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Recent Facebook Changes

Many great blog posts by other people about the Recent Facebook Changes.

Here are some that I recommend:

Scott Ayres @ does a Recap of all 13 changes he noticed on Facebook within one day:

It’s a great recap post covering everything from the new “Subscribe” button, the ability to see who shares our post, the vanity url change, notifications changes, Facebook’s new iPhone app, a Report on TweetDeck and HootSuite hurting your Facebook Edgerank, the new Google Chrome Facebook Extension, new Facebook Profile changes, Facebook Places changes, the removal of Facebook Deals, planned changes for Facebook Status updates, and the new way to view & upload videos on Facebook.

Phwoar. Yep, he covers a lot. Go over there to read more on the changes you are interested in.

Not Needing 25 Likes to Secure Vanity URL

In regards to the vanity url (all of a sudden not requiring 25 likes to secure your vanity url), a group that I’m in was testing this and found that the reason it didn’t seem to work for everyone and was a bit “flaky”, was that it only works for the first page that you change, not for all of your facebook pages.

If that’s true (and I haven’t personally tested this) then I’m really happy about this.

It’s hard enough to get a decent vanity url for my clients without them lowering the limit and allowing unlimited urls for people. If they have restricted it to just 1 username per person without needing the 25 likes, then let me be the first one to say “good for you, Facebook”.

I would still like to let them “allow” people to change the username if they stuff up.. I’ve had clients that have put spelling errors or even sometimes passwords as their vanity url sometimes – yep, not reading before clicking and not realizing that things can’t be changed after they click that “are you sure” button – sadly, it happens, and it’s more common than you might realize – and there should be a way to remedy this rather than creating a brand new page to secure a different vanity url.

Another Roundup Post that I like is over at Hyperarts:

Recent Facebook Changes as of September 16, 2011

He goes through the same changes (not as comprehensive but with more screenshots) but what I really liked is that he noticed something that noone else seemed to, is that it sounds like Facebook is encouraging some prominent figures to merge their Public Figure Page with their Profile by sending them an offer to invite their Fan page “likers” to become “Profile subscribers”.. that is pretty cool. I think people like Mari Smith would want this for hers!

The ever-on-top-of-everything, Mashable goes through this Subscribers option for Celebrities in this post, and goes through what the subscribe button means for each different type of user.

Mashable also has taken a lot of screenshots of the new Friend Filters in the news feed which you can check out here.

And don’t forget my previous posts related to the changes:

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