reincarnate on Earth for one major goal: to express love in all that you do. The obstacles of this physical dimension can distract you from that goal, and it’s easy to lose your way. Life on Earth is full of obligations that require your conscious attention, but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse all your decisions with caring & compassion. Your purpose in life is not your career; rather, your career is guided by your Purpose. What activities speak to your soul? What brings you joy? That is the direction your soul is calling you toward to best convey your own unique expression of love and make a contribution to the world. If you are not happy with your current circumstances, then that is your soul telling you that there is a better way to manifest your own distinct gifts. Listen to your intuition. It is your connection to Spirit and the voice of your soul.




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