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(If you host your own domain only!)

Aweber is minimum $19 a month and I hate paying monthly, so I have been looking for a great autoresponder which has all the features, easy to use, where “I” host it instead of a 3rd party website, fast, and NO MONTHLY FEES!

I was looking at both free and paid versions.
I don’t mind paying if it’s a great product and only a Once-Off fee, but I was hoping that I could stumble upon a great free one that noone was advertising because it was free lol..

I personally would rather host my own mail rather than have aweber in charge of everything. I’m a control freak. :)

I reviewed every autoresponder that I could find, trying to find the best. I looked at & demo’d:
– GetResponse
– Aweber
– EmailMarketingAssistant
– ListPro
– AutoresponsePlus
– InfiniteAutoresponder
– AutoresponderUnlimited
– And every single one of the autoresponders listed on the PHP scripting websites

It was a crappy, frustrating, couple of weeks :(

And after all my reviewing, I’m still unhappy with everything I found :( One day I’ll get someone to design a good autoresponder, I can’t believe how crap they all are.

In the meantime, I’m using AutoresponderUnlimited, which I’ve uploaded to the Autoresponder Tools page if you want to try it.

It’s not great.. but it’ll get the job done until someone creates a great one ;) And since I paid for it and have master resell rights, I can give it to you for free.

Pointless if you don’t yet have your own domain though…
if you don’t have a domain, you might want to stick with aweber because it’s hosted with them, but I’m sure there are some free hosts elsewhere that you don’t have to pay the monthly fees for.. please share with the group just in case there are others who also can’t afford to get their own domain yet.

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