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Amazing inspirational video about Ben Underwood who had both his eyes removed from cancer surgery when he was 2 years old but learnt to ‘see’ by echolocation. By clicking his tongue he is able to navigate around objects, identify objects, play games, rollerskate and more.  

This is not only a story about an amazing boy with a fantastic attitude, but of an amazing mum who doesn’t restrict the limits of her son, is not over-protective and empowers him to believe that he can do anything anyone else can do, if not better.

"Nobody is going to tell him that there is an impossibility for him, because there are NONE. Empower him with who he is and be proud of him."


Ben awake from the surgery and said "Mom I can’t see anymore, I can’t see anymore, Oh mom I can’t see." Words of wisdom spoken to me from my pastors wife, sister Devon, "Don’t let him feel your fears." After praying for strength and receiving from God, I said, "Ben YES YOU CAN SEE" and I took his little hands and put them on my face and said, "See me, you can see me with your hands," next, I put my hand to his nose and said, "Smell me, you can see me with your nose," then I said, "Hear me, you can see me with your ears, you can’t use your eyes anymore, but you have your hands, your nose, and your ears." I tell this one thing, Ben has been seeing ever since.

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Ben lost his fight to cancer earlier this year when he was 16.

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How A Blind Teen ‘Sees’ With Sound
SACRAMENTO, Calif. July 19, 2006
(CBS) In a pillow fight, 14-year-old Ben Underwood can deliver a dead-on shot; in foosball, he’s a determined competitor; when a video game is going, his fingers fly. And when he is on his skates, he’s fearless. For most teenagers, it’s nothing remarkable. But Ben is blind.

A Teen Who Sees With Sounds
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 6, 2006
Ben Underwood Uses His Ears And Tongue To Compensate For Blindness
(CBS) At Sheldon High in Sacramento, Calif., 14-year-old Ben Underwood is a freshman like all the rest — well not exactly like all the rest. In his first week at school, a lot of people at the school haven’t guessed that Ben has a secret. He lost his eyes to cancer, but he still knows how to get around. You may have to see it to believe it, but he doesn’t. John Blackstone reports.

Remarkable Blind Teen Dies Of Cancer At 16
CBS 13, CA – Jan 19, 2009
Ben Underwood was 16. Ben gained national and world attention after he learned to "see with sound," but his family is celebrating his life and the happiness …
"Ben died peacefully on Monday morning. Family and friends have gathered at his house, but there is one rule: no tears. The gathering is a true celebration of life."

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