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While “Guru’s” and Popular Bloggers get followers without even trying.. the “Rest of us”.. need to get a little more pro-active if we want more followers, and that means getting involved, joining Twitter directories, and following people who have the same interests as us.

The best way to get found is to put your twitter link everywhere.. your email signatures, your blogs, import your twitter feed into facebook, add a myspace widget, join twitter groups on linked in and facebook, and setup your profile in all the Twitter directories, Wiki’s, and all your existing social networking sites.

This list of Twitter Directories is just a “Start”. I didn’t realize that creating a list would take 8 hours of my life so far lol and I really should be spending that kind of time on the sites that actually make me money despite this being so much fun :) The reason it takes so long is logging into each site and .. you know.. using them :)

I’d love to see twitter’s stats to find out exactly how people found me, that would give us the best indication of which of the following “works best”. But in the meantime, the more people you follow, the more who will follow you, is the general rule for the “rest of us”.

If you follow people with the same interests as you, in your “niches”, then they are less likely to “unfollow” you. I would never unfollow someone that is tweeting about things that are of interest to me :)  I’m not interested in law or motor vehicles.. I love wordpress and social networking and internet marketing kinda stuff.. but if you’re “thing” is finding cat lovers or work-at-home mums or real estate, etc.. the best way for you to get more followers is to find people with the same interests as you and follow them. Most will follow you back, and even if they don’t.. the “downside” is that you’ll keep up-to-date on all the latest things related to things that matter to you. Sweet deal!

It’s not just about numbers is it.. I mean, it might seem like that if your follower count is low… but if your followers are your “target” market, or are interested in the same things that you are, then you will find you make stronger friendships,  JV partners, networking partners, and potential buyers who, having followed you and realizing that you’re not a scam artist and are passionate about your topic, are more likely to happily accept your recommendation for that product in your niche, or visit (& digg-stumble-friendfeed-bookmark) your blog relating to that topic.

I’ll create a page for this soon and put any updated new ones in there so we can keep an updated list somewhere obvious! hehe..  if I’ve missed anything, please lemme know..

The Big Twitter Directories

  • Twellow
    (you are probably already there – just have to “claim” your profile and pick your categories.. and update a bit about yourself)
  • Just Tweet It
    (find categories that you are interested in, and add your blurb and twitter url to each)


Just Tweet It

More Twitter Directories

  • Twitter Link Up
    (Find and Follow people in your niche – a ning site)
  • Twitter Business Directory
    (launching in January – add your business to the directory now)
  • Twitterectory
    (A directory of Twitter users, their interests and their website/blog links)
  • Twitter Passion
    (Find a category, add your name, link & description)
  • My Tweeple
    (Syncs with your Twitter – you can find who you aren’t following a lot easier than on the main twitter site and follow them from there)

Twitter Directories

Groups & Group Keyword Tracking

  • TweetWorks
    (my fave – join Twitter groups of your interest and have on-going conversations on or off the “public timeline”. It’s like a “forum” in 140 characters or less :)
  • Twitter Groups
    (here you can join various groups that you are interested in conversing about and find more tweeters with your interest, the site also tracks conversations using the groupname)
  • Hashtags
    (#keywords – you can tag your “tweet” to allow others to track that particular keyword)
  • Twemes
    (#keywords.. exactly like Hashtags, cept prettier!)
  • TweetParty
    (message “groups” of friends.. you can create as many groups as you would like (ie. work, friends, family, travelbuddies, etc) out of your existing friends, then through twitter you can send a direct message to any party by using #group (it “dm’s” tweetparty and @tweetparty will deliver the tweet)

Twit Groups TwitterGroups

TweetWorks Twitter Groups

Twitter Wiki’s you can add your link to

  • TwitterPacks
    (Allows you to add yourself to a “pack” of Twitter Uses based by interest or location, so that people who want to follow, can go to their topic of interest and follow everyone in the niche that they are interested in)
  • Twitter Fan Wiki
    (mostly a wiki for twitter-related sites, there may be a category that you can put your link on)

Twitter Wiki

Twitter Search Engines

(or Twitter Directories you can search but can’t “modify/update” with your own personal information)

  • Official Twitter Search
    (awesome & essential, you can even subscribe to keywords via RSS and find new followers that way)
  • TwitterTroll
    (real-time search of twitters public timeline)
  • Twitterholic
    (automatically shows the rank of everyone on Twitter as far as friends/followers/updates – BarakObama is #1)
  • Tweetscan.com
    (find people to follow based on keyword, bio or username all at once)
  • TwitDir
    (indexes the public timeline, allows you to search everything at once, and shows Top 100 Followed, Updaters, Favouriters, Followers)
  • Twubble
    (automatically searches your friends and their friends and picks out a list of people you might like to follow)

Twitter Search Engines

Specialised Directories

  • Learning Professionals
    (from education through to corporate training, etc)
  • GovTwit Directory
    (for Government agencies)
  • Analyst Twitter Directory
    (directory for Analysts)
  • SocialBrandIndex
    (for Government, Businesses, and Non-Profits, etc)
  • Twitter Directory on EzineArticles
    (if you post articles to EzineArticles, you can “select” to have your article automatically “tweeted” to twitter, and then show up in their own Twitter directory)
  • Directory for Designers
    (directory for all types of designers)
  • Twitter Directory for Etsy
    (a list of Etsy users on Twitter)
  • Twitter Moms
    (a social community for moms/mums who tweet)

Twitter Specialised Directories

Profiles you should update with your TwitterLink

Update your Profiles on all of these social networking sites with your Twitterlink.
More often than not, I put my Twitter url before my website url.

How to find Twitter people to follow using Google

Kevin Davis also put a video on YouTube to show how to use Google’s Advanced Search to find Twitter users in various niches

Obviously this isn’t a full list, I just couldn’t justify spending anymore time on this post.. please forgive me and add your recommended site either by posting it to me via Twitter or via the comment box below.

Penny xx

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life? Penny is a truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper down the rabbit hole. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, whilst providing a searchable archive to easily lookup and reference.


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