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July 2017

Removing Negative Entities

Whether it’s real, imagined, your own fears/paranoia, a psychotic disorder, a mental illness, repetitive-negative-thoughts, negative-polarized, or old-programming being shed, once you have put any kind of “outside force” (demons, negative entities, evil, narc, spirits, ghosts, reptilians, darkness) into your world, it turns your life upside down. You can’t navigate work, social situations, family, relationships, even your own one-on-one time with self, without these negative influences being “part of your reality”.. or at least part of your perception on reality, and so people’s very helpful advice of “it’s not real, don’t believe it” doesn’t really work, because you have ‘made it part of your perspective’ on the very real reality that you are experiencing.

Changing Your Consensus Reality

Trust in your calling and notice how anything less than trusting your calling starts to feel worse and worse as you go on. This is the intelligence of your Higher Mind’s emotional guidance system kicking in. Again, trust it. Seek out the right tools, reading materials, people and environment as much as you can.

[IChing] New Earth? Demons? Future Happened? Other dimensions? Ascension?

Today’s questions: Is new earth just a concept that if we strive toward, will change the collective? Is it helpful/right to see/refer to/call ‘demons’ as helpers instead? Helping us find our inner strength, revealing our weaknesses/wounds? Has my/the future already happened? Do others aspects/versions exist, like other dimensions etc? What is Ascension?