Facebook Fan Pages: How To Create and Promote Yours

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Fantastic Video from the great Mari Smith showing you why you need your own Facebook Page and how to get started, as well as some great tips on how to create many facebook pages for your business.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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  1. Avatar facebookmari says:

    Yep, I think Google does give Facebook more weight. SEO campaign = great idea! ;)

  2. Avatar themlmtreasuremap says:

    great info, I was wondering how to do that and I can see the value in creating a page like that. Are you actually going to get google search traffic from it. I do dozens of searches per day on google and I never saw a facebook page come up in my market… just wondering if you had any results or case study of that technique.

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