Ben Underwood – Both Eyes Surgically Removed – Learnt to ‘See’ – Inspirational Video

Amazing inspirational video about Ben Underwood who had both his eyes removed from cancer surgery when he was 2 years old but learnt to ‘see’ by echolocation. By clicking his tongue he is able to navigate around objects, identify objects, play games, rollerskate and more.  
This is not only a story about an amazing boy with a fantastic attitude, but of an amazing mum who doesn’t restrict the limits of her son, is not over-protective and empowers him to believe that he can do anything anyone else can do, if not better.

Import Twitter & Facebook Friends into FriendFeed

FriendFeel has an Import tool that allows you to import your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail users who already have FriendFeed accounts which will allow you to automaticaly subscribe to their feeds, and in turn, the users of Friendfeed will get an email saying that you are now subscribed and can choose to reciprocate (most do, or eventually use their FriendSearch tool and import you then).