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Thanks @MichDdot for letting me know about – a way to Backup your Twitter Followers, Friends, Faves, Tweets, or "Everything".


Also "watch this space" TwitterSafe, a site that will backup just your followers for now but looks like it’s heading somewhere…


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  1. Penny Butler Penny Butler says:

    @Douglas Lampi – You can’t get them to start following you again, but at least you’ll have their details to start following them again (and the ability to send them @replies to encourage them to re-follow you).

    About a month ago, Twitter “accidently” dropped a bunch of followers, ( they were trialling something new with trying to remove spammers… and boy it annoyed everyone who had worked so hard to get all those followers! hehe.. the knives were out! ;)

  2. Thanks @happyches, for sharing.

    I’m still pretty new to Twitter I guess, but, why do you need to make a backup of your followers?

    Does Twitter drop data occasionally?

    If Twitter did drop 1/2 of my followers, and I had a backup of my follower list – how can I get the other 1/2 that are in my backup, to start following me again?

    Cheers all.


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