EasyTweets: Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

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 Easy Tweets

EasyTweets is in Beta mode at the moment, and they aren’t taking on new signups, but you can request an invitation to be notified when it becomes available.

EasyTweets Dashboard

Aimed at online marketers, EasyTweets.com has designed a site to allow you to manage multiple Twitter accounts with scheduling, writing tweets (even if Twitter is down), shorter url shortenng (is.gd), allows you to see your "replies" tab (even if it’s disabled on Twitter), view status of all your Twitter accounts at a glance, and have your RSS feeds auto-posted to your twitter accounts.

All for free!

If you have some business Twitter accounts – this site sounds like it’s made for you :)


Tweet Later

Now since they aren’t taking on new signups at the moment.. in the meantime, don’t forget TweetLater.com – a way to schedule your tweets to multiple Twitter accounts and auto-add any people who follow you and automatically.

Schedule Future Tweets

Tweetlater Dashboard


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  1. Bev says:

    I use TweetLater to send out my tweets for my daily pregnancy tips and the daily baby tips. Works great so far. Wonderful for weekends! :)

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