How to Backup your Facebook Profile, Friends, Videos, Photos, Messages, etc.

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How to Backup your Facebook Profile, Friends, Videos, Photos, Messages, etc.

Facebook now has it’s own in-built tool that enables you to backup your:

  • Facebook Profile Information
  • Facebook Photos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Posts on your Wall
  • All of your Messages
  • Your Friends List
  • And other Content you have shared on your Profile

All in one convenient Zip File!

1.) Login to Facebook (obviously!)

2.) Click on "Account" (top right-hand corner)

3.) Click on "Account Settings"

Backup your Facebook Profile

4.) Make sure you are in the "Settings" section (default)

Backup your Facebook Profile

5.) Scroll down the bottom of this section and find "Download
Your Information
", click on "learn more"

Backup your Facebook Profile

6.) Click on the Download button

Download Button

Which will bring up a window that warns that it might take some time, etc.
(Click Download again)

Backup your Facebook Profile

Which will bring up a new window (they just LOVE popup windows, but at least
they are the sexy Ajax and no page reloading). Click Okay.

Backup your Facebook Profile

7.) Patiently wait for Facebook to finish (length of time depends on
how much crap you have – I have lots of crap, took hours.)

Backup your Facebook Profile

8.) An email will arrive with a link to your Zip file.

Backup your Facebook Profile

9.) Verify your Password.

Backup your Facebook Profile


10.) Download the zip file

Backup your Facebook Profile

11.) Browse your backup :)

Backup your Facebook Profile


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  1. Ellie says:

    I downloaded the archive, but when I open it, in the message part I can not see the full messages, I see something like:

    (name surname) – – – – – Date and a small part of messages.

    So how should I view the whole message history with one person, for example. Right now it’s like: list of people with torn part of messages.

    Can you help?

    1. Ellie says:

      I just really need to get the whole history of talking with one specific person. there are over 77,000 messages and I need them all. So maybe anybody can help.
      I tried Mozilla add-on (FB chat history manager) but it never worked. I don’t know what else to try.

  2. FiNevada says:

    How do I restore the Photos, Friends and messages I downloaded?
    I migrated from profile account to an Organisation Page and lost everything.

    1. Penny Butler says:

      They don’t have a restore option, just a way to download everything to back it up.. :(

      See also my post on migrating (I know it’s a bit late now if you’ve already done it, but the resources might help):

  3. jay man says:

    mine is taking more than 24 hours to back up. I guess thee thousands of photos are the cause of the delay. Eff facebook!

  4. ruchit says:

    nice and very helpful thank you very much….!

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  6. Thank you for this Penny!

  7. Rich Miller says:

    Fantastic tip and instructions, I’m really glad that I subscribed to your blog!

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